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Interesting idea for Paid to Play

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Min-Liang Tan, Aug 14, 2017.

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  1. hsplus

    hsplus New Member

    I like that idea, maybe replace that first idea with the current expiration date. I've been with razer cortex since a little before the launch wit hthe zsilver and zgold initiative, and wasn't using cause my pc wasn't good enough, now that I have a new one I'm only using it to run all my games, even fallout shelter hahaha
    But with the changes I'm concerned I won't be able to get the keyboard I want with the zsilver because of the expiration dates + the fact that you have a roation based rewards now and I don't own many games
    I'm not criticizing before I even try to get the peripherals I've been stalking but I do think this might halt my ability to get some gear (I know the keyboard is one of the most expensives rewards out there, but it's also incredibly expensive where I live, so it's the main reason I was happy that when I was practicing csgo and at the same time farming zsilver)
    In any case I still think this is one of if not the best company/consumer initiative I've seen, so thanks and looking forward to see new implementations and tweeks in the system

    Hm, I think zsilver can be used to boost aspiring e-sports players to overcome the lack of decent gear to be able to compete
    For that matter I thought of something like, LoL DotA2 CS:GO Overwatch (IMHO these are the biggest competitive scenes out there but I might be wrong) got perma zsilver, but rewarding less per hour or you can sign in to a program where if you put x amount of hours into practicing that game you earn some amount of zsilver in the end of the week or month, any thoughts on my idea? feel free to tell me it's crap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  2. Good idea but need a lot of thinking.

    For example I had a Razer Naga Mouse and love it, but she died recently and I changed to a logitech mouse that I already have waiting for zSilver to come, I also have a Deathstalker Ultimate Keyboard (the one with touchpad, I love it :heart:) but I only use it with my fix computer.

    So when I travel with my laptop I don't use Razer products anymore but I play to have zSilver and buy a Razer Mouse.
    If you block Paid to Play to Razer gear users...

    It's a good idea but some people can feel fucked because they are just waiting for zSilver to buy Razer gear.
    I understand that some are using zSilver to have free items and then put them on eBay...

    It's an hard topic, good luck :)
  3. burnedx

    burnedx New Member

    It´s generally a good idea to reward existing customers. But on the other hand you can get a lot of new customers with Paid to Play. Maybe you should differentiate the rate of zSilver for razer device owners and new customers.. Just an idea...
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  4. Nuc1earF1ame

    Nuc1earF1ame Member

    Maybe still do the anybody can get gear but for those that have gear use the number of items connected through synapes as a multiplier. also adjust pricing on gear to be more beneficial to those who have a device or 2. also that would need to remove the zsilver time cap

    Also wouldnt hurt to have more of the accesory gear on there. i pretty much have all new gear i got this yr. but im wanting to get the lighting kit and headset holder
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  5. Zeddddd

    Zeddddd Member

    If it was this way from the begining i'm sure there wouldve been zero complaints
  6. Datrat

    Datrat Well-Known Member

    I'd like that. I have spent all the money I earned from helping people over the summer on PC parts, games, and Razer gear. The firefly from amazon, the DA Elite from razerzone.com, and before that both the Kraken pro and BW Ultimate 2016 from here as well. I kinda need this with all my money going to college, (thanks for the deals on stuff guys. Definitely helps)
  7. Exordium22

    Exordium22 New Member

    This. Reward loyal customers, if people are complaining that it takes too long to get literally free stuff, fuck 'em.
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  8. RecluceMage

    RecluceMage New Member

    There is no reason you cannot have both.

    Paid to play with general Razer gear as rewards for those either without Razer gear or a bit, erm, 'casual'. This will allow them to get the gear and see if they like it enough to invest real money and be a true fan and loyal customer (ie: buy more Razer gear).

    For the loyal customers have a second reward list that is only available to them. It should include exclusive rewards like the Chroma mug, patches, fidget spinners, razer toaster, Kitty Kraken ears, etc, basically swag.
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    xTRIPWIREx New Member

    I think that people who own Razer products should get like 50-100 zpoint bonus a week per each razer item that Synapse detects. That would be more fair to us who have financially contributed to Razer. Just a thought.
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  10. FooQueUp

    FooQueUp New Member

    I think it should be limited to the Core. As much as part of me disagrees with this, it's like your own secret way of getting sales, and then having a consumer slowly have Zcoins drip into your vault to build up to get another gear. It honestly only takes 6 Months at the least to get something.

