Introducing the Razer Sponsored Streamer Program

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by technokat, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    Anyone get any replies from Razer about their application yet? I know that it took a few months last time to get through, and I applied on the launch day.
  2. PumpkinsoloPEARL091

    PumpkinsoloPEARL091 New Member

    i Remember joining that and getting accepted ;)
  3. roh911

    roh911 Active Member

    Wow! Just shows how much they care about their fans!
  4. hjilp

    hjilp Member

    Really cool idea, pretty much a sponsorship but with equipment instead of money
  5. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    Any updates on the status of applications?
  6. Tyetree_no_id

    Tyetree_no_id New Member

    Got no email back but if I try and apply again it says im already part of the sponsorship program.....Help anybody know what i should do?
  7. RangerElite

    RangerElite New Member

    Is it
    Is it possible to get sent products from Razer yo review or giveaway.My friend gets 6 products a month ,he's a youtuber.but how? :\
  8. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    Has anyone heard back at all from Razer since they revamped the program? I've contacted their support at least twice and have not gotten any information. Seems like the program is dead from my view, considering I reapplied on the first day available after the relaunch and have not gotten anything back from them.
  9. Longshotpro2

    Longshotpro2 Member

    Below is what I have to say about the program and things in general. I know there are a few other members of this program that probably feel the same. My hopes are that with this all being said, that something will become of it. Whether the people here become a community and/or razer decides to actually get involved.

    It launched about a year ago, went well for a handful of months and then dropped off the radar from razer. Later found out after a significant amount of people started tagging admins and mods for answers that the main points of contact with razer for this program that we talked with no longer worked at/with razer. Was told that things are in store and there was going to be a revamp. Then months went by with nothing. Then it sprung back sort of out of nowhere as far as new applicant but still nothing from razer its self, and now it has fallen off again as far as applicants.

    Yesterday during the Dreamhack Winter keynote some people were asking about the sponsorship program and the mods on twitch and razers bot of choice (moobot) gave information about it and the bot posted links to apply and relevant information. I posted a comment about it and a mod deleted it.

    I realize that razer is trying to get it out there but after you bring people in nothing becomes of it. The only ones that benefit from the program are the top tier people or people who dont even have to apply and they just get in. (the truly sponsored) Then there is all of us here that where apart of the first batch of acceptance all the way up till now to the bottom and middle tiers but there really isn't anything that razer does to help. I know they cant help everyone and it is better to work with people like Tom Cassell rather then the hundreds-thousands of people they have potentially accepted into the program, I understand how marketing works. Just I would like at least some form of acknowledgement that razer actually cares about this program.

    I am not going to mention names but another site that is putting together an esport-esk services had a founders group you could apply to join and had direct impact on what went into the service and what didn't. We tested every update with the devs before it went public. I was number 18 to join the founding group. It grew to about 20-25 people and then it hung there. Everyone in that group began to know every other person and it was truly a good private community, a founders group. Then they started to accept just about anyone who applied to the group. Now its 1k+ and its a support forum/ranting/complain about the service group. It has lost everything that it once was.

    The reason why I talked about that is because I truly think that the same thing is happening here. Too many people in the program so razer cant do anything for the group and they just focus on the top tier and select individuals. And that's hurting those of us who have worked hard since being put in the bottom tier in the first batch to work our way up to the next tier if not top tier.

    So that all being said I would like to just see razer become more involved in a program that they decided to start. And I would like to see everyone here that is in the program to come together and actually help each other out. In my view, that's what I thought this group was supposed to be. Don't take this the wrong way, but not a bunch of twelve year olds applying, getting accepted, and then lurking around in hopes of getting free stuff.

    Am sorry I am just disappointed in so many different ways.
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  10. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    I couldn't agree more at this point. All we can do at this point is to be hopeful and wait for the Scorch Trials to come out on bluray Razer to give us an update on it all.
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  11. Longshotpro2

    Longshotpro2 Member

    I would like to spam the crap out of that post so it will warrant the attention it deserves so we can finally get some answers. I have had some hard times over the past year so I haven't grown at all. I haven't even started back with youtube and twitch. But I know so many others have pushed and they deserve to be moved up a tier or at least get some information. The reason I say that is because I dont want people to think I am only doing that because I am stuck in the system, I'm not. But so many others are that deserve better. I have been an on and off content creator for almost six years now for myself, networks, & other groups. I know how everything works from the content side to the business side. That's why I am fighting to get something to happen. No just for me, but for everyone.
  12. 17221211

