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[Introductions] Hi guys - pull up a chair by the hearth...

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by technokat, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Dekend

    Dekend New Member


    Names Pete, father of 2 and an avid gamer. I used to be a massive MMO fan from Ulitma to Lineage series to Age of Conan, Rift, WoW (for 6 years), you name it ive probably played it. I am more into the PvP aspect of things, love the competition, but that all changed after I married and had kids. I mainly play console systems now and am slowing rebuilding a new gaming PC. Cant do any intense MMO games anymore so games like Hearthstone and Destiny are my jam.

    Glad to meet ya.
  2. RazorRazer999

    RazorRazer999 Member

    I started playing Hearthstone a few weeks ago. I use decks I find online, not good at deck designing. Pretty much just play that and Heroes of the Storm now.
  3. jojoguy10

    jojoguy10 New Member

    Joe from Oregon, US here.

    Been playing games since I was about 6 years old with LEGO Soccer Mania :)

    I'm currently about 18 years old and have over 100 games in my Steam library.
  4. CrusaderWelora

    CrusaderWelora New Member

    I'm Alex from Georgia, the ATL area. I'm very into games although it's hard to keep playing all the games I want to due to working and college. But that doesn't stop me from finding time and spending lots of money I don't have on them and computer stuff. Love WoW, Minecraft, RPG's, ect.

    Thanks for reading!
  5. jc81622

    jc81622 New Member

    Hey everyone,

    From the state of Ohio (Go Bucks National Champs) I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember (I am 30). I used to be pretty hardcore into FPS and WoW. Had some pretty intense CS lan parties in high school. Nowdays I am much more casual and just play after the kiddos go to bed. League of Legends, Boarderlands, and recently started getting back into WoW (thanks to my brothers). I play games for the coop experience now, the older I get the worse I seem to be able to play competitive.

    I have always enjoyed Razor and their mantra that they are for gamers by gamers. I currently only own 2 razor products (deathaddler and mouse pad) but I am looking to expand that. I am looking for a fitness band so the Nabu is enticing and a new Kraken headset would replace mine that is 4 years old and starting to become uncomfortable
  6. CrazyElwin

    CrazyElwin New Member

    Howdy, I'm Dan from a suburb of Chicago and I'm old, 47 this year.
    Blackhawks fan. Cubs or White Sox? Not a big baseball fan, so it depends what she looks likes and the only time I've been to Soldiers Field is for Grateful Dead concerts and that was 20 years ago.
    Lord knows the number of games i've played. Started with FPS like the original Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake & Unreal; Racing games Nascar by Papyrus and Gran Turismo on PS and you have to have silly games like Monty Pyton: The Quest for the Grail ( btw, that was on Windows 95).
    Nowadays i mostly play World of Tanks. On Steam I have a dozen of so games i play from time to time, as well as finding new stuff.

    My first Razer product was some portable speakers; great sound. I wasn't the only one that liked them, my dad borrowed them and i haven't seem them since. I subscribe to Cnet and have seen plenty more on Razer, definitely what brought me here. I'll admit I've been a Logitech user for a long time, hoping to eventually upgrade some pieces and parts like keyboard and maybe speakers down the line with Razer.
  7. lnfinity

    lnfinity New Member

    Hi, my name is Lesly and I'm from the U.S.

    I spent a majority of my childhood growing up playing game systems. RPGs are my favorite type of game genre. Recently I found myself playing more MMOs over the past few years. Right now I'm starting to get into Dota 2 and exploring with strategy gaming.

    I'm new here to Razer and excited to learn more about it :)
  8. Fuchsiaautodome003

    Fuchsiaautodome003 New Member

    Hi there,
    Steven from Socal here.
    I primarily play DoTA 2 but i've done my rounds. First Razer product was the salmosa. it was nice simple and responsive. i then have gotten a DA 3500 dpi. and just now upgraded to the 6400. I definitely need a keyboard upgrade soon though haha. Super excited about the watches too.
  9. Hi, my name is Marvin from southern NH. I'm a big gamer (love my Razer Naga!), and I'm VERY interested in the Nabu. :)

    My preference generally leans toward team based games - I haven't really played single player games for a long time (baring a scant few exceptions).
  10. MyNamesEMurray

    MyNamesEMurray New Member

    Hellooooo all I am Eric, a Michigander from the U.S.