    Hell, when you sell your merch, you can even include some card with it that is locked to an account with a number due to proof of purchase (I know this wont stop thieves, but maybe something else can be put in place like the receipt yada yada) The ONLY reason why I say this is because of an Ebay scam for a mouse I got in. I plugged it in and in the Synapse, it still showed it as said mouse but it wasn't even the mouse. (no I wasn't trying to skive corners, it was the same price, but more convenient for me my own mistake years ago.)

    As the system is now it's too abusable for someone to just run a game, get the stuff then resell it on the market. (Some games that just run a client esp can be accused on multiple computers to just swamp an order of stuff after 6/7 months dependent on the game that needs to be played. League of Legends is a HUGE one that can be abused in every way to get coins, but that is another story) then turn it around resell it on Ebay tada..

    I dunno. I know something could be put in place.

    Hell you can even "Tier" it then. If you own something, you can get the higher things, and if you don't limit them. Make some kind of totem poll. (Ie. You can take the 20$ off 10$ off 5$ off whatever the case you wish, and make it to the point where non-owners can buy it, and then invest into a product which introduces them into the tier of what you're talking about locked to Razer owners only due to synapse scan) Make them pay for said rewards by your own merch being that payment wall. It would help you in a sense. You give the discount, they get the product, you win on the first round of purchase to said wall(s?), but you still wont know who, is going to go behind your back and resell it. Resell as in after the first initial buy due to the token that grants a discount.

    You could also, Limit said things. You know how long your product should last for. I know accidents happen, and that's where you can make more counter measures. If you keep tabs on who gets what and how/why through your Zvault program here, you can limit people. I know that also sounds like a punishment, but who needs 3 keyboards in one year? I can possibly understand mice, but your higher end keyboards, it would make no sense unless you're a huge avid collector, and I'm sure something else can be put in place in/with that some how.

    Meh, even if this gets read maybe it can introduce some idea to the table, I don't know if the last 11 pages said something like this. I can only hope not, but it was fun thinking and typing it out. If any thoughts occur.
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  11. Limond

    Limond New Member

    I don't know about this suggestion, I don't have any razer gear, I've been playing and earning zsilvers for so about 2-3 months now because i wanted a razer gear, but I can't afford it with money since it's too expensive, if you decide to remove this method now, I don't think I'll get any razer gear anytime soon. My point is there are some people who plays just to get some razer gear like me, and removing it will be really disapointing
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  12. Heijianke

    Heijianke Member

    That's not a bad idea, I personally don't have enough for any razer gear, so i definitely wouldn't enjoy the prospect of losing access to free gear, but it still further rewards loyal customers by giving them access to exclusive stuff the casuals/cheapskates like me don't.

    As for the people putting the gear up on ebay or whatever, I reckon you could put in a system onto cortex that detects the activation on Synapse of a razer product after an item in the zVault has been redeemed, and stops zsilver gain by paid to play until/unless Synapse detects the redeemed item, the code expires or a override by you guys, it does mean gifting items is harder/impossible and it'll take a lot of time to code, but i think it'll be a good compromise.
  13. hbearnbd121

    hbearnbd121 New Member

    I agree. The true fans are more appreciative. The ones reselling the product are the ones complaining.
  14. PhoenixFDG95

    PhoenixFDG95 New Member

    It's a excelent idea, I would love that happen because I try to get the zSilver to change for some really good gear. I can't go to a Razer AFK and spend the money, that was lovely, so I have the zSilver reward systeam, and works, and it's amazing thanks for that oportunity. Min you and your Razer team are genious, keep the spirit, and go ahead and clean the haters of the House
  15. This a very interesting and legible idea, but I think that it will just generate more complaints of Razer being so expensive and that some people do not have access to enough money to buy these top of the line products. But this will make more people want to buy your products and will attract more potential customers. I also do not know why people are complaining mostly about the products needing so much ZSilver to be redeemed as Razer are giving access to those people that cannot get Razer Products. I support this idea because this will get rid of some major problems: Most loyal Razer fans would not sell the things they have grinded for for a long time, because if they have bought Razer products, then they would probably know the quality of these products and will redeem to get more new Razer products that they want. If we apply this change, people will know that Cortex is for rewarding people who already trusted the brand enough to buy their products, and as a user, I think it is awesome that a brand allow you to have acces to some rewards for using their products.
  16. BlueSoulSlayer

