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Interesting idea for Paid to Play

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Min-Liang Tan, Aug 14, 2017.

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  1. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    Only if your Razer headsets run off USB and not the 3.5mm jack, because those are the ones that Synapse recognizes.
    Completely disagree. He's talking about REAL Razer fans. A true fan wouldn't sell their new merchandise; it would be collected. Plus a true Razer fan is, by definition, smart - wouldn't get something with zSilver that they already have UNLESS they're going to GIFT it to somebody else and spread the Razer love and expand the Razer community.
    Haha. I see that you already responded to the post and basically said some of the same stuff as me. I hadn't gotten that far in the thread yet. :)
    I like the first part, but not the second. The idea of a zS boost for each product owned is great, but how to accurately track those items? I, personally, own 6 different mousepads, 6 mice, two keyboards, 3 audio products, 2 keyboards, a mug holder, and the mouse bungee - all Razer. Synapse doesn't track half of those, and I WON some of them - and received others via zSilver redemption or the old Insider Rewards system. Why should I get a boost for items that I didn't actually purchase?
    The second part - laptops getting more of a boost - that defeats the purpose as well. That would mean that somebody who has a lot of money and can afford a laptop, but that is the only Razer product that they own, would get more than somebody who has a huge collection of Razer mice. That doesn't seem right to me.

    **My own, not responding to another person's comment, thoughts**

    I think that no matter what the system is, there are going to be complainers, and there are going to be people who trick the system. With the old Insider Rewards, it was spam posting. With zSilver, it's AFKing. The people doing the most complaining about changes in the zSilver system, or even with the original one, are most likely people who are AFKing. I think that cutting down on THAT would be the best way to fix the system - somebody who is going to be taking advantage of Razer to get free stuff is NOT a true fan, whether or not they have a Razer product already. A true fan would see what Razer is trying to do, and accept that there will be problems along the way, and not complain when they played a game for 5 hours and the system didn't advance them toward getting free stuff.

    Find a way to cut down on AFKing. That will thin the herd, so to speak. The thing is, I think that all of the games that can earn zSilver have to be online. This means that others can see when they are online, and what they're doing (Blizzard's app says what game is being played, or that people are "in the lobby" or "playing competitive", etc.). So what about requiring that if people want to earn zSilver for a particular game, they have to become friends in that game with some kind of master Razer account (or a mod or staff member)? And whoever watches that account can easily see when somebody has been "in the lobby" for five hours, or something to that effect. Is somebody from Razer watching, or even paying attention: who knows? But even the thought that somebody COULD be keeping an eye out for that would probably stop a lot of AFKing for zSilver. Heck, the fact that I have a couple of Insider Mods as friends in Blizzard has kept me honest (the other reasons are that I love Razer and wouldn't take advantage of them, PLUS I get on Overwatch to PLAY OVERWATCH, not to just let it sit there).

    TL;DR - Keep the system as it is (but add games that you have peripheral tie-ins with as permanently on the roster), and find a way to stop the AFK-earning.
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  2. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    The SN could be linked to the registered account before it is shipped to them, therefore making it useless to resell, at least products that practically require synapse to work.

    Normally I would be dead against the thought of such an idea :scream: but... hey, it's free, right? It seems the main complaint is reselling of the free swag...

    Note I have no desire to even be a part of this program (I don't play PC games much anyway).
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  3. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    nice tactical business maannn... ahhahahha...
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  4. ddowns03

    ddowns03 New Member

    As a casual gamer but more of a photographer and designer, I (and many others) need gaming class equipment for PC hardware ability (GPU, CPU, mem, etc.) to handle heavy processing duties. I also see that high DPI mice and extra programmable buttons can make things easier and much more accurate. I currently own the Razer Firefly at my desktop and the Orochi for my laptop. I am slowly grinding towards at least a discount on a Naga Chroma for the Firefly, here's my view on the zSilver program and the many ideas, gripes, two cents, etc. on the Insider...

    1. I have seen a few members suggest a tiered system for the Pay to Play program and I have to agree with that; if you play the featured games, you get full point credit, if you play any game that Cortex recognizes, you get 0.5 zSilver per minute.

    2. In regards to the knuckleheads that earn goodies and eBay them for higher prices...don't bid or buy it! Anyone that is foolish enough to buy anything on there is only enabling the situation.

    3. Letting a game sit overnight to falsely accumulate points... isn't it easy enough to check for mouse clicks, keystrokes, movements, etc. to confirm AFK or activity? If a user is in-game and is idle for 10 minutes, point accumulation pauses. Even if it's not a Razer product polling through Synapse, a hardware query should be very simple to do with WMI especially if Cortex is running already.

    4. Someone referred to a laptop purchase getting more points within the system on a constant rate. This would alienate a large portion of the clientele since the vast majority can't afford the price tag of the laptops. A one-time award upon first login to Cortex then they earn just like the rest of us.

