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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by technokat, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. greenheri

    greenheri New Member

    hi, ima bad poaster, its great to be here
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    Okay np, .so any tips?
  3. danielgraham

    danielgraham New Member

    Hi, I am Daniel from Vancouver, Canada. I was addicted to playing games when I was in high school. Now I don't et much time but whenever I get time I play PUBG. It's the best game I have played till now. How many of you all play PUBG?
  4. Niarthgin

    Niarthgin New Member

    Hi there! The name is Niarthgin and I'm 29 years of age. I live in The Netherlands and work as an IT infrastructure specialist. Daily evening routine is hanging out with the wife and play Destiny 2 (Ps4).

    Nice to meet you all. :)
  5. moonlamps007

    moonlamps007 New Member

    Mahusive tech nerd and need to get the most recent stuff (was in the principal bunch in the UK to get Google Glass), been a Razer fan since the I got the Nostromo (ah that blue) and been snared from that point forward. Diversions of decision, MOBA's, MMO's, RTS and Racing. Was sufficiently fortunate to catch a Razer Nabu Beta Edition (again can't thank you enough Razer for picking me). Much thanks to you Razer for the welcome, I'll absolutely be sticking around.
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  6. Venom_Concept

    Venom_Concept New Member

    Hey there! Im venom and im 18 and Im new, love league of legends and the witcher and anything I can get my hands on. Please to meet you guys happy to play with you guys any time. :smile_:
  7. surotsakisame

    surotsakisame New Member

  8. SiD6.7

    SiD6.7 New Member

    Hi All!
    Unfortunately I have no time to play the type of games you all do, but many I work with are gamers in the classic definition. I'm a Sr. Software Engineer / Architect, & Info-Sec consultant, so I suppose (in some ways) that makes my games a bit different than many played by the good people in this community. :wink_:

    Like you, I too have the need for extreme accuracy in what I do on a daily basis, so I absolutely count on my RAZER peripherals such as: Keyboards: (Black Widow Chroma V2 green w/keyboard enhancement kit, & Huntsman Elite), Mice: (Lancehead Wireless, & Mamba Elite), Pads: (Firefly - both hard & soft), and my RAZER designed GUNNAR glasses (RPG /w prescription lenses).

    I've made plenty of professional recommendations that have turned into sales for RAZER, because macros, and hypershift capabilities thoroughly rock for programmers and red teamers! Also, as most of you can attest to, almost anyone staring at multiple screens of data for 9 or more hours per day x365 can benefit from the protection GUNNARs provide!

    I'm looking forward to exploring some of the Chroma HDKs for facilities with low-light incident or command centers, and to continue developing software mods that utilize the RAZER
    Chroma capabilities for peripheral status checks, alerts, and visual key recommendations for some of the special software used by 911, secure rapid-response centers, and specialized CERT teams.

    As I continue to lurk the RAZER INSIDER Forums (on the rare occasion I have the time to do so), I wish you all - all the best, and may your virtual "lead" always find it's mark downrange! o_O:smile_:

    Kindest regards,
  9. RobotDoctor

    RobotDoctor New Member

    Hello to the board. I just purchased a 2018 Razer Blade and will use it primarily as a business power machine. I have one graphics based software package I use (to program robots and perform simulations) but otherwise pretty basic business applications. Hopefully the Razer Blade does what I hope it will. I look forward to learning much from the members and hopefully contribute in a positive way. Thanks to all.
  10. SiD6.7

    SiD6.7 New Member

    Welcome RobotDoctor!
    I look forward to your long-term assessment of the Razer Blade, as I too have been eyeing it for mostly programming and creating simple use-case, and systems diagrams.
    The programming and security work I do requires a lot of horsepower. I have been using the highest-end, fully maxed-out ThinkPad "workstation-class" laptops since ~ 2001. They have been good for the typical business environment but I would like to have a much more powerful graphics card for the number-crunching capabilities they offer.

    (and... no, I don't mess with 'E-coin' or block chain decryption so gamers please don't flame me!) :cool_:
  11. JakeCode11

    JakeCode11 New Member

    Greetings Board,
    The name's Jake, and I've been a fan of Razer since 2010 with my first gaming mouse, the Razer Naga Epic. I've been primarily a fan of their peripherals and I now currently use the Ornata Chroma for a keyboard and upgraded my mouse to the Naga Trinity. I recently bought a Razer Blade Stealth V4 and am enjoying my experience with it so far! I have no doubt that it will hold up to the rigors of my Computer Science programming college schedule lol. Look forward to being more involved in the insider community!
  12. Lilithoflast

    Lilithoflast New Member

    Hi Im kinda new to this. I dont get out much and my little brother jokingly told me to do this and i did what do i do tho
  13. TealGreenaerobay160

    TealGreenaerobay160 New Member

    Another newbie here, Hi guys! What's up?
    I'm thinking of buying a new razer mouse any suggestions?
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  14. aroze123

    aroze123 New Member

    Hello there! My name is Aroze, I am from the UK, London.