    BlueSoulSlayer New Member

    Hmm it does makes sense. You earn the item for free and after that, it's there in a different country but needs a way to get to your home.
    I'mma try to relate it:
    The seed is the cortex. The seed then grows into an apple tree. The apple tree is your Zvault. When you earn enough Zsilver the apple gets ripe. But how does the apple get to you? The apple tree (Razer) can't give it to you, it has already provided you with the (Free stuff) apples. Which means you have to pay for the transport fees.

    Another Idea from me is to have the code on the device pre-registered when the item is going to be redeemed by Zsilver. So an item would have to be redeemed with the original account. If the item is redeemed by another account, the account would probably have to give a reason. Like hand down from family or bought from an unofficial seller, which would freeze:snowflake: the account from earning any Zsilver until the account has been justified.

    By the way, I kinda like the idea for real fans but unfortunately, I'm one of the new fans that have no Razer products. I've been using Paid-to-play but I'm not complaining. :smile_: Honest. I'm stilling waiting for my Tartarus Chroma because it's out of stock. :frown_: After I get it I'll become one of the fans with Razer gear.:clock7::rolleyes::big_grin_:

    Thanks Min for the opportunity for the real fans.
  17. FadEDota

    FadEDota New Member

    Sir Min, maybe add some extra redeemable items for users that have devices? and it gets better as you have more gears like
    1 Razer Product = 4 New unlocked redeemable
    3= Next 3 new unlocked redeemable
    so people will have something to spend on and you gain back too
  18. vicmac11ve

    vicmac11ve New Member

    I have razer products and I dont like this Idea! I have relatives (with no razer products) who comes to cortex by recommendation! Now they are excited playing games like crazy kids for get free gear. They become now in Razer fans or Razer Believers xD That's my opinion! Dont do it Min-Liang!

    Totally agree!
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  19. happy94

    happy94 New Member

    Im the one who couldn't afford razer gear
  20. Tequilagg

    Tequilagg New Member

    Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for any mistake... I'm not native English so, pls, be patient :oops:

    I'm a retired hardcore gamer... a couple of years ago I used to spend my days on PC. I have played in several online communities and have met several players...and I have always heard about Razer as a very high quality brand but very expensive, or at least this is the way it is perceived by most people I've faced.
    I think the P2P program is a great way to bring more players to Razer, to expand the community... allowing the access to P2P only for Razer users would not make any sense.

    I mean, yes, P2P would still be a good loyalty program... but what does Razer need? Need to find new users or to further loyalty those they already have? In my opinion, Razer users are already fairly loyal...

    If I was Razer's CEO I would bet on zSilver ... but with some change to the shop and the P2P program:

    - Add more more vouchers to the shop. Not just 10$ and 20$ discounts ... why not 50$? (even for 30.000 zSilver would be nice)
    - Add voucher for the whole cart (more expensive, like 50$ for 50.000 zSilvers ) ... a customer would have the option to buy more peripherals or gadgets and still avail of a major discount.
    - I would lower the zSilver you can earn daily ( forcing players to play for less hours ... to discourage afk farmers) but would be super cool to have monthly tasks like "play for at least 15 hours at Overwatch to earn 100 zSilver" ... I would use these tasks to maintain the zSilver/Product-Value ratio.
    - Try to find more partners, more shops where you can buy with zGold, more games...and focusing on Razer Deals (you are doing great! go on!)
    - I would increase the zSilver gained through affiliate programs, community events and forums but reduce those gained through P2P (as already said)... People should still find useful to participate in P2P programm, but the ones who want to be part of the community (or are already part of) should be rewarded more.

    I hope I have given you some good idea of reflection! I like the relationship Razer has with his customers :wink_:
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