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Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Min-Liang Tan, Aug 14, 2017.

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  1. Bouncyslime555

    Bouncyslime555 New Member

    Selling razer products are more important to razer, not selling sponsored items. It would most likely bring in a lot more revenue and help fund razer's R&D even more
  2. WkMeUpInside

    WkMeUpInside New Member

    I definitely like this idea and being a hardcore zSilver fan, I would love to see it implemented
  3. MrHeineken

    MrHeineken New Member

    Why not create a new reward system for those hardcore fans?
    a kind with more access to these free devices :rolleyes:

    maybe one where the amount of owned devices weighs in.

    oh and sorry for my text i pressed apply on all devices and it glitched my box and im totally not making this up and have not spent about 10 minutes just on that single line!!
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  4. MithosSama

    MithosSama New Member

    I think this is a good and fair compromise, as long as it means that the pool of games that are available for zSilver becomes larger than it is now or goes back to its old size. I know it might come off as demanding, but the reason isn't to 'force' anyone to make it this way, but rather to voice a preference that can be taken into account. I believe that a restriction in one area should allow for a more open system for those that meet said requirement.

    Those without Razer products can't rightfully call themselves fans if they've never owned a piece of equipment to begin with, in my humble opinion at the very least. If the core philosophy of the program shifts from introducing new people into the fold into giving back to the community, this would definitely be the way to do so. While it's a shame for the people who want to get their first step into the RazerZone through zSilver, if this one restriction is what is required to give the actual fans of the brand a bit more leeway in how they earn their gear through playing games.. I will endorse it. However if the amount of games stays restricted to five, it only further limits the program which would be a shame.
  5. Argirious

    Argirious Member

    Excellent idea, like it says. People would be more appreciative (but you can't win em all)

    Razer would also save a little as well. which means (hopefully) mores R&D which means better equipment for the consumer! win win in my eyes.

    And i mean you can get 'Started' with a purchase of a mouse, which aren't horribly priced and will last you, (had mine for something like 9 years), then begin your grinding journey to better kit and more chroma :D

    The other idea of doubling zSilver for existing consumers isn't a bad idea either, but i think (i'm sure someone may have already mentioned this) perhaps keeping the zSilver rate the same, but halfing the rate for non-existing consumers?

    either way, i have been loving zSilver, an amazing idea Razer :D

    one Happy Customer
  6. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    That suggestion is not a bad idea, but it seems possibly a bit late to implement as you already have so many non-owners in it and used to it. Cutting them out would be quite a backlash, if you are worried about complaints.

    Speaking of complaints, they almost always seem louder and more noticeable than compliments. Also, a lot of satisfied people will quietly appreciate, while serial complainers will almost always make themselves heard.
    But, you shouldn't let negativity and petty complaints influence you too much.
    People on the internet feel way too free to talk crap and complain, and enjoy it too much. Most of it just has to be ignored or blocked out.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
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  7. dabigpotato

    dabigpotato Member

    I think it would be cool to offer things like codes for free games. And I don't mean small indie games that no ones heard of but I mean like have bigger rewards like game codes or discounts for PUBG, Overwatch, H1Z1, Rocket League, things like that so what on top of giving gear to gamers who can't afford it, you can give them a little help getting the games as well.
  8. Articalic

    Articalic New Member

    My personal thoughts are giving the existing fans a sort of multiplier and the people without razer gear less than 100% for example 75% of the current rate.
  9. Albertbz

    Albertbz Member

    My friend and I think that it sounds like an amazing idea! It would surely get some complaints at first but when all the *douches* (sorry for my language) leaves, it'll be much better. Also, you will be able to make money from making people buy a product so they can use Cortex. That way you can perhaps even lower the amount of zSilver you need to buy certain products, etc. ;D
  10. Georgepap117

