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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by technokat, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Nanoforge

    Nanoforge Active Member

    James here, from D.C (Please don't hate me. I'm not a politcian but I do know some.) I work in television and film. I enjoy a really good scifi movie, the Blacklist, a good pizza and good friends. I don't get alot of time to play video games (I still haven't finished Fallout 3 New Vegas) but I do enjoy Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, Titanfall and most popular scifi, warfighting games.
  2. ph4n10m

    ph4n10m Member

    Hi! I'm Nick from FL. I'm a College student (EE), and I've been playing and watching games since I was like 4. So the kinds of games I enjoy playing... this will be a long list... *Inhales deeply* I always played a large number of games The list could go on for pages of what I have played, and what I enjoybut I always centered around certain games that were my goto, and I'll always be able to go back to these and enjoy them. I started off with platformers like supermario, and gameboy games like Pokemon. Then I started playing RTSs and FPS's. 007, Perfect Dark, and Starcraft for the N64 - moved on to the sport-trick-esque games like Tony Hawk and BMX games. Then I started playing computer FPSs and RTSs like Age of Empires and CounterStrike. Eventually I slowly developed into Mainly playing RTS like Starcraft 2, and it's currently my favorite game to play. Its definitely a lot of fun and gives me time to pull myself away from school and work, but I also love playing other games like XCOM and SuperHexagon, and StepMania. They're always a lot of fun.

    Anyone else here play Starcraft, or have a similar history of gaming?
  3. skultux

    skultux New Member

    I'm Nate, from Utah. I'm a (pending) college student. I've been playing games as long as I can remember. I enjoy most indie games, although recently I've been playing a lot of Starcraft. I also enjoy Halo: Combat Evolved, and Halo 2. The only other FPS I actually enjoy would have to be Borderlands 2, and/or Portal 2, although I'm not really sure what category of game Portal is in. I used to have a Youtube, but after realizing all of my videos were really bad, I abandoned that project faster than... something really fast.

    I'm also a massive science geek. And tech geek.

    Let's just leave it at geek, yes?
  4. fastSangriaGARNET848

    fastSangriaGARNET848 Active Member

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Erin and I first found out abour Razer after playing WoW for a few weeks.
    Then I found out about the Nabu and It's my mission to get one before Christmas assuming it comes out before that (hopefully)
    In the meantime I just hope i can get a good chat with everyone that is waiting with us.
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  5. TugboatSpenny

    TugboatSpenny Active Member

    Hello All, I am Spencer from PA. Been a PC gamer since the early 2000's. I'll try any game once.....usually only once, but hey, I tried it :). My first Razer piece was my Razer Lachesis, which I STILL absolutely adore. I have been on the forums since the 17th and have had amazing interactions with everybody I have encountered, showing that Razer has created the master-race of gamers. You can hit me up on LoL @ The Green Hood and/or friend me on steam using the user name below! I also play infinite crisis @ Tactical Tugboat
    I look forward to having a plethora of enjoyable conversations with you all #HailRazer zombies-nazis-1 copy.jpg
  6. RazerNangu

    RazerNangu Member Staff Member

    Hey all, it's awesome to meet all of you!

    The name's Sri, and I work in product development at Razer. :) My favorite game ever is Quake III Arena and I still play it religiously! If you are on Quake Live, hit me up; you can find me using my name tag: n4nGu (I play on the Singapore server). Aside from that, I love playing and exploring new games. Learning my way around Dota 2, at the moment :D. I'm a console gamer too, and LOVE Assassin's Creed, Unchartered, Bioshock, Tomb Raider, GTA V, etc. I use the Razer Blade 2013, the DeathAdder Chroma, the Goliathus speed mousepmat and Razer Adaro earphones.

    Please keep up the amazing job of welcoming everyone here and just being awesome in general!
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  7. Pettrey

    Pettrey New Member


    My name is Bill and I'm 42 from Liverpool England. I'm not a gamer and i haven't played a video game since pacman and asteroids disappeared. I am a techy, love my gadgets and have a web design business and a big user of social media. I am so looking forward to the razer nabu, it's exactly what I need now!
  8. Gribblet

    Gribblet New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm from Texas and I love everything about Razor. I have been perusing the razor store for over a year and I am dying to get a mouse. I have not yet obtained one but it is going to happen soon!!!
    I am new to all that you have been saying and don't understand a lot of it, but what else is new.
    I have a question, I'm afraid its dumb, but I just have to ask, it's driving me nuts not knowing the answer.
    WHAT is the RAZOR NABU?
    Please be kind with your answers... I'm sorry I don't know, I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to find the answer and can't.
    Thanks and have a great day!
  9. TugboatSpenny

    TugboatSpenny Active Member

    The nabu is essentially a smart watch/fitness band from the awesome Razer company. It can sync with your phone to give you notifications (i.e. calls, texts, tweets, etc) The next step with it all is social gaming and information sharing with the nabu high five. If you search the forums you can find plenty of awesome information..... also welcome! and #HailRazer
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  10. Hey guys, I'm Jacob of Florida.

