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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by technokat, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    Haltus Kain, here. Oregon, USA.

    Just got the invite to the community - thanks!

    I mostly play MMO's, with The Secret World being my current addiction.

    Razer Naga Epic has been a godsend. Press-and-hold a button to spam a corresponding ability... oh man, there's just no going back. Synapse is great. Love it.

    Haven't used any other Razer products... college got into a fight with my bank account, and college won. Q_Q ...Razer will definitely be a larger part of my arsenal when the finances start looking up.

    I'll be sure to pop in when I have something useful to say. Until then, stay awesome!

  2. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    This is awesome - I've been reading through every one of your introductions. We're really glad to have you guys around. Thanks and keep the intros coming!
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  3. demiise

    demiise Member

    Hi, I'm Chris aka Demiise when online and I'm from the South of the UK.

    I'm in love with my Razer OrbWeaver Stealth! Been using it since the original made by Belkin and was impressed when Razer bought them out and made it thier own. My only complaint is I'd love to have seen Cherry Reds, but the Browns still do a good job :)

    Mostly play FPS games at the moment, but have played my fair share of MMOs (Massive WoW fan from release). Just can't find the time for them now I've got a family!
    Currently looking forward to Alien: Isolation, Battlefield, CoD and I'm also tempted to try some racing with Project Cars and The Crew.

    Can't wait for the Razer Nabu to be released either... have followed intently since the original release as it seems to be the one wearable the has eveything I want and looks cool to boot!

    Anyway, thats me! Looking forward to following this community.

  4. evilCookie

    evilCookie Member

    hey good-fellas ^^ huge Razer fan-boy here.. xDD
    My name is Michael and I'm from Bulgaria. I'm studying Software and Web Designing.
    I'm currently playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Diablo 3 aaaand World of Warcraft. Proud owner of 3 razer peripherals. :heart: It's so awesome to have Razer Forums finally :3

    It's a pleasure to be part of these amazing community. :heart:3
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  5. Azzy1510

    Azzy1510 New Member

    Hey there fellow Razer maniacs!

    I'm Navkar and I'm from India. I play a lot of games but currently I'm on Assassin's Creed Revelations, Borderlands : The Pre Sequel, DotA 2 and Counter Strike : Global Offensive.
    Got my first Razer product (Deathadder) 4 years back and I've never looked back since. Currently own 7 peripherals and I'm lovin' them!

    Honoured to be a member of this community :)
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  6. Hayashi

    Hayashi Member

    Hi guys. I'm Hayashi from Singapore. From Min's alma mater, though a different Faculty. ^^ He may or may not remember me as the person who was present during his speech in the Razer Hoodie.

    At the moment I'm working as a freelance composer, and I'm writing both the soundtrack as well as the code (both in-GUI and Ruby base code) for an RPG Maker VX ACE game project named Project: Odyssey, in conjunction with a local author that wrote the storyline, dialogue and general artistic vision behind the game. Converting all of his ideas into playable game mechanics is also my job. At the moment there's a couple of customised systems involving ammunition counts, variable party sizes, commanding multiple parties within the game, and some specialised combat mechanics allowing non-party members to offer supporting fire from outside the battle instance, and such. Details are classified until the game actually releases, but it pretty much attempts to break the 'walls' that usual RPG system mechanics forms around gameplay.

    I am an alumni member of NUS's Electronic Music Lab, one of the few groups in the region that specifically focus on writing original music, rather than just covering what someone else wrote. I believe Min has talked to our Principal Tutor before.

    I am also the same Hayashi that moderated the MechWarrior Online forums (moderator in charge of the Japanese subforums specifically), though that was a few years back by now. I started a gaming clan there as well; though we now play a lot of other games, we still game together.

    In terms of gaming my main games tend to be of the RPG genre. My active games at the moment are D&D Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2, level capped in both. In Guild Wars 2 specifically I'm a bit better known ingame - my characters all start with the surname Mikazuki, and I'm a member of the TTS raid guild alliance, a world boss commander, a WvW commander and guild leader of the TOHO guild. I have a 99-all-levels account in RuneScape that has been inactive ever since they went P2W, but that was the first MMO I've played.