    I'd call myself quite a good gamer - when I start a game, most of the time, I get the hang of it in just a few hours and normally do quite good. I've only been using Insider for a year or two but I'm really starting to enjoy this community, I can't wait to see it grow even more in the future.
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  15. RadioActive528

    RadioActive528 New Member

    Hey there...
    I'm Radioactive, people call me radio which is nice to hear but falsely interpreted.
    I play csgo and sometimes when I'm in the mood I fire up PUBG. I am planning of starting the Witcher game but I am just hoping to increase my csgo level.... And once I reach the desired level.... I'll start Witcher too. Previous games I've played would be Dying light and it's following dlc. Pretty dope tbh. All I own is a Razer Electra V2, and an Alienware. Initially had some problems setting up the mic but no worries, my technical knowledge solved it but yeah it was pretty hard. I'm planning of buying a mouse mat... But don't really have the money so just collecting some up. Looking forward to buying the Firefly (not for the rgb because rgb is so 2018.... ) Cause my friend had used many mouse mats before and he loved the new Firefly .

    You can join me play csgo anytime and just ignore the voice I have.

    Looking forward to meeting you all.

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  16. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    So worth it!! If you enjoy story driven games with a lot to do and free-roaming all over, then you'll love it. That whole series is one of my top 5's. :)
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  17. RadioActive528

    RadioActive528 New Member

    My number one pick would be competitive fps games. But one special thing about me is I treat story driven games like a relic. Once I started playing dying light... I couldn't play any other game because I'll get sucked into it until I finish it. Witcher being the master of these story games, and it being 300 hours long, I'm afraid I'll never be able to play Cs again. And yeah I haven't played the previous Witcher games.... Which is a bummer and I have to watch YouTube videos to understand the story.
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  18. Dark-Rider

    Dark-Rider Member

    Hello the Community,

    I am Dark Rider or D8Rider - my Clan mates are calling me D8
    I am a French IT Senior Manager (...and way more than 40 yrs old - yes i have 2 times the age of some of the people reading this - maybe even 3 times for some of you!)

    I started gaming at a time where 3D card were only an expensive dream and PC1512 or Amstrad CPC 6128 were the standard.

    - My first experience in Gaming was programming a Minotor game on my ZX81 in Basic when I was just 10 yrs old - and backup was done on a audio tapes.
    - My first sound card was a sound galaxy 8bits and my first FPS game was Wolfenstein 3D in 1998, then followed Doom (all of them), Duke Nukem, Terminal Velocity, Quake, Heretic ..
    Then I upgrade my computer with the first GeForce card (with MotoRacer and Pod) and this was a revolution at that time.

    After many years of gaming, I played to top level in GRP (below the top 10000 player on 1.6 million in total) and now playing Ghost Recon Wild-land, R6 Siege, BF4 and BF5 - Division 1 and soon Division 2 (I pre ordered it last week).

    As a Razer fan (like most of you lads), I am equiped with a Razer Blade Chroma 2016 with GTX1060 inside, Razer Orbweaver (a must have!) and Diamondback (as I can use mouse with right or left hand) - the perfect setup.

    You can find me on Uplay, Steam, Origin (even Discord) with the same nick name - and most prob if we played together already once, you will remember my voice :cool_:

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  19. YodaKicks

    YodaKicks New Member

    I'm a 40 year old husband and father of 5 kids.
    I enjoy all games, but mostly co-op ones as I've recently started to stream while playing Destiny 2/etc with my 15 year old son

    I've owned some form of razer product since the Boomslang 1000 and most recently snagged a lancehead TE
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  20. Bihhan

    Bihhan New Member

    Hi Im Bihhan,
    i am from Germany and 23 years old.
    I have around 110 games on steam and some on Origin but dayly i play two games. These games are League of Legends and Escape from Tarkov but that has nothhing to say because i change my dayly games ever 2-3 months.
    Today i have a Razer blade Ultimate Stealth series but that unfotunate the only Razer equip i have beccause im always low on money thats why i try to get Razer silver as much as i can so i can change it in the store for some equip :)
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