[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Jenjar, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. gingersnap_06

    gingersnap_06 New Member

    Hi! I mainly play league of legends and own the entire razer quartz set :)
  2. MsFinNess

    MsFinNess New Member

    Hello! I am a huge twitch streamer and love playing Destiny 2, Valorant, and story games like Until Dawn. As you can tell I LOVE Razer products haha. I live in New Orleans Louisiana, my favorite color is purple, I like to model and go to the gym a lot. Gaming is a fun hobby for me! Lets connect!
  3. scribblequest

    scribblequest New Member

    Hi guys!
    I'm Sophie - or Scribble, as most people call me on twitch. I'm from Austria and I've been a huge fan of the Razer headsets for years now. Got a new one last month - a Kraken in the Stormtrooper edition - because my trusty old green Kraken was breaking down.

    I just got accepted into the RazerStreamer programme and am super excited, because I've only been streaming regularly again since June this year.
    Outside of streaming, I'm working on becoming a translator and building up a career as a writer - which I guess, is why I'm particularly fond of games with strong narratives :D Favourites include Dragon Age: Inquisition, Destiny 2 (Forsaken still breaks my heart) and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. (Yep, big Star Wars fan over here :joy:)
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  4. Sasquott

    Sasquott New Member

    I'm Sasquott, from and live in Scotland, old, feel it, but still love to game!

    If you remember where Unreal Engine began, yeah, that old!
  5. bloodraven2oi7

    bloodraven2oi7 New Member

    Hello, I'm Alex, checking whether I'm required to post something here in order to make a thread in the support forum?

    Nope, didn't help. "access denied" when I try to post. What do I have to do to get support on my purchased razer product on an official razer support forum?

    IPTDFOO New Member

    Hello im here because i like my razer stuff.
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  7. Theololist

    Theololist New Member

    Hello everybody. I'm new to this forum and I'm glad i've had razer products from 2 years ago. I currently have 3 products and yes i'm still trying to find how this forum works. Glad i'm here
  8. kicmi

    kicmi New Member

    Hey guys, my name is Vladimir.
    I'm new with the Razer gear (Viper, Kraken X) and I must say I'm really enjoying it!
    Hope I will expand my property of Razer elements very soon.
  9. gechaser

    gechaser New Member

    Hi guys newbie here. My kraken X just arrived and now fiddling with it currently, hopefully get new product in coming years o7
  10. JustMonikaR

    JustMonikaR New Member


    I go by Monika, and I am new here. I just got a Razer Viper and am loving it!
    I am a mother who loves to game, and my favorite game is Overwatch. I am from the USA on the east coast.

    Outside of gaming, I also love to draw.
  11. NazierC

    NazierC New Member


    My name is Nazier, I’m new to Razer Insider and from what I’ve seen it’s a pretty awesome place! I don’t own any Razer products yet but I’m hoping to get the Cynosa Chroma V2 soon. I was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia, the games I play are mostly, Minecraft (Hypixel), Overwatch, Valorant, and RDR2.

    I’m exited to get to know people here!
  12. Costanzafaust

    Costanzafaust New Member

    It's okay, I'm here now, and I'm a high pope. Fnord.
  13. th1ckman

    th1ckman New Member

    hello, gamers my name is fabian my gamer name is th1ckman. I like razer a lot they are a good company. I have 2 razer products so far the huntsman mini and the ballistic x. I like the huntsman mini because of how fast it is. it is a pretty fast responding keyboard. I play games like rocket league, fortnite, csgo, apex legends, and more. I like their products keep on doing a great job.❤❤❤
  14. adjacent_donkey

    adjacent_donkey New Member

    I am adjacent_donkey and that literally means nothing. I like single-player games, some online games, and free stuff.
  15. ShinigamiSensei

    ShinigamiSensei New Member

    Hello Razer Community! Sensei here! Real Name Eli. Anime lover and massive lover of Gaming. I became a #Razerstreamer earlier this year and have met other Razer streamers through out streaming! Im live on Twitch 5 days a week. Im community driven and love collabing with others. Ive been using Razer since i started PC gaming a year ago and havnet looked back at all. Looking forward to meeting as many of you as i can here in the Razer Community!
  16. RogueMusicFreak

    RogueMusicFreak New Member

    Hi i'm RogueMusicFreak, i'm new in this community. I got the Razer Cynosa Lite keyboard and this gave me the opportunity to dive into the Razer world (which is awesome). I love gaming, music and anything that has to do with art. Pleased to be here and nice to meet you all.
  17. shadowdragon625

    shadowdragon625 New Member

    Hey there! I'm Jason, but I also go by the nickname Asonja or just shadowdragon, depends on what goes out the mouth better for you. I'm from the US and I have just recently been getting involved in Razer and their equipment (notably the original BlackWidow Chroma keyboard, the Razer Abyssus Essential, and the Kraken 7.1 USB which I still currently use), as well as gaming as a whole. I'd love to participate in squads, learn how to play, and appreciate the gaming industry as a casual/semi-competitive player. I plan on becoming a Computer Engineer once I graduate college to become the next designer of electronics so, in case my gaming career flops, I can still design tech for all gamers alike.

    It's a pleasure to meet you all and I hope all will be well in the near future
  18. dustinztaylor

    dustinztaylor New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I'm Dustin and I'm kind of a writer and aspiring artist. I review and write jokes in my spare time, I live with my family from which we are from Kentucky. I am 33, I stream for awareness in Manic Depressive Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; both of which I am stricken with.
    I am new, shy, and also kind of a little. so. there ya have it!

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  19. VirtualMirage

    VirtualMirage New Member

    Hello, first time posting here. I was trying to post in the support forums for an issue but it keeps saying I don't have permission. Odd. Well, anyways...below is what I have from Razer:

    Razer Mouse Dock Chroma
    Razer Base Station Chroma
    Razer Firefly V2
    Razer Basilisk Ultimate
    Razer Blackwidow Elite
    Razer Kraken Ultimate

    This is my main PC, which I recently built a few months ago to replace my previous system that was over 4 years old. I've got it doing a little bit of everything. I do photo editing, gaming, work, etc. Lately, I have been working on tweaking the system to optimize it and finding games to push my RTX 3090 FE to its limits on my 4K monitor (which is great for editing, BTW).

    So it looks like it finally allowed me to post in the support forums after creating my first post here.
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  20. TigrisDJ

    TigrisDJ New Member

    Hello, Long time Razer user here

    Diamondback 3G (Red)

    love all the ambidextrous mice since the good 'ol Microsoft Intellipoint days
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