[Insider] Qualifying for Insider pre-order registrations.

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. theblankness

    theblankness New Member

    Good idea to have this system. I'm sure that you guys will be inundated with people wanting to buy the Nabu/Nabu X because they are great products.
  2. jchoi601

    jchoi601 New Member

    I guess this makes it so at least active people may get it
  3. richy96

    richy96 New Member

    If you go to your profile, or click on the top right of the screen next to the search function, you'll be able to change it. :)
  4. futurePhloxretro638

    futurePhloxretro638 New Member

    After the pre order, If we could not vuy one do we have to buy it for $50?
  5. Fabbbyyy

    Fabbbyyy New Member

    Razer Nabu X app developing? Is there any source code for such app games :/ and what language does it use
  6. jechee

    jechee New Member

    I'm glad to see they are not discouraging new comers, this seems fine to me.
  7. Aristarchos

    Aristarchos New Member

    Glad to see this changes on rules. Maybe now the people who really want the device will have a better chance!
    How many waves of sales will there be? Will always be 1000 units?
  8. Xyipher

    Xyipher New Member

    So there is nothing else we have to do until the registrations start ? I guess it will be a thrilling hunt for the device :D
  9. upCeilquick751

    upCeilquick751 New Member

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to the pre order! Does the US wave include Canada too?
  10. Kimmerzz

    Kimmerzz New Member

    I like the changes to qualify. Hopefully it makes things more fair. Hope I can get one this time.
  11. Kaam0s

    Kaam0s New Member

    Well I hope I'm in time to apply to these new criteria, I only saw them just now.. could've wanted to see them a bit more earlier :/

    And by the way, what about the postage? will it be as usual?
  12. GPittard

    GPittard New Member

    Sucks for those people who don't have Insider mwahahaha

    TeHMILKDUD New Member

    This seems like a smart idea to prevent spam or bot accounts being made to just take up the benefits.
  14. Liwanagngtala

    Liwanagngtala Member

    why my external account, the one with associated razer id, its blank, but i already have razer id account,
  15. White_Rice

    White_Rice New Member

    Had I not checked Twitter earlier, I wouldn't have known about the insider preorder going on with the X. Kinda glad it got me to actually finish linking my accounts and getting the profile set up. Now to find places to post things that are of actual value.
  16. ekang098x

    ekang098x New Member

    I think this idea of handing out the Nabu X for a cheap price to the Razer Insiders was better than the last time where people signed up for a chance to win the Nabu and even people who didnt know much about Razer was getting it. This will let some good reviews to be written.
  17. RazerSloth

    RazerSloth New Member

    Ditto. Even for $50, seems like a neat gadget to pick up and try!
  18. SuperEliteBox

    SuperEliteBox New Member

    Yeah I agree because adding on to what ekang098x said above, this gives more people of a chance to get the Nabu because it is a first come first serve registration basis which makes it easier for us and the Razer team.
  19. Dylpyckle13

    Dylpyckle13 New Member

    Awesome, sounds great! I'm excited for all this insider stuff
  20. Dylpyckle13

    Dylpyckle13 New Member

    With a chance to get it at $20, it's even better
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