Introducing the Razer Sponsored Streamer Program

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by technokat, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    Endless thanks for the news! I've voted from every device I can so far, GLHF to you guys!
  2. Zixx-Type16

    Zixx-Type16 New Member

    What if I don't use a webcam in my videos? Am I now forced to use one so that I can display the Seirēn? Or if I comply with the other responsibilities it will be fine?
  3. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I believe the terms said display the Razer logo when you can, or if possible. It was something along those lines. So if you ever have your setup in view the Razer logo needs to be visible.
  4. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    I think it's one of those "If this, then do this" requirements.
    Off topic: How the heck did you get that speed? Google fiber?
  5. MysticLeeeroy

    MysticLeeeroy Member

    This is good news but worries some people haha that they hope they won't get a email on Friday lol
  6. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    He is from the netherlands so it is doubtful that he has google fibre. Most countries have better internet than we do, it is less of an isp monopoly for them.
  7. zxcwar

    zxcwar Member

    i submitted an application around christmas hope i get lucky
  8. MattEKelly

    MattEKelly New Member

    Other than buying a dozen Razer shirts and sweatshirts to make a backdrop filled with Razer branding, it would be great if streamers could buy or receive a custom scrim for use as a background; just something to consider!
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  9. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    To how unlikely that is, I want it.
  10. Hyperkind

    Hyperkind Member

    Haha yeah here's hoping that I dont get an email on Friday...I've been at it for a few years and have built up a pretty steady following so just gotta wait and see...
  11. Zixx-Type16

    Zixx-Type16 New Member

    KPN Glass Fibre ;-)

    And yeah, I was thinking on the same line as Destrox so thanks! I think I'll restart my channel!
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  12. TheNovaFilms

    TheNovaFilms New Member

    When he says level 1, he means batch one. Which means the first people to apply. I doubt that they will release info on who got it yet. I'm hoping I at least got into the first two batches :) I applied on December 12th I think.
  13. Nope i think he talks about tier1 ppl (just some discount for their gear)
  14. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    I believe @Razer|Vlad is meaning that out of the first batch they reviewed, whoever made the first tier are getting responses.
  15. Most probable thing. I wonder if i applied on january is it like batch 3
  16. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    It might be. Let's all hope to not get an email tomorrow!
  17. Asassinator

    Asassinator New Member

    Yeah I really want to get a reply any day except tomorrow
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  18. Im so excited about thissss
  19. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    eh, I will be happy just getting a reply at all. Even tier one would be cool, its a nice stepping stone, a good place to start.
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  20. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    I'm sure you'll get at least Tier One. How long have you been making content?
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