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[Introductions] Hi guys - pull up a chair by the hearth...

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by technokat, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Hi,
    The name's Sami, I'm from Bahrain in the Middle-East.

    Gaming has been a part of my life since the Sega era, I've played alot of games over the years and currently game on the PS4, PC and 3DS. In online games I'm usually playing WoW, GW2, Wakfu & LoL.

    Sadly work has reduced my gaming hours but I still play 3-4 hours a day so I've got that going for me!! When do I plan to stop gaming? When I'm no more.
  2. FrostyNugget

    FrostyNugget New Member

    Hello there!
    My name's Samantha (But you can call me Sam or Nugget xD) from Honduras that's located in my beautiful Central America.

    I've been playing videogames since I was like 6 years old. At that time it was kind of difficult because I live in a country that doesn't care that much about technology.

    Oh that precius day when my parents gave me my first console!

    Now at age 16 I'm still a sucker for videogames (Or technology in general xD)!
    "Once you go in you never come out"
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  3. mindstorm

    mindstorm New Member

    Well, hello there!

    Currently in Switzerland, I started gaming many years ago - initially on a 33 MHz 386 (yes, I'm getting old), later also SNES, Game Boy and N64. While I also ended up having an XBox and a couple of Gamecubes, by then I was pretty much exclusively back to PCs.

    My gaming adiction peaked at the time of Quake III and a fantastic mod called Urban Terror. I was quite serious then, and founded a gaming clan that would, for a while, top the (now defunct) Clanbase league - while not sleeping and spending each night practicing with my team mates. Life became more complicated, and I stopped having the time for serious gaming.

    Nowadays, I mostly game single-player, although a wide breadth of genres (action, FPS, RTS, simulation, ...). Whenever I can, I still play with friends, preferably games with good co-op support.Some recent examples would include L4D2, Insurgency, Borderlands 2 and Arma 3. Absolutely loved Titanfall.

    I also somehow ended up with 296 games on Steam, a third of which I may have tried at some point. It's a long queue.

    I guess that's enough for an introduction. Game on!
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  4. Jakobo48_no_id

    Jakobo48_no_id New Member

    Hey all, I'm Chris, a PC gamer and VFX artist. I tend to enjoy MMO/RPG type games, and anything with open world. SWTOR, GW2, and LOTRO, and Shadow of Mordor are what I'm playing currently.

    I've had a few Razer mice and am using one now, and am a huge fan after selling them earlier in life. Looking forward to trying out more of Razer's products in the near future!
  5. Svenmonk

    Svenmonk Member

    Hey there, My name is Jared and I'm from Singapore. I enjoy Simulation games alot. Football Manager is my all time favourite. I have about 40 games on Steam (FM, Payday 2, DOTA, Shadow of Mordor, etc) and about 5 on Origin (Titanfall, Sims, etc).

    I'd rather sit and play games all day by myself if I could. But that's not possible. Sigh. My girlfriend bought me a Kraken 7.1 for my birthday and now I'm planning to marry her in the near future. Watch this space!

    Cheers! #GameOn
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  6. Tasty from Denmark.

    I mostly play DotA2 with some friends, and as the profile picture indicates I also do some SC2 :)
  7. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    Hi All,

    I'm Cyriel from the Netherlands, just finished studies in Maastricht and Leeds (UK) and working now.

    My favo games are Skyrim, Fifa, NHL & CoD (and Counterstrike source is still epic). Used to game a lot on pc, however when my decent laptop got stolen I switched back to PS3. Recently started LoL on laptop, tried DOTA but my cheap ass device can't play that.
    Saving for a nw gaming laptop now, which is probably going to be the alienware 15 when it will be available in the Netherlands.

    First bought the Razer Elektra, now i'm mainly hooked because of style and image. Added a bag, shirt, and the epic team razer mug :blush:. Next will be one of the mouses (which one should I buy?) and probably the Kraken.

    Greetings to y'all!
  8. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    purely because she bought you the Kraken? :blush:
  9. PureF1R3

    PureF1R3 New Member

    Hey everyone :) My name is Simão ''PureF1R3'' Ferreira, i'm 17 years old and I live in Portugal.
    I play video-games since I was a little child and my favorite genre is FPS like CS:GO, Battlefield and CoD (and also games like Serious Sam 3 and Killing Floor), but I've also played a lot of MOBA like LoL (for about 2 years) and DOTA (just a few weeks).
    I love Razer but, due to my money limitations until now I could only afford 2 Razer products (Razer Naga Hex League of Legends Collectors Edition and Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1) but I look foward to get more razer products such as a razer blackwidow, razer goliathus and razer nabu x.