    Georgepap117 New Member

    Grinding with Razer Cortex is not the easiest thing to be done, you would need 144 days starting from scrap to buy the cheapest keyboard available via Zsilver, that's the Ornata Chroma, at 130.000Zsilver. If you break it down..spending almost a third of your year earning zsilver just to sell it off online is not that profitable..or atleast that's what i think..correct me if i'm, even if you wanted to earn zsilver faster you'd have to spend real money to get zgold, which adds up to the cost, so you can earn zsilver and buy the whatever it is you're bying just to sell it off?
    Now, that Razer Synapse idea is a good one, yes you could minimize the amount of people who can get free stuff and sell it but look at it this way;
    Someone who owns a Razer item will be able to earn zsilver to get more items, but someone who doesn't, has to spend money in order to be eligible to earn and eventually get something new?
    I personally own a Naga 2012 Molten edition, which has it's problems but holds out, due to it's problems though, i only use it while i'm playing Dota 2 and World of Warcraft, thanks to the key-binding abilities of the countless buttons ( :heart: ), I'm grinding slowly so that i can upgrade my keyboard and in the future my mouse, maybe even go for a mousepad as well, but think that if you apply this new feature into Cortex and Synapse, I (and i am not being egoistic here i'm just giving an example) will not be able to grind if my mouse brings up more problems and is rendered useless thus people who don't own any Razer items or are not able to use them won't be able to grind towards upgrade, and in addition, are there really, really? so many people who play games on Cortex just to sell something? It just isn't that profitable.
    I've been a really big fan of Razer since i found them out at late 2011, i won't start complaining for being from a country where earning money is harder than it has ever been and prices for all the good quality products due to taxes and etc are WAY ABOVE what you'd expect, i'd only say that thank god for this new paid to play idea, because i'll happily play games in whichever way i can to grind my self towards upgrades.
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  11. Licoricepointbiz304

    Licoricepointbiz304 New Member

    As a new member of Razer I have always wanted some Razer gear, however, my parents do not like that I game and refuse to allow me to buy Razer products, due to price and feeling the its not needed, so this Paid to Play is really a life saver and an opportunity to finally acquire some products, and also expand the games I play.
    I do understand where longer members are coming from and maybe it would be worth figuring out a compromise for both sides i.e:

    For new members who don't have Razer products, offering them "Starter Gear", products with lowest specs etc.
    For longer members, the higher spec products which is worth their loyalty to the company and previous purchases.

    I know this will not stop the act of re-selling online, but nothing will stop that as they can easily buy the products out right then re-sell them for higher prices.

    By stopping the Paid to Play for newer members, I feel you are not allowing people like myself who desperately want to enter the Razer community a chance to do so.

    This is just a suggestion, and i hope you take it into account.
  12. Dfliang

    Dfliang New Member

    This is the same story to me, I've gained 90k zSilver and I'm trying to keep going but they added a new system that you can only earn zSilver from 5 games per month, and most of the time I won't be able to get zSilver anymore and my parents cannot afford the Razer supplies because of the price, and yeah Razer's pretty much not letting people with any Razer gear get their first piece.
  13. OmGkai3Troll

    OmGkai3Troll New Member

    Just my opinion here and while the original message from Facebook has valid points on it (and to be honest it suits me since i have been a long time razer fan) the backlash from doing that could be even worse....I mean even even if u get some true Razer fans with neon green pumping through their veins its a win no?
  14. alexwel

    alexwel New Member

    Well, I don't have Razer gear yet, but I definitely want it. Only thing is that it's too expensive, so if I can get it with daily playing STO (as it was with the old system), I'm very happy.
  15. Dark13lader

    Dark13lader New Member

    Personally I would say it lays in your hands and every decission should be accepted.
    What I would really like to see as a long time user from razer stuff is that "we" maybe get access to some stuff that the random person that just found the programm without anything maybe just gets acces to stuff like the discount stuff or maybe just lock some stuff behind the border of owning a razer product.
  16. biglizard0

    biglizard0 Member

    idk what your talking about, can you define what "fake account" means? cause even if you do just make another account you need a razer product
  17. apodkapo

    apodkapo Member

    I personally don't agree with that, I am a person that can't afford a razer keybord for gaming! however a good idea is to match serial numbers of products with person and ip maybe, futhermore NOT FOR SALE or IS FOR GIFT label on boxes or something like that will reduce resales! Sorry for my English! :D
  18. mingray981

    mingray981 New Member

    I personally don't think it as a good idea.
    You see because that I purchased my gear two years ago and I don't think that I will be able to register it right now. Recently I just got myself a pair of razer hammerhead v2 pro for myself few weeks ago and I haven't registered that too. What I'm trying to say is that some individuals might own razer products but just don't really register them on synapses.
  19. xSkyl1ne

    xSkyl1ne New Member

    You don't need to register them, they are tracked in razer synapse anyway. My blackwidow chroma isn't registered and i still use it on synapse
  20. hugosh8kes

    hugosh8kes Member

    But how can you track someone that is a Razer fan? I only have the Razer Mug and the Razer Bungee. I don't have any Razer peripherals yet and I really love this paid to play thing. I honestly can say that I become a true Razer fan when Min introduced the Cortex. I don't know if doing what Min says is gonna be reliable.

    EDIT: okay I read that it could be by using the Synapse. But what if the other people that doesn't have Razer gear? The point of this pay to play thing was to give gear to everyone right?

    If Min says that is going to limit to hardcore Razer fans I will respect that but it will defeat the point of the main goal of this program.
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