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[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Jenjar, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. swetajoshi

    swetajoshi New Member

    Hello My Name is Sweta Joshi and i am from India, I am very pleased to be here, and hope I will learn lots of new things from here
  2. Budlat02

    Budlat02 New Member

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here just sign up yesterday. My name is Von and I love to play games. I mainly play dota 2 and offline games.

    All I have to say is visit Epicgames every week to get free games!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_::wink_:
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  3. EagleSpear_X

    EagleSpear_X New Member

    Hello, everyone! Hello from Australia! My name is Tyson, and I am not as hardcore a gamer as I want to. I'm still studying my way to uni, so I don't have as much time to play games as I want to, but because I am a vast Razer fan (not joking, By the way!), I spend my time here whenever I get personal free times. Anyway, it's nice to meet you all, and if you need to ask me for anything, I'll see if I can help!
    I own a Razer Cynosa Chroma (V1) and a Razer Blackwidow Elite, so I know a fair bit on how to use Razer tools. I also use Razer Cortex on mobile (for the boosters and the Paid-to-Play), so I have fair experience in those kinds of zones. Until we meet again!

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  4. Razgriz_Pags

    Razgriz_Pags New Member

    Hello! Joseph here from the USA. I currently enjoy my Razer Blade 15 until I can find time/money to build my own battle station. Also rocking a Razer mouse and keyboard. There are many games I enjoy but at the moment I have to wait on playing as studying as taken a priority (yay adulting). Hope to get back to as soon as I can!
    Have a good one y'all!
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  5. TimmyFlathers

    TimmyFlathers New Member

    Hello! I'm Tim from NYC. I joined the community today and I just want to learn stuff and meet new friends.
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  6. Aelastar

    Aelastar New Member

    Hey, I'm James and I'm from NYC. Really love the Razer Deathstalker I've had for a few years now so I joined to see what's new and buy more Razer products. :)
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  7. wirebizRedOrange612

    wirebizRedOrange612 New Member

    Hello everyone! My name is Andrei, I'm a 32-year old gamer from Romania. I bought my first Razer gear this year.

    I play and stream World of Warcraft Classic and in most of my spare time I also play RPGs and Horror games galore. I joined this community to meet new people from the gaming world and explore Razer.
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  8. Marley5

    Marley5 New Member

    Hi insider. My name's Marley. Im new to the forum
    Does anyone know how to sync my forum profile picture with Razer profile picture? Because I changed it there but it doesn't change here.
  9. savester

    savester New Member

    Hey Everyone, My name is Tungchi, I am a 25-year-old Gamer From the Netherlands and I bought a ton of Razer Gear.
  10. gnarlymarlie00

    gnarlymarlie00 New Member

    Ello. I'm Malissa or gnarlymarlie00. uhhhmm. fortnite, apex and rust. PC stuff. I dont know im new lol
  11. pivotok865

    pivotok865 New Member

    Hello everyone!
  12. Sara_Sucks_At_This

    Sara_Sucks_At_This New Member

    hi im sara ^-^
  13. LletyaRuin

    LletyaRuin New Member

    Hello, im new here though i had razer products for 5 years now lol
  14. Raizokun1112

    Raizokun1112 New Member

    Hello, I am Manaal. I'm from India.
    I love tech. I explore the tech world a lot.
    Love to create content and i also game.
    I play Games like Destiny 2, Apex Legends and Valorant.
  15. Dythnire

    Dythnire New Member

    Hello, I'm Dan. I'm from the PNW, specifically Moscow, ID. Last Christmas I decided to splurge and bought myself a Razer Kraken headset to go along with my freshly built gaming rig. I was so pleased with the headset that I have since expanded and have a Base Station Chroma, Death Adder Elite, Razer Arctech Slim for iPhone XR , and a Razer Cynosa V2 on the way. I think it's safe to say I'm hooked.
  16. Selidie

    Selidie New Member

    Hi all. New here and never had Razer kit in the past although always heard good things. Won a keyboard, mouse, headset and mousemat online so using them as my main devices.
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  17. roukken

    roukken New Member

    Hello Everyone, I'm Pablo also known as Roukken. I'm not new here, I've been since 2015 but I havent been really active.

    I own several razer products like a goliathus pad, abyssus mouse and a huntsman tournament edition keyboard.

    My first mouse was the death adder which made me fell in love with razer back in the times where counter strike 1.6 was my most played game and it certainly made my level go up by a lot. Up to today I still trust a lot in the razer products specially the mouses which I own since probably 2009 and although I tried other brands that were good I always came back to razer. The green and black is deep in my heart :heartbeat:
  18. TehseenT

    TehseenT New Member

    Hi, I am T, from the United States. Currently a senior at Rutgers University. I love Razer products as they are beautiful yet powerhouses. I joined Razer insider to learn about the organization and also its community. P.S I switched from mac so I am also learning how to use my devices.
  19. My name is Glenn I am from the UK. I have using mostly Alienware products for the last 15 years and recently discovered Razer, I had heard of them but never paid too much attention. Now I have started with Razer I want to replace all my existing Alienware stuff, headset, keyboard, mouse, giant mouse mat and eventually my laptop. After purchasing the Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds which I really like, I have just ordered a Base Station Chroma and Firefly V2 mouse mat. Really like the extra Razer stuff, wanted to grab the free Ice Cube Tray but had a voucher for £10 off so used that instead. I do love all the gimmicky branded stuff.

    Gamewise I am all over the place, Forza Motorsport / Horizon, Witcher, Everquest, Warframe, FIFA so I think that covers most genres. Oh and I like a quick game of Mah-Jong too.
  20. PM2003H14436299

    PM2003H14436299 New Member

    Привет я тоже фанат рейзер и просто обожаю их продукцию сам я родом из России как же много всё таки стереотипов про нашу страну
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