    17221211 New Member

    I've received one of the Acceptance emails, was the happiest day ever.
  13. NighthawkVideos

    NighthawkVideos New Member

    I remember applying some time back but I didnt get a reply so I decided to send a new one and I got the text: ''We understand you applied recently and you are currently supported by Razer in our Sponsored Streamer Program.''
    I havent gotten any emails or anything regarding this, is there anywhere I can see what tier Im on as of right now or is this just some sort of mistake?
  14. Longshotpro2

    Longshotpro2 Member

    I am not an employee of Razer however I have been apart of the program since the beginning (over a year ago) so there are some common things that have happened. For some people they dont receive the acceptance email but are accepted in. I am assuming it is some bug and just part of the time it isn't sent out to users. But since you reapplied and got that message it confirmed whether you were in or not and in the past that seems like the only way we have to figure out whether a user is in the program or not if they don't receive an email.

    As far as tier, I am going to say tier one. Razer does not say what their exact criteria is for whom gets in which tiers but over the last year you can look at the people who were put where and sort of figure out a trend. From what has been talked about from the very beginning just about 98% of users that apply get into tier one. We know that there is a handful of people in tier two however there has only been one that was active on this thread. And the difference between some of the people in tier one compared to tier two is huge. I can't remember who but there was someone that had a successful YouTube channel and was a pretty decent size and yet was put in tier one. So that pretty much ruled everyone else out instantly when we found out where they were put.

    As far as Razers' input in the program it is very minimal, if you want to know all about that you can read what I said a few messages up and it pretty much explains everything.
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  15. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    Gotta love the starting days of the program. Remember the weeks that went by with only the occasional, minimal post from Vlad to keep our hopes going? Those were the days. And while I don't think you were referencing my channel in your post, I do remember making a comment waaaaay back when I had gotten accepted in the first batch of T1's and answering questions as to my channel size. I was between 1.5K subs and like 750K views. Now I'm nearing 2.5K subs and 1.5M views overall. Many people seemed that if I didn't make it into T2 after being on YouTube since March of 2009 with that, to some people, large of a fanbase, they surely could not make it to anything higher than I did.

    And yet, I have not lost all hope. I'm leaving my MCN (Bent Pixels) due to broken promises and simply not doing what they said they would two years ago. I have upgraded my setup (Custom built rig, new capture card, microphone, etc). I feel that by the time I am allowed to reapply, I may have a shot at getting into the second tier!

    But then again, who knows. In the time that has passed since I applied, I made it into the second wave of Nabu preorders, RMA'd the band six times, and watched my warranty expire without ever once receiving my promised 50% off code for the New Nabu, which at this point I am not positive I would even consider buying. My channel has grown in ways I could not have expected, and I can't wait to see what happens when Razer eventually remembers about this program again.
  16. Longshotpro2

    Longshotpro2 Member

    I loved the beginning of this program. It seemed as if there were 15 posts a day on here and it was truly a community. I wasn't referencing you but now that I have gone back to look the post is no longer there. But it was at the same time we were all trying to figure out where people would end up before the first batch was selected. As far as razer support, its pretty bad in general, and even worse for this program. As I have said in the past I haven't changed at all from where I started due to things happening in my life. However I am on the fence. But there are plenty of people such as yourself that could move up. Have you tried reapplying? initially it was said that you should wait six months before reapplying but its been over a year.

    What I would truly love is if @Min-Liang Tan could see this and the past messages. I don't necessarily want him to response in any sense but let him know there is an issue and there should be at least one staff dedicated to this program. Because as of right now it seems like its only you and myself and our experience that is left in this group.
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  17. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    I've tried reapplying countless times, both before and after the supposed relaunch of the program, and I have not once gotten an email other than the bot-sent "Your application has been received!" reply. I posted a comment on Min's latest Facebook status about the program, and while I don't expect a reply, I do hope that the program is shown some more light in the coming year, sooner than later.
  18. Longshotpro2

    Longshotpro2 Member

    As do I... as do I!
  19. DaaNMcNamara

    DaaNMcNamara New Member

    im at tier 1 of the program, does anyone know how to get to tier 2? :)
  20. CuddlyBuns

    CuddlyBuns Member

    How cool would this be! The suspense is killing me.
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