    In terms of offline RPGs, my favourites would probably be of the Final Fantasy series, Dragon Age series, Elder Scrolls series and Tales of Xillia... together with some indie productions like Solest's Master of the Wind and Indinera's Laxius Power.

    Non-RPG games at the moment include WarThunder and Touhou Project. Yes, 'that' crazy avoid-all-the-bullets game series. I played some FPS in the past (Left 4 Dead 2, Left 4 Dead, Counterstrike) and MechWarrior Online, but nowadays I don't really play these as much. I can aim by sound alone in some of these games and usually do so... so on one hand while it means that if I have headphones on I'm impossible to backstab, it also means that playing without headphones on drops my level of ability to somewhat below average given how much I rely on sound.

    In performing electronic music my program of choice is Ableton Live 8, and my 'MIDI' controller is the Razer Orbweaver Stealth, because normal devices are too mainstream.

    Razer devices I own are the Mamba 2012 (which replaced the Lachesis when it died), the Orochi Chrome and the aforementioned Orbweaver Stealth (which replaced the Lycosa Mirror). I'm using an AWm14xR2 at the moment since during its release it outperformed the original 17" Blade in terms of processing power for its weight, but the Blade has developed so far since then that its replacement will very likely be the next generation of the 14" Blade.

    And lastly, we're still waiting for the Nabu to be released. There's a non-zero chance that it can be usable as a MIDI controller through physical movements as well (think playing music through dance), though even if it can't do that role it'd still be a very good smartwatch. Not a Nabu developer though, because I'm too busy coding that game.

    See you around on the forums.


    My most recent project release was just yesterday - the soundtrack for the YouTube game show The Key Question. There's an audience participation segment in the comments as well, so y'all can feel free to drop in and try it out if you want.
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  7. Alaeriia

    Alaeriia Member

    Hi! I'm Alaeriia, age 25. I play PC and Nintendo consoles (I don't have a Virtual Boy yet, though) and I currently rock an Orbweaver and DeathAdder 4G (Naga 2014 on occasion) on either side of my non-Razer keyboard (sorry guys, but Corsair's volume roller is pretty sweet). I also have a Vespula (I use the Control side) and a Wii U GamePad perched on my monitor stand. (Speaking of which, you guys should make a Sabertooth with Wii U-style analog placement. Those things kick butt for shooters.) I will likely be popping in at random times to make observations that may or may not be completely relevant to the topic at hand. Thanks for inviting me, and remember: the enemy's flag is down.
  8. ryanlow134

    ryanlow134 New Member

    Hi! Name's Ryan from Malaysia
    First off, would like to thank the teams at Razer for the invite!

    A huge Razer fan ever since I saw my friend's Razer Nabu back when it was launched
    Never own a razer product thou, couldn't afford it, yet.

    I love racing and FPS (And sometimes RPG). Currently playing Titanfall, NFS Rivals and pre-ordering my "The Crew" soon
  9. Gohrek

    Gohrek New Member

    Hello, and thank you Razer for the invite. :)

    My name is Hamdan. I live in the UAE and I'm a big fan of Razer since the days of the Diamondback mouse. I started playing games when I was 8 years old, and grew up on various classics from different platforms, and still kicking it with mostly Blizzard games now, with some other games here and there.

    I'm happy to be part of this wonderful community of gamers, and I can't wait to see what Razer has in store for us. :)
  10. Zxi2KF2

    Zxi2KF2 New Member

    Hi all, I'm Bilal from the UK. I game on a weekly basis and mainly play APB, although I do enjoy the odd game of smite. I play pretty much any genre of games. I'm aiming to get the Razer Blade (once im out of college and I need a laptop), they look absolutely amazing!
  11. Scout343

    Scout343 New Member

    Hey all! I am really honored to be a part of this! I have quite the collection of Razer products and love them all.. even though my Blacksharks broke :slightly_sad:
    Love Razer though!
  12. ericbaudour

    ericbaudour New Member Staff Member

    Hey guys!

