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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Razer.WolfPack, Apr 3, 2018.

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  1. Stocke023

    Stocke023 New Member

    Cool! Keep up the good work guys!
  2. SeanWang

    SeanWang New Member

    amazing just like what Damien said an mobile app would be nice
  3. placedirectCream294

    placedirectCream294 New Member

    A mobile app would be awesome, the site can be slightly annoying to use on mobile.
  4. Sharkie2k

    Sharkie2k New Member

  5. Gibson7

    Gibson7 Well-Known Member

    exactly same feelings on this.
    fingers crossed, hope they have plans for this
  6. JacksonC2

    JacksonC2 New Member

    I’ve been trying to login to razer synapse because I just bought a chroma keyboard but every time I try to login in it says no network connectivity detected can someone help
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  7. PSSMan

    PSSMan New Member

    This feature of Razer is to be appreciated :)
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  8. KaisouD

    KaisouD New Member

    Wow! That very helping us alot
  9. GoldHate

    GoldHate New Member

    I have a code 10 problem with my razer ripsaw I have contacted support many times and they have not given me a solution to fix this. I am on windows ten and hope we can find a solution. upload_2018-6-4_17-19-36.png
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  10. PSSMan

    PSSMan New Member

    Such great initiative :heart:
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  11. TABest1990

    TABest1990 New Member

    hmm cool
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  12. Stanull

    Stanull Well-Known Member

    Nice to see Razer Insider growing. Glad to be part of it. :smile_:
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  13. CodeCCLG

    CodeCCLG Well-Known Member

    im actually interested in the app hopefully it turns out good
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  14. jhouteh

    jhouteh New Member

    Finally a support forum :smile_:
  15. Heavyoak

    Heavyoak Member

    I hope the app wont be a space hogger.

    try and keep it under 10 - 20 MB please.
  16. xenonexia

    xenonexia Member

    That's really effing awesome! Thank you for doing this! It will make a huge difference and is something I've longed for a long time!

    And it's perfect timing, too, since both me and hubby dearest have gotten new Blackwidow X's and Mambas just this week. Not that I expect that something goes sour, but rather, I love the idea of having the support so close by and so naturally available. I love that you're moving into support over the forum. Really love it. Thanks again!

  17. KaisouD

    KaisouD New Member

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  18. HEGGA

    HEGGA Active Member

    Oh man, that thing is soooooo annoying!

    It's not just the fact that I need to log out, it's those 5 steps that will take me to get back to claim zSilver -.-

    I mean, if zVault login has expired they should simply sync it with insider account and simply ask us to log in to insider instead.
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  19. LoganSniper

    LoganSniper New Member

    Hello Everyone after spending the whole day working on getting my Razer Naga Hex 2 back loaded in windows 10 I loaded up my favorite Game Elder Scrolls Online and I went in to see if everything would work right, but oh noooooo! for some reason in the middle of the battle my left button stopped working so I couldn't do light attacks or any attack for that matter and I got my ____ handed to me at a dolmen. So No this new synapse 3 is installed and working finally but it doesn't seem to give control to the user like it should. I mean really a Left button is a left button it should work in game just like it did before but it's not, I closed out the game and started it back up and still my left mouse button don't do anything.
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  20. ShinigamixTriste

    ShinigamixTriste New Member

    Finally .-. Was waiting for this for a long time.
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