Into the Stars, FTL-esque space survival

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by loukassm, Jan 8, 2015.

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  1. Hello community!

    I bring back to you more news about future releases.
    This time comes from the hands of a 4-man team of veteran devs (DICE, Capcom, SCEA)

    A new beautiful space survival sim.

    You can read the full article right here:
  2. The wave of Space Sims has started.

    Star Citizen wasn't enough! Now they want to take our money with Into The Stars, No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous. I need to get a Joystick. RAZER! It's time!

    Anyways, Survival Space Sim, how the hell will that even work out. Aren't they all survival to some aspect? I need to read up on it but I already have my attention on ED and SC, so I don't know if my brain can take more, but it sounds odd and interesting enough.
  3. Unlike ED and SC, Into the Stars works more like FTL in the sense of suvival. You die and it's game over.

    In ED for example, if you die you have the option to pay for an insurance to recover your ship.
  4. TylerMayes

    TylerMayes Member

    This looks really cool. Can't wait for it :)
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  5. So basically a hardcore sim? Ohmygawd. My wallet is gonna hurt this year.
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  6. Stwyde

    Stwyde New Member

    After trying out FTL, I'm basically all but certain I'll pick this game up after it's released. I'm still a little wary of kickstarter though so I'm holding my judgement. (But dang it looks fabulous.)
  7. PaulV

    PaulV New Member

    Nice to see space games getting push at the moment. Unfortunately I've been bitten to many times by Steam green light to invest in Kickstarter projects. But I'll add my voice to those of others who are asking for a razer joystick.
  8. Kapit

    Kapit New Member

    Really liking the concept behind this. Hope it can deliver! I'm loving the fact that more and more space sim kind of games are coming out now. Been missing them for a long time!
  9. OOoo.This looks nice. I love when games try new concepts like this, mixing game mechanics with other game mechanics to form a unique game.
  10. Just so you all know, the game has been successfully backed, working their way on stretch goals. I updated the original article.
  11. Awesome. I can't wait to see what this game has to offer :)
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