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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by technokat, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. 19nick64

    19nick64 New Member

    hi my name is nick handle 19NicK64 from Glasgow, Scotland
  2. Grexaevus

    Grexaevus Member

    Hello. My name is Greg and I am from the UK :)
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  3. hyvick

    hyvick Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, I am Luis from Portugal.

    I am 20 years old, currently studying maritime engine engineering at a nautical school in Portugal. I try to play some games everyday to relax a little bit after a hard day in college. I mostly play League of Legends, some FPS games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Far Cry, and some adventure games like Tomb Raider. When I really want just to chill with some friends, I turn on my Minecraft and we stay there for hours.
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  4. jrbuddha

    jrbuddha New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Joe, live in Oklahoma. Older gamer, into MMO's (Currently Elder Scrolls Online) and Diablo 3. Game on PC, XBOX One and PS4. Loving Monster Hunter World on Xbox. Also loving Assassins Creed.

    Can't wait for Far Cry 5.

    Love Razer gear. Most of my peripherals are Razer, and slowly getting more and more! (Just got Gunnar Razer FPS's in prescription to help with the eyestrain of long gaming sessions!

    So many games...so little time :slightly_sad: lol
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  5. manueluis_1980

    manueluis_1980 New Member

    Hi Manuel Luís here im from Portugal :)
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  6. TwitchyJay

    TwitchyJay New Member

    Hi! I'm Jay. I'm from South Carolina in the United States. I'm 29 years old. I suffered a series of strokes when I was 27 that left the right side of my body severely weakened, so I'm basically one-handed. Nowadays I'm limited to playing Diablo 3 and a few trading card games. It's nice to meet you! :)
  7. RekoSunfire

    RekoSunfire New Member


    My name is Kevin and I am from Sweden.

    Been playing games since i was 5 years old, still going strong currently playing Fortnite and PUBG. Not the best at the games but I enjoy it alot and usually talk discord. If anyone wants to team up in the future let me know it would be really fun! :)

    Take care guys!
  8. RSRazza

    RSRazza New Member

    Hey everyone i'm Rodrigo from Portugal. The main game that i play at the moment is League of Legends i'm sure the most of you know or heard about this game. I recently have been play more CS:GO, and i wanna try some new sngle player games that have agood and interesting history

    If oyu guys could give me some tips (some games) it would be wonderfull
    Than you all for sharing your interests ans RAzer keep up the good work! :D
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  9. VXAngerfist

    VXAngerfist New Member

    Hi @all im Simon from Switzerland

    I Play on my Xbox One and Notebook, CS 1.6, Phantasy Star Online 2, Halo 5 and and and, at the moment i Organize a German Speaking Halo 5 League.
  10. rajkour883

    rajkour883 New Member

    I am newbie here. Please accept me guys. Thanks!
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  11. blazeykitty03

    blazeykitty03 Member

    hi im tiger and im a young artist, animator and a gamer :D
  12. CaraCuteHS

    CaraCuteHS Active Member

    That is a Hearthstone Greeting.

    I am Cara Cute from Philippines. I play Hearthstone for TNC Pro Team since last year.
  13. korrin1982

    korrin1982 New Member

    Hello Razer community. I' m Korrin1982.
  14. Thias27

    Thias27 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Matthias from Germany. I played many different games, but preferred
    competitive or cooperative games like GTA 5 Online, Smite or Friday The 13th.
    At the moment i play the most Battle Royals and Real- Time Strategy games.

    Best regards.
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  15. I just got involved with all this and I got to say this is pretty amazing especially the products
  16. joniiS

    joniiS New Member

    Hello! I am new here!! glad to see you all here aswell :D
  17. YellowCatFud

    YellowCatFud New Member

    Hey there! Caleb from the U.S, most refer to me by Yellow.

    Been heavy gaming all my life aka 14-24 hours a day... I play mainly Minecraft, but do play WoT, LoL and a mix of a handful of other games! Wanting to work my way and become a Pro Minecrafter. maybe king of Minecraft? Haha
    Do have a Steam and Xbox Gold.

    So far I only own the Razer Nostromo, perfect for League, but looking into getting an Ouroboros and Deathstalker Ultimate.
  18. Mckee

    Mckee New Member

    Hi I´m Josua from Costa Rica, I play mainly Overwatch whit friends.
  19. AdamK

    AdamK New Member

    I am your imaginary friend, I used to lived in your head but Now that i'm out I live in the french province of Québec, Canada. I used to play with you everyday but now I'm all alone. Never been that much a big PC player but I've always enjoyed programation & computer working. I've always been autodidact as much as I could. At 12 years old I started to use internet as a tool to teach myself. I have learned C++ and how to kiss a girl in the same summer, without anybody.

    Now I suck at both.


    Hi, HW
    My friends call me the Chach. And it Looks like I am very late to the Party. How have you been these past four years? I am not a new razer user my first two products where perches in 2010 I got the Fearo and there 360 controller from that time I still use and have them. amongst other products. anyway, I want to get into blogging and YouTubeing about teaching how can I get started?
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