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integrated camera not found

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Matthew_A, Aug 14, 2020.

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  1. Matthew_A

    Matthew_A New Member

    hello I've been trying to contact support but no one answers yet, I'm all out of options I need this camera to work for school zoom meetings etc, all of a sudden my integrated webcam is not found. I check my device manager and it is not listed can anyone please assist me. I've spoken to three Microsoft technical support employees and said they couldn't help and the manufacturer can saying its a hardware issue. Heres an image of my issue.

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  2. Roberto20000

    Roberto20000 New Member

    I have the exact same issue and with school coming up I would like to have it solved as well.
  3. jmo04

    jmo04 New Member

    man im having the same problem
  4. BennyZ-YVR

    BennyZ-YVR New Member

    Me too - doesn't even show in the Device Manager
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  5. RZ09-0238SE71

    RZ09-0238SE71 New Member

    I am having the same problem too. I have tried everything as well contacted support many times and no help. I need it for zoom class ASAP!
  6. BennyZ-YVR

    BennyZ-YVR New Member

  7. ___bgwl___

    ___bgwl___ New Member

    Hey I had the same issue and I just fixed it. Here are my steps:

    - Updated the Intel drivers as BennyZ-YVR suggested above (the BIOS firmware didn't work for me).
    - Typed Device Manager into the start button search bar and opened the Device Manager.
    - Clicked on 'Cameras', and right clicked on 'USB Camera', went to properties.
    - Found that the device had been disabled, enabled it by clicking the button.
    - Camera now works.

    Perhaps this will work for you guys.

    My model is: Razer Blade 15” Base (2020) | RZ09-0328

  8. BennyZ-YVR

    BennyZ-YVR New Member

    Update: Wins10 Home edition just pushed a big software update (version 10.0.19041). The camera and microphone now works.

  9. BennyZ-YVR

    BennyZ-YVR New Member

    Spoke too soon. Camera not working again same as before. No camera listed in the device manager.
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