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Insider x ID

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pedro Santana, Oct 31, 2016.

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  1. Goffard

    Goffard New Member

    Hello, so here's my problem:

    I wanted to participate in a givaway so I created an Insider acc. But I didn't knew by that time that I would need a Razer ID. So Here's my problems:

    1. I can't create a Razer ID from my Insider account;
    2. I can't use my e-mail to create an Razer ID - because it's been used on Insider;

    So far, the best option is to create an Razer ID with another e-mail and link with the e-mail that I use. This is a shit solution for me: I don't want to create a new e-mail account just to link it with another e-mail.

    Any solutions...?
  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @Razer|Technokat or @Razer|WolfPack Perhaps this is something one of you could assist with? I believe others have had account creation issues that have been resolved.

    @Pedro Santana Good luck, I hope someone is able to find a good solution for you!
  3. KillStealzzz

    KillStealzzz Active Member

    tbh I'm quite surprise that Razer havent make the two ID the same. anw hopefully the Admins can help you out.
  4. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I don't know how the specifics work or what the details are on this, but when I was first invited to the Razer|Insider beta a little over two years ago the e-mail specifically told me to use my RazerID to login here for my account. So, for me they actually are the exact same information. Same is true for my Cortex, Comms and Synapse. Everything just goes off my RazerID and the password associated with it.

    Maybe it's because I had my RazerID first before anything else other than Synapse even existed and then just associated everything to that as the different things were released??
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  5. Goffard

    Goffard New Member

    I think that's exactly why. I don't know how but I manage to create a Razer ID and associate with Insider. But as far as I'm aware the Razer ID is the most important thing. So it would be nice to ask us to create one (Razer ID) with same E-mail when we are creating a Insider or Cortex, or anything else... My experience with this was:

    I had a goal and the site told me: you need an Insider for that.
    Ok. Created one.
    Now you need a Razer ID to actually achieve your goal.
    Ok, Let's use the Insider E-mail that I just created and create a Razer ID (on another website).
    Oh, wait, I can't? WTF my E-mail is already in use in other feature?!

    Once again, I did not record how I manage to integrate it with my Insider E-mail, but I did it in the end. I guess I created another E-mail to create and Razer ID and conect it with Insider ID and, after all that, change the Razer ID E-mail. In the middle I do recall that my Razer ID was lacking a Nickname and everything else whe I did it.
  6. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Sadly, as a volunteer I don't have access to account-type stuff, so there's nothing I can look up or check into for you. You can either wait for Technokat or Wolfpack to find their way here or possibly message Wolfpack privately and see what he says.

    You could also certainly navigate through the Razer Customer Support and find someone who could help you out there as well. With this particular issue, I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that you'll probably need to hit "reply" to their messages at least once, perhaps more before the full situation is understood and can be tackled, but eventually they really should be able to connect you with someone who could help you. :)
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