    I have been a major user of Razer for about 4 years now and own a peripheral of every kind from Razer. I play a unnatural amount of Dota 2 and have been getting into Counter Strike, WoW, and Starcraft. Glad to be a part of this great group of insiders!
  11. Gribblet

    Gribblet New Member

    Thank you so much for your response. I will continue to search all things Razer and learn more. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
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  12. Gribblet

    Gribblet New Member

    Hi, Texas here again
    Well, since Tactical Tugboat was so helpful and pleasant with my first query I decided to bite the bullet and ask another.
    As I mentioned in my first post I am planning on getting a gaming mouse. I am especially attracted to the Razer Naga Epic Chroma. My question is, being that I am not a very great player, would I be wasting my money to get this mouse. I am trying to get something that will actually help improve my game. Also, being that I am not a true Techy and I have difficulty making macros for the game will it be easy to do so for the Naga? I understand from reading about it that it has an on game on screen set up so I was hoping I could actually figure it out. Whats the verdict? Is this something I can manage and will it help me out? Thanks
  13. Ragnarock32

    Ragnarock32 Member


    I'm Pieter from Hasselt in Belgium.
    I play online games like WoW and LoL. It all started when i ruined my mouse buttons and had to look for a new one i camme up with the razer abyssus and am a fan ever since :D
  14. Wolf-of-Mibu

    Wolf-of-Mibu New Member

    Hi All,

    My name is Hunter, age 21. I'm from the USA. I am currently a college student and have a full time job. My interests are gaming, anime and tech development. I have been a Razer user and fan for over 7 years. It started with the Razer Copperhead (green, 1st edition) and ever since then I have only purchased Razer peripherals, and am currently the proud owner of a Razer Blade! :). I play a wide range of games across several systems such as Pokemon, Elderscrolls (all but ESO), Smite, Warcraft, Starcraft, Last Of Us, Battlefield 4 and Smash Bros, although haven't really been doing much online game-play other than smite recently. I pretty much enjoy any game with a great story and/or that you can play with your friends repeatedly. I hope to one day get a job with Razer and work as a part of their research and development team! :)
  15. Wolf-of-Mibu

    Wolf-of-Mibu New Member

    The Naga is defiantly a great mouse that can improve your game-play, since is allows you to access so much more faster then normal, but, as with most gaming in general, it is only as good as your reaction time and self control. Since it has so many buttons, in my opinion there aren't many games that can take full advantage of it (unless you really macro the hell out of it), and obviously you have to make sure your hitting the rights keys or are not panicking and accidentally hitting the keys, so it takes some getting used to. I own a Naga 2012 but I don't use it for all games. For me personally, anything that doesn't require repetitive switching or casting I use my Mamba. Out of the games I play, really only World of Warcraft was able to take full advantage of the Naga (the way I use it). If your not sure you will be taking advantage of every single key (or if only a few than the Hex might be the better option), it might not be the best fit for you.
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  16. TugboatSpenny

    TugboatSpenny Active Member

    and you as well!!!
  17. sleekBeaverbyte112

    sleekBeaverbyte112 Active Member

    Hi guys! I'm Kate and I'm a 25 year old college student. I work full time from home, and I'm happily engaged to a professional photographer! My ex introduced me to Razer products and although I haven't been able to afford many, I'm anxiously awaiting the Nabu like many others here and maybe one day I will afford a Blade laptop lol
  18. Gribblet

    Gribblet New Member

    thank you hunter, I will check out the hex as well as naga, but since I do play WOW and that's all, it might work to get the naga... I will get practice and maybe improve my game. since the expansion there is a lot of time to play alone while leveling and building my garrison so I wouldn't be messing up a raid or instance....would have time to get used to the new feel and all the keys.
  19. Owwww yeaaaaa
  20. Im excited to be here on insider!! nice to meet you all
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