[Insider] Razer Insider performance check

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Dec 10, 2015.

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  1. oops wrong thread lol
  2. venturePinkLacespot810

    venturePinkLacespot810 Active Member

    My one problem is that on my mobile device (Safari on iPhone 6s running iOS 9.0.2) when I press "Request Desktop Site" it still gives me the mobile site. The only reason why I would like the desktop site on my mobile device is because it seems as if you can't start a thread on mobile.
  3. DaanBlankie

    DaanBlankie Active Member

    i use chrome and it works perfect unless the internet is out
  4. Scepticon

    Scepticon Member

    Brand new, so my feedback isn't as broad as many others.

    One thing that I can foresee being frustrating (it's already happened once) is the fact that by default when posting a reply to a thread, the 'watch this thread...' & 'and receive email notifications' boxes are both ticked, which is a pain when you forget to unstick them, or accidentally re-tick them. Might be nice to have it so that by default these boxes are un-ticked, or even better would be if you could choose whether they were ticked by default or vice versa by default.

    Well...certainly managed to write a lot about simply ticking boxes. xD
  5. SaberRazer

    SaberRazer Member

    KakashiSharingan thank you for the website, very useful.
  6. legit133

    legit133 New Member

    I am using google chrome as my web browser and till now i don't have any issue on the loading speed.
  7. tonzkie

    tonzkie Member

    Google chrome user and no problem here.
  8. xSirAndrew

    xSirAndrew Member

    The latest version of Google Chrome. Load times have been consistent etc.
  9. I am using google chrome and the load time is very fast and consistent and I love this form it fixes most of my problems. THIS IS GREAT THANK YOU!!!!!!
  10. Dat1Fish

    Dat1Fish Active Member

    The Latest Google Chrome version

    Everything loads real smooth!

    One thing though, it's not really a problem, but the Rewards section doesn't always actually show how many post you've posted, because once I posted a lot that day and it got stuck and just stayed on the same number, the next day, it went 6 posts down. But that is not a huge problem :)

    Everything is still really good, keep up the good work Razer!
  11. r0nald0nk

    r0nald0nk New Member

    Google Chrome Version 47.0.2526.106 m (64-bit)
  12. DieselLag

    DieselLag Active Member

    bit late but i use chrome and ive never had any problems with insider
  13. 951102075665

    951102075665 Member

    I'm using the phone browser of Asus ZenFone 2. And it work well currently. Just need some UI improvement during writting the comment.
  14. Hadesgatee

    Hadesgatee Active Member

    Firefox 47.0.1 + addon Addblocker Ultimate

    Haven't had any issues so far. Pages loading smoothly.
    I do notice a delay in posting replies.
  15. TechyWes1

    TechyWes1 New Member

    The forums always load very fast for me despite the many people constantly online! I have however had issues when trying to reach administrators or managers!

    BTW, I use Google Chrome!
  16. RZYao

    RZYao Member

    Definitely smooth, chrome 51.0.2704.103
  17. The_American_Stig

    The_American_Stig New Member

    Fast loading times, great service, I honestly see no problems. Keep up the good work guys :)
  18. Nativeyoung

    Nativeyoung New Member

    I personally love whats happening with razer
  19. Estacon

    Estacon New Member

    I think that you should make it easier to get to the forums page, it would be very helpful.
  20. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I actually agree with this!!
    I was trying to share some stuff from Insider with a friend over the weekend, and while I was on my mobile devices it was really challenging to just get to the main "Forums" list! I ended up having to just randomly choose a thread and then at the top of the posting where it says Home / Forums / .... (etc) I had to click it there.
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