    I've been gaming hardcore for about 6 years now, took a 3 month hiatus when school-work started to force itself into every part of my life, but for the last year and a half I've been going strong.

    My current computer is nothing to brag about, with each part a budget-purchase and not a monster in any way. I'm currently working on saving up for my dream PC hopefully in order to live-stream intensive games at a high quality.

    I'm slowly but surely building my collection of Razer gear, having started with the Razer Naga Hex LoL Edition for both myself and my brother, and just picked up a new pair of headphones from Razer as well. Thanks!
  11. muggz1

    muggz1 New Member

    Hello my name is muggs, I'm mainly into fps and arcade\sim racers. Nice to meet you all

    RAIDGAM3RS New Member

    Hey there
    I'm Daniel from Denmark, i love play games i play Far cry 4, Minecraft and CoD AW
  13. Dekend

    Dekend New Member

    Yeah im in Dayton 31, and that was one hell of a game. O.H.
  14. SimilarWalnut

    SimilarWalnut New Member

    Hi all! This is Adam (SimilarWalnut) from Texas.

    You can find me by the same name on PSN, XBLive, Steam, etc. I mainly play on the PC but we own the NES, Sega Genesis, Saturn (bad move there), Dream Cast, PS3, XB 360, and I just broke down for the PS4. Right now if I'm not spending my free time brewing beer I'm playing either Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, Watch Dogs, or working my way through all the Assassin's Creed games or some indie title. What really got me started into gaming was a DOS game called Jet Pack and then Command and Conquer.

    I've never been much for the peripheral gear side of PC gaming except for a good mouse and headphones. I love my Razer Moray Earbuds and V-Moda M80. During this CES 2015 Sale I'm hoping to pick up a decent keyboard.

    Currently looking for some groups to play Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen with.
  15. Germandyak

    Germandyak New Member

    Hi everyone!I am not very experienced gamer,so i just start my gamers road lol.But now i play Splinter Cell Conviction,FIFA 15 and Assassins Creed Black Flag and they are really interesting)
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  16. Metacomet10

    Metacomet10 Member

    Just heard about this through trying to buy the Nabu X. Thanks for putting this community together! At the current moment I only own a Razer Kraken Pro (Black). I got it just before they came out with the Neon Series.... At least my decision wasn't that hard between Black or Green. (Yea it was also before they came out with a white one) Hoping to add a Razer mouse and some Sweatshirts to my collection. Somehow I'm in the PC MASTER RACE even though I have a Mac. But it's a top notch Mac so it isn't that bad. 750M. I think that's it? Also those puppies :D
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  17. Metacomet10

    Metacomet10 Member

    Ok so I'm on Mac so my Steam collection is limited. (In no particular order)
    Civ V
    Portal 2
    Dota 2
    ... Yea I'm not that rich so it's not a lot but when I get time to play more those Steam Sales will not stand a chance
  18. Akobeissi

    Akobeissi New Member

    Have been a huge Razer fan since I started building PC's, I have since migrated to MAC :/ but hoping to build a new system in the coming weeks. The only PC/MAC game I still play is Urban Terror. Rather old but really fun and I've established quite a foothold. Hit me up if you play it as well.
  19. Metacomet10

    Metacomet10 Member

    Unfortunately no I don't. Do happen to know how much it is on Steam?
  20. Darkthefox

    Darkthefox New Member

    Hay everypony,

    I'm Nathaniel, though i tend to go by my middle name Nathaniel most of the time. I go my first Razer product last year round april The Razer Orobouros. By far the best mouse i have ever owned, Recommended it to a friend last month and he got it saying the same thing, lol. I am planing on buying a keyboard next as mine is a small one i got from walmart when i first built this pc.

    I am currently hoping to get a Nabu X from the first wave as well.

    I play a variety of games from Call of Duty, to Halo, The Legend of Zelda, and im currently Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.
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