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Introducing Project BreadWinner

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Mar 31, 2016.

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  1. SirJayDee

    SirJayDee Active Member

    I smell Aprils fool!
  2. Blackfasttalk344

    Blackfasttalk344 New Member

    Was just about to post the same, is it April 1st in Australia yet?
  3. Zikiko

    Zikiko Active Member

    If this turns out to be legit I'm honestly prepared to sell off the majority of my body to buy as many as possible!
  4. TotesMaGoats

    TotesMaGoats Member

  5. The_Gaming_Pixel

    The_Gaming_Pixel New Member

    #Aprilfools dudes. I mean come on, can one of you think?
  6. Is this for real? I assume not, but I would love colored butter!
  7. Active13245

    Active13245 Active Member

    To be honest it looks like real product ;D
  8. Mehcko

    Mehcko Member

    it is real, we all just need to believe. XD
    Active13245 likes this.
  9. plexabot

    plexabot Member

    All jokes aside, nearly all the toasters out there break quickly or are super crummy (pun intended). The last good one was the Sunbeam made in the 1960s. I'd love to see a company committed to perfection, like Razer, finally design a toaster that isn't utter crap. Game on, Razer. :D
  10. mintouch

    mintouch Active Member

    What will be the best greeeeeen jam on that toast?
  11. Chemy

    Chemy New Member

    Does it will have an option to watercooling? I mean to also freeze your drinks...
  12. Haksunen

    Haksunen Active Member

    April is tomorrow so this is legit :eek_:
  13. Sqveeze

    Sqveeze New Member

    Preorder please?
  14. StuartMVG

    StuartMVG New Member

    Why stop there... Complete the line with The Razer Dough & Butter Wizz.
    For the all inclusive experience.
  15. Mad_Guns22

    Mad_Guns22 New Member

    All hail Project Breadwinner!
  16. I smell toast!
  17. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    It is. But I'm sure you know we go by the US time.
  18. Ayongarrol

    Ayongarrol New Member

    Please be true i really need it..
  19. Lix85

    Lix85 Member

    nice april fools sales =D
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