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[Introductions] Hi guys - pull up a chair by the hearth...

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by technokat, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. PowerwalkXD

    PowerwalkXD New Member

    I remember when I was 29, young enough to not get called old by teens and old enough to avoid showing ID when buying stuff 18+req. I'll trade ya? You take my 41 and I'll go back to 29. :big_grin_:
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  2. Dragenyx

    Dragenyx New Member

    Hey guys!

    My name's Ayman, 15 years old from the UK. I've been playing games since I was 8, ever since my brother showed me RYL 2. Back then I used to play on the Ancient Computer, otherwise known as a Dell. I used to pray that the game wouldn't crash everytime I launched it!

    It been so long since then; my brother bought me a new PC 2 years ago, and since that time I've found so many different games and useful programs within that period; stumbling across Razer Cortex about 5 months ago. I only used it for about 2 weeks, then left it untouched until around 1 and a half weeks ago. Now I realise all the potential rewards I missed... :slightly_sad:

    Right now, I'm maxing out my zSilver everyday, claiming the login rewards, entering all relevant giveaways in order to get some Razer gear!! I'm completely in love with Rzer. The branding and merchandise is one of the best in terms of PC accesories. Everything about Razer products is so amazing; everything is so sleek, professional and just such a pleasure to behold. That's why I'm trying to hard to get Razer gear (mainly keyboards/mice atm); I can't buy anything because I have no means of getting money :slightly_sad:

    My favourite games at the moment are Dota 2, Battlerite, Payday 2, Brawlhalla and Warframe. I only recently picked up Warframe again (the first "playthrough" was around 2 years ago, recently after I got my new PC. I tried out Warframe for a bit, but was discouraged by the complexity and amount of grind. Now, I've picked it up again because of the recent (massive) news *cough* Plains of Eidolon *cough* and I'm having a blast! Dota 2 and Brawlhalla I've played since 2014, before I got my PC. I used to play Dota 2 on the lowest settings on my sisters laptop; even that was slightly too much for the laptop to handle, and eventually overheated. In the end though, it was a win-win situation for my sister and me; I got a new PC and she got a new laptop!

    Anway, that was just a little bit about me. Thanks for reading :)
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  3. There is a really cool series of games, called .NET (C#, WPF, WCF). Highly recommend! Once you get used to them, your life will change forever!
  4. Dragenyx

    Dragenyx New Member

    Isn't that programming?
  5. Hardsequencer

    Hardsequencer Member

    I think its time to upgrade your gear :cool_: Head over to the Razer Store, there is plenty to choose from :wink_:

    Hi there , welcome to Razer Insider :cool_:
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  6. joevoodoo

    joevoodoo New Member

    Hello there. Nice content you guys got here. Glad to be here.. and glad to have used razer this whole time.
  7. Hardsequencer

    Hardsequencer Member

    Ive tried Dota 2 i dont know , im not impressed with it .:rolleyes: I love Neverwinter though. and at the moment im playing player unknown a lot .:smile_:
  8. badnewsbro

    badnewsbro New Member

    I am Amir, or BadNewsBro for all of my in game name. Been in this community for a while. Rarely post stuff. Play Dota 2 mostly, PUBG with friends, Battlefield 1 sometimes CS:GO and Overwatch. Looking forward with this community.
  9. cliffr39

    cliffr39 New Member

    Hello, new here
  10. Hardsequencer

    Hardsequencer Member

  11. The_Cad

    The_Cad New Member

    James here from the U.S. I'm 46 will be 47 in a couple of months. Love everything Razer, maybe it's the black and green, or maybe it's the quality, but then it's probably both. I do enjoy playing games, may not be the best but I do have fun. Don't play as much as I like, this thing called life tends to get in the way at times. I do squeeze in a game here and there. I like the Far Cry series, Fallout, GTAV, Ghost Recon Series to list a few.
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  12. Hardsequencer

    Hardsequencer Member

    Hi James . My names Christian i live in the UK. I love playing Player Unknown at the moment but i also like GTA and Far Cry
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  13. JoshuaAllenby

    JoshuaAllenby New Member

    Hey there!
    My name is Joshua, I'm new to this forum.
    I recently got a new PC and am getting into PC gaming more now, I thought I'd join Razer as their peripherals look great - who doesn't like a bit of colour; I look forward to seeing everyone's posts around.

    Thank you,
    Joshua :)
  14. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    Hello from the other pineapple base
  15. TheCrazyCat14

    TheCrazyCat14 New Member

    Hello everyone I have just entered the world of Razer Insider.
  16. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    Hello @TheCrazyCat14 and welcome! I've been here just over a month and its a great crowd here. Make yourself at home! :)
  17. TheSilverRam

    TheSilverRam New Member

    Hey, I guess we're in the same boat!
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  18. DreamReaver76

    DreamReaver76 Member

    G'Day all. My name is David and I am from Australia. I am 41 and have been gaming for 35+ years. Started young and never stopped gaming. Started with Pong Machine, C64, Atari 2600, Intellivision. Seen it all. Love Razer. Been avid fan since the first time I came across and bought a Razer mouse.
  19. xenonexia

    xenonexia Member

    Hey all. I'm Amy from Stockholm in Sweden. Probably best known for stuff like DICE, the Nobel Prize, being the Venice of the North and such stuff. I might not be the oldest, but at 39, I'm probably among the oldest around here.

    Started my gaming career on a ZX Spectrum and went via VIC20, C64, Amiga, Atari, NES, and so on, to almost exclusively being a pc gamer at the moment. Not that I wouldn't like to get into consoles again. Any day. Any day soon.

    I've done a lot of nutty stuff in my days. Lived on 4 continents, travelled to probably over 60 or 70 nations around the World, worked with a lot of stuff that seem to be totally unconnected. Like acting, dancing, politics, professional debater and marketing figure, economics, logistics, it manager... even a mech repair for pc's and mobile phones. Nowadays, I'm a writer and have reschooled to be a clinical sexologist. That's like being a shrink and nurse in one, basically, I suppose.

    I love to play pretty much anything. Anything from vintage games to Battlefield to a variety of MMO's and story based games.

    Sadly, I rarely play co-op anymore. That's because I've become ill since a few years back and can't really keep up - which is hard to explain to pug or open server people very easily. That's giving me a lot of grief and sorrow, and I wish I could do stuff like that again, but would need people who know, understand and respect that things sometimes work out differently because my hands aren't as fast as they should or things like that.

    I'll never give up gaming, though. And even though I even play MMO's by my own nowadays, I still love it, and it's the best way to clear my head and naturally have a lot of fun. I used to be damn good at stuff and aim to never lose it all together. But I play for me, rather than for showing off, today. Whether I like it or not.

    Oh, that was almost a cry-out! What's going on with me! I'm actually not very crybaby at all about it. So I'll just bite myself and get on with it. Have a go at me if you like. ;-)
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  20. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!
    I am Ante from Zagreb, Croatia. I am 30 years old.
    My current games of choice are Dota 2, CSGO and Gwent. I also like both Skyrim and Witcher 3.
    Of Razer gear, I have 2 Arctosas, Imperator, Megalodon and Goliathus Speed. I also had 2 Imperators before (both died due to clicking mostly in Dota).
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