    I think that's all there is to know about me so, cya guys. :)
  10. carde1988

    carde1988 New Member

    Hi guys, I'm Chris, i'm from Italy .
    I play videogames since i have memory xD , and i don't have a favourite game genre, i love them all!!
    I love Razer since my girlfriend gift me a Razer Ouroboros, i love it !
    Well, sorry for my english , but i try to write the best i can xD
    Sorry again and see you guys :)
  11. Hello everyone.

    My name is Paul, aka NeTwOrK-DaWg. I play mostly TF2, as I am an admin on 5 servers. Our group runs some very successful TF2 Saxton Hale mod servers.

    I can't believe I didn't know about the Insider forums before. :)
  12. justinmelgarejo

    justinmelgarejo New Member

    Hey there!

    Im Justin from the biggest city in the world! Davao, Philipines

    I'm a casual gamer and an architecture major. I usually play DoTA2, Guild Wars 2, the Assassin's Creed Franchise, Diablo3. Im only part of the "PC Master Race" since it's the only console I own. I usually work with my gaming rig since I am graduating this march ;)
  13. IBdaggerin

    IBdaggerin New Member

    My Names Dillon and I'm from Santa Barbara, CA.

    I'm a casual gamer and college student. I'm in the process of building my first computer which will be encased in the Razer H440 of course to match my deathadder and blackwidow. I play CS:GO and every now and then go on DoTA2 and HoN.

    I like to follow and keep up with all things Razer who I truly believe are pioneers in this industry.
  14. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    Hi all! My name is Rik and I'm from the Netherlands. 24 years old, just finished my Masters and started my first job.

    I'm more of a console gamer normally. However, I do like to play a lot of sims and rts games on the pc. In particular Starcraft 2 and Sim City. On consoles I like to play games like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, GTA V(!!!), Killzone etc. That sort of games.

    I do not own a lot of Razer Products just yet, but I'm starting to collect more and more stuff in the last few years.
  15. S_UntoDusk

    S_UntoDusk New Member

    Hai there.

    The name's Andrew however it seems to be the case that an awful lot of people call me by my internet handle of Sunset so feel free to know me by either.

    I've actually followed Razer for quite a while but yet it's only now that I decided to get myself onto this here forum.

    Currently I don't own any Razer products however I am very familiar with most of them and have used a fair number so I still feel that I can have my say with things. I do use Razer Surround though. I'm not a big believer in surround for most things (we only have two ears so two speakers can work perfectly) however it does have its uses and I find it does work quite well for when I need it.

    In terms of gaming; I used to own an xbox however I sold it a few years back and started playing casual PC games. Currently don't have a gaming spec PC but I'm in no rush for one at the moment. Plus the fact we have multiple consoles in my flat (not mine)and an abundance of games keeps me going.

    Nice to potentially get to know you all.
  16. Dabom75

    Dabom75 New Member

    Hi all

    My name is Brad. I live in a small town in AL. I am a legally blind stay at home Dad and gamer.

    I currently only own a Razer Tartarus but am currently looking at buy an Ourboros mouse.

    I mostly play World of Warcraft and a few console games.

    Hope to keep up on new info on Razer products and meet some like minded gamers like myslef.
  17. fixxey

    fixxey Active Member

    Hi, I'm Afiq from Malaysia.

    Active playing DoTA, CS:GO & BF4. Most favourite game is Goat Simulator!
  18. S3IJI

    S3IJI Active Member

    I am Mike, 22 years old from Germany.
    Playing videogame as far as I can remember (It all started with Maniac Mansion on a C64 from my dad)

    Pretty varied gaming selection, but if someone ask my friends i'm the FPS guy. Mainly Battlefield (since BF2 :D).

    Currently playing Fifa15, Dragon Age Inquisition and finished the Crew with nearly all missions last night.

    My permanent companion, since more than seven years are a Lachesis and Lycosa. I remember this but even if they still work to be replaced by something new.
    I have added myself recently, the "Razer Kraken Chroma" and have to say just terrific! Before that, I have spent many years trying various headsets and never really satisfied!

    Away from that, I'm movie and series addicted... and it keeps me more and more from gaming ... something has to change ;)
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2015
  19. ryan3ing

    ryan3ing New Member

    Hi All, I'm a 22 years old boy(?) from Hong Kong. You may call me Ryan.

    I have played games for around 6~8years only and so addicted to both console and computer games. Although I only have a short gaming time, but I do have a Youtube channel that upload my gameplays. I started my channel around a year ago and only have around 10k subs, but I do enjoy to share the joy of playing games with my friends.

    I own a razor blackwidow and Mamba. Really enjoy using them ;).

    Gaming is a good thing that language barrier never stop me!:cool:
  20. bubblecookie

    bubblecookie Member

    I'm Shhhua's #1 fan.
    That is all.
    ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )
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