    I would love to have more time to play some of the featured games to accumulate full points, but life calls. I am very impressed with the quality, features, and capability of Razer product and intend on replacing all of my peripheral equipment over time, keyboard, mice, and headset. Keep up the good work!
  5. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    i'll be honest in here, i'm one of those who earn zsilver by AFK.... you can judge me all the way you want, i still like razer gear and idea from it... just like @ddowns03 said and i quote

    not all of us have 5 hours or more to continue gaming..... sometime i'll only have 2 or 3 hours top to play games that i like or doesn't even time at all.... but i'm not complaining about the system, because once again it's free stuff... i will do it in any system that razes offering....
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  6. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I'll be honest too, I've done it. The only differences between me and everyone else is I'll confess to it and I've only got to experience the program first hand for less then a month.

    Razer made it way to easy to get zsilver.
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  7. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    this idea is the first kind from gaming company, so there must be a lot of agree and disagree out there... yes razer made it easy to earn zsilver, cuz i think their intention is good, want to appreciate all razer fans out there who loved games so much but can't afford to own the razer gear because it's to expensive for them....

    with all of this commotion, i think now it's the time to narrow the idea and be more specific on who razer gonna give this zsilver... either way, i still gonna collect it no matter what...
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  8. R3AP3R

    R3AP3R Active Member

    Logically and usually most of the company only gives rewards or discount to their existing customers, but then again you're Razer and in Razer we don't do usual stuff?!
  9. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I hate making threads, I only like to reply to them. I'm worried about if anyone is going to reply, ya I can be a kid like that sometimes. I think we all have due to the recent changes in the paid to play program me included.

    But the community here at razer was so cool that I thought I would give it a shot.

    The first one here got a ton of replies: https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/500-00-razer-chroma-limited-edition-mugholder.25500/

    I was actually pretty amped. This community is super cool. That was my fluff thread.

    This second one here: https://insider.razerzone.com/index...he-new-paid-to-play-system.25515/#post-371373

    Nothing, Nada. That was my serious thread.

    The numbers there are before I did the math myself.

    Whatever, Razer is a good company.

    That's what I see.
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  10. matthewbayes

    matthewbayes Member

    I think you're on to something there Min, I mean as long as I don't have too lose all the Zsliver I've built up i'm all for that having a razer mouse and all personally i think that's a system that more or less can't be abused.
  11. nvsoldier34

    nvsoldier34 New Member

    Show no mercy to those type of people :cool:
  12. markieg

    markieg Active Member

    Depends if you think there are fake accounts going around. Should be easy to determine who the real fans are! I think it's a great platform and I thank razed for it #teamrazer
  13. SilkKheldar

    SilkKheldar New Member

    I like the idea but it would be interesting to see what the threshold for owning razer gear is in order to actually qualify. Also though you should bring back the other games for paid to play. I have none of the current games and I don't have the money or time to get invested into other game series when I consider that I'm a full-time student working to pay for school. Add onto that fact a poor computer that has trouble surviving now, I'm sure there are others who are in the same boat as me. It's hard to keep 30+ large games installed and updated on a below standard computer. I miss raking in the zsilver for wrecking in Diablo 3.
  14. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    If it was up to me, I'd say the keyboard, but I get younger people not having a $100.00 keyboard. So it will probably be the mouse or the firefly pad. More likely the mouse since synapse keeps tracks of the mice movements anyway and that will also probably help with the AFKing.

    I made a post at the bottom of page 2 on this thread in reference to the games list.

    Maybe if Razer eliminates the corsair and Logitech users from the program, they can blend the old system with the new system since they're won't be so many users of the program, just the hardcore Razer loyalist.
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  15. Eaker

    Eaker New Member

    Close it off! Razer products arent expensive if you understand how long they last. People need to get off their butts, get a job and buy the products to support the company. Lock it down!
  16. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yeah, Sounds great to me. You could make it so people with Razer gear already could get more different products from the ZSilver system, Discounted ZSilver prices for stuff or you could do what I see other people suggesting too, Do a boost for Razer product owners for how much ZSilver earned per hour or the daily cap.
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  17. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    I really really like this :heart:
    Simply - YES Please

    I'm... kinda speachless since I didn't see this post untill now and with help of @Hucast linking to it in a diffrent thread.
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  18. changing the rewards between loyal users and customers who arent using razer yet is a great idea. it lets nonusers get into the world and see that the company actually wants them to use their products and gives them an incentive to actually buy and it gives existing users the incentive to use the paid to play system to get newer gear.
  19. Dfliang

    Dfliang New Member

    Well, does this mean that all the zSilver I've earned (90k) is gonna be no longer valid? I've spent months trying to get zSilver and saving up for the Razer Kraken 7.1v2 and you guys already changed the program so only 5 games are on the list per month, and that means that I can't get zSilver from csgo anymore and it's gonna take longer to get to 130k and the other ways to get zSilver barely give any out and you're idea is to not let anyone with Razer gear get zSilver, I personally don't have any Razer gear and isn't the point of zSilver letting people who can't afford Razer gear earn some? Not completely shutting off the people that WANT to get Razer gear but can't. You're pretty much saying that people that can afford / have Razer gear can have more whilst people without Razer gear can't get any?

    Also I liked the old system better where there well lots of games on the list of earning zSilver.
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  20. harikk

    harikk Member

    The points probably won't reset, but the people who don't own razer products may get less zSilver than people who don't.
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