    My name is Eric. I'm 28 years young. I like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and Sneak King (both on the xbox360 lol ;))
    I use Razer Kraken Pros(white modelo_O) a Blackwidow Ultimate 2014, Deathadder 2013, and a 14" Blade!
    I love Razer and hope to make new friends.
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  13. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Well, as much as this is all a "hey, this is me" thread ...

    I just wanted to add a WELCOME to one and all!! I, for one, am very happy to have all of you around to socialize with here. :)
  14. RazerQuick

    RazerQuick Global Community Manager Staff Member

    Hey guys,

    My name's Josh and I'm on the community team here at Razer (@RazerQuick). Like Hung Wei, you've likely spoken to me once or twice if you've commented on the Razer Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. I currently spend my time managing the Twitter account, so you can find me over there with my face glued to Tweetdeck.

    As for games, I grew up playing Final Fantasy and other JRPGs, along with Warcraft 2 and StarCraft. I later moved on to WarCraft 3 where I spent a ton of time into the solo and 2v2 arranged team ladder - even achieved rank 1 a few times ;). Lately, I've been stuck on FF14 (2.4 hype! Behemoth server), Destiny and Hearthstone.

    Looking forward to meeting and chatting with the Insider community :D
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  15. holyy

    holyy Active Member

    Now i'm curious. On wich consle you are playing destiny? :) @RazerQuick
  16. AndreNatalius

    AndreNatalius New Member

    Hey, Thanks For the Invite...

    I'm Andre from far Country :D Indonesia. Proud Owner of 6 Razer Gaming Peripherals. I Play FPS Games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Also Racing Games like Need For Speed, and GRID. I'm Actually 15th, and Play M17+ Games :D My Favorite is Battlefield, I Play it since Battlefield 1942, Until This Battlefield 4. I Also Has Been Playing Hardline when BETA is Open.

    I Gaming on my Laptop, and PC. And I Was Hoping Would get a Razer Blade Pro :D
    I Didn't Play Games in Console like Xbox 360, or PS4.

    Look Forward to Join Team Razer :)
  17. TheShinso

    TheShinso Member

    Thanks for the invite. You guys can call me Thuan. I live in Washington State. For games, about 10 months ago I got into Dota and I've been playing it ever since. My favorite game would be Okage Shadow King because of the quirky storytelling but I also like The Witcher as well.
  18. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    We're going to have a few more guys coming in as we've sent out more invites today. Keep the intros coming, and have fun yeah :)
  19. ElstenWeiss

    ElstenWeiss Active Member

    Canadian here o/

    Used to play anything/everything, until I got old (and a full-time job) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: These days I'm very casual ... I prefer RPGs, MMOs, and card games, but I'll play anything that's fun and doesn't always require me to sit there for a couple hours without interruptions. Only genre I actively avoid now is FPS, sadly, because I used to play with a thumb-trackball (back in the day when there was no such thing as laser mice) and I still can't get used to playing with a mouse or a gamepad. If one day, there happened to be a Naga-style thumb-trackball (with the button-pad on, say, the ring/pinky finger side) I'd happily get back into FPS games ... ;)
  20. MJFERN

    MJFERN New Member

    Hola! I'm Fern (it's an old nick that stuck...). Lately I play too much BF4 as part of Clan uRock, where I'm known as The_Spaniard1876. I've also recently re-activated WoW in anticipation of WoD expansion. I've got Wasteland 2 on my plate as my offline game of choice. And I'm choosing to digest it slowly, here and there and really dig deep. Other than that, I've got a good 20 Steam games installed (library numbers....let's not talk about that), and another 12 on Origin. Plus, multiple bookshelf shelves of hard copy media, store-bought games.

    I've been a Razer fan since my first Deathadder settled into my hand. It's now my travel mouse for my Asus RoG laptop (no Blade...yet). My home rig has a Naga Epic, BlackWidow Ultimate and a Kraken Pro 7.1.

    And now, I should probably go back to work.
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