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[Introductions] Hi guys - pull up a chair by the hearth...

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by technokat, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. poldinho

    poldinho New Member

    Hello guys.
    I'm Poldinho from Italy. I'm 40 years old and I'm here for Nabu Razer... The best wristband!
  2. Toucanjake

    Toucanjake Member

    Not going to lie, reading this section it pretty exciting.

    I'm Jacob, I'm from Boston, and I love gaming. Specifically, console games. Although I am moving back into the PC realm. Razer's got the best mice in the market, so I was surprised to see that they do a whole bunch of other things. I was hoping to get a Nabu when it becomes readily available. So wahoo!
  3. Tritium

    Tritium New Member


    I'm Tritium, 16 year old technology enthusiast (probably one of the youngest here) from Australia. I play all types of games (expect Horror) and really enjoy FPS's (Battlefield, Borderlands (The Pre-Sequal. The moon is AUSTRALIA), Titanfall, etc. Not really a fan of Call of Duty but I used to play it on 360).

    Been using Razer gear for about 2 years now. And I can tell you, it's worth the investment. Otherwise I would be playing on a $20 mouse + keyboard. Currently using, Razer Deathstalker, Razer Deathadder 2013 Edition (6400 DPi) and Razer Carcharias.

    I am currently creating a personal website from scratch, you can see it by looking at my profile.
  4. TSharp

    TSharp New Member

    Hey Guys,

    im 17 and from Austria.

    Games: The Binding of Isaac, Borderlands, FC4, Dota2, Grim Dawn

    I have been using Razer products for about 3 years and I´m currently using:
    Razer Kraken Pro
    Rader Orbweaver
    Razer BlacK Widow
  5. Batman1989_no_id

    Batman1989_no_id New Member

    Hello i'm Michael, i'm 25 and from Pennsylvania.

    I enjoying playing COD, WOW, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dragon Age, and a whole slew of games from steam.

    I have been using a razer naga and razer tiamat 7.1. Looking to get a deathstalker ultimate soon.
  6. Flametail

    Flametail New Member

    The name's Steffen (pronounced with f's and an e). I am 25 and have been gaming since I was probably 5 years old. Started out with Mario on the NES. I switched to PC gaming early this year because I didn't like any of the options of "next gen" consoles and haven't looked back...well, until Black Friday hit and I bought a Wii U bundle solely because it came with Smash Bros.

    I discovered Razer at C2E2 (Chicago Comic Con and Entertainment Expo) back in 2011. They had a booth setup with Chimaeras and Sabertooths playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam DLC and fell in love with them. I bought a pair of 5.1 Chimaeras that next Black Friday and have been using them since.

    Feel free to give me a follow on Instagram @steffen_hayes

    Lastly...I :heart: anime
  7. raisin

    raisin New Member

    Hey all, my name's Harrison. I'm 23, from NY, and have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. Which, to be fair, might not actually be all that long.

    Right now I'm playing Destiny on the PS4, WoW, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone. Always looking for more social and rewarding games,as well as people to game with.

    Been an avid Razer fan for a while now, and really looking forward to the Nabu as a nice compliment.
  8. slashwin

    slashwin New Member

    Hi everybody! Johnny from Atlanta here. I love to play any and all games. My favorites are MOBAs and First Person shooters, so I mostly spend my time either on the rift in League of Legends or fighting the darkness in Destiny. If I'm not gaming, I'm programming mobile applications.
  9. Kayman42

    Kayman42 New Member

    Eric from Michigan. Pretty much an MMO junkie but mostly enjoy any kind of RPG. I love what Razer has created including my Blade and look forward to what comes next!
  10. exurl

    exurl New Member

    Known online as stinkinglamb44, started believe it or not with Minecraft and evolved into an FPS wrecking robot, mostly in the game Hawken. Really like my Imperator (2012) even though it was slightly outdated still crazy good.

    However much of an FPS player I am there is nobody who can't get into Hearthstone

    also check out my channel of too many Hawken gameplays at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ZJM4Yy-9myKbUrRd0w7eQ
  11. EODeuce

    EODeuce Active Member

    Hello all, my name is Jeremy and I'm from Fort Bragg for the time being. Currently I'm playing Far Cry 4, Alien Isolation, and a few others. I'm looking forward to Dying Light and Battlefield Hardline.

    My first Razer product was the Mamba which I am still using(classic blue). I have purchased much more from Razer over the years, most recent being the Nabu which just came in today.
  12. zebananaking

    zebananaking New Member

    Hey yall, I'm Cody from the US and i usually just play Crysis and Warframe.. soo yeah thats about it, also looking forward to the Razer Nabu. :D
  13. Omaplata

    Omaplata New Member

    Great to be here, big Razer Fan!
  14. redr8er

    redr8er New Member

    Hi my name is Reyes. I do not get to game much any more. I used to enjoy playing games like WoW, LoL, and many many more. I have a family and rarely find time to use the few razed products I have.
    I am really looking forward though to the Nabu. I would love to get it in the second preorder but will wait for full retail if I have to.
    Racer puts out quality stuff so I can't imagine the nabu being anything other than better than expectations.
  15. thegeeknme

    thegeeknme New Member

    Hi there. I'll be honest, I'm not much of a gamer... but I love new/fresh tech and I'm intrigued to see where we can take Nabu. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I'm a big fan of Windows Phone, Linux Mint, DefCon, and the open-source community at large.

    Looking forward to joining the community and I'll do my best to find ways to contribute and bring value.

    Rock on!
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  16. adrienk

    adrienk New Member

    Hi , Adrien here
    25 and playing couples games :)
    I must say I am pretty excited for the nabu regarding what it is doing !
    take care !
  17. Daemonfey

    Daemonfey New Member

    Hello I am SPC Damian Parker i am from Eugene Oregon. I am a MMORPG gamer. I got starte with MMOs with Runescape and Maple Story (beta tester like a boss) and now have expanded into Path of Exile and League of legends right now if anyone wants to play contact me im bronze sadly becausei i main support ;/ Anyways love the razer products i own Kraken Pro original Naga Vespus black widow ultimate stealth edition leviathan and Ferox. love them all
  18. Shadow0599

    Shadow0599 New Member

  19. Shadow0599

    Shadow0599 New Member

    I live in Virginia and am anxiously awaiting the opening ceremonies of the second Nabu release. I am a fan of anything Razer.
  20. aquach1986

    aquach1986 New Member

    Good Morning all! Huge LoL and Razer fan!
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