[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Jenjar, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. LenzYH

    LenzYH New Member

    Hello, I am LenzYH from Malaysia, a razer fans and gaming fans for a lone period, enjoying playing fps and rpg
  2. LaMaZaii

    LaMaZaii New Member

    Hi all, name is Khai from Singapore. Recently bought some stuff from Razer, so here I am in case I got questions to ask :)
  3. Pinky_Pix

    Pinky_Pix New Member

    Hello Insiders
    I am Jenny (aka Pinky_Pix) 27 yrs old and i am from Germany. I´m new here in the Razer Community and i´m glad to be here. I´m using the Razer Thresher 7.1 and i really love it. I use it for streaming on twitch.
    My Favourite Games are COD and Horrorgames
    Outside of razer i´m working as a Tattooartist and travel around the world.
  4. guigui127127

    guigui127127 New Member

    I am Guillaume and I come from Canada. I'm new here and I discovered Razer when I bought the Razer Goliathus Extended. Since, I bought the Razer Huntsman keyboard, the Razer Basilisk x hyperspeed mouse, the wrist rest pro with the amazing cooling gel and the Razer Blackshark V2x, just to give you an idea of how I like Razer peripherals.

    I also realy like building computers and I'm a student in 3d animation.

    KiNGCHiLLGOOBER New Member

    I'm Brandon from USA I'm here for general PC hardware advice and to get that delicious silver drop me a comment or reply for gaming info!
  6. hard2kill4u

    hard2kill4u New Member

    Hello my name is Bogdan and I am from Romania . I am a Razer fan since 2007 when I bought my first Razer mouse and I still have it as a collection. I am an active gamer on the console since 2000 and on pc since 2007. I am a streamer and working as a nurse on a daily basis . Since 2007 I am creating my ultimate battle station and last year I have managed to finish it. Here is a link with my battlestation https://drive.google.com/file/d/18dSWmkHVItr2-5Mb1avb1qxMnlQ34Ulz/view?usp=drivesdk
    I am very passionate about promoting and using Razer products. I even have a song about you guys and you can listen to it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LaXpIJsi6qvMHhdcmxGZQzzVUKaKMblu/view?usp=drivesdk
    Currently I have asked Razer for a sponsorship for the romanian community to get a discount as I would like to help and support all the romanian streamers to grow using the perfect gear , the one that I use. I stream video games Monday to Thursday as Call of duty. I hope to meet new people passionate about Razer just the way I am. Love you guys

    BEASTADARSH New Member

    My razor cortex doesn't even open please help me
  8. hard2kill4u

    hard2kill4u New Member

    Can you describe the problem?
  9. premis

    premis New Member

    Hi guys i am new! i am trying to be active on the insider! hi all!
    Be safe!
  10. pjmanroe

    pjmanroe New Member

    I'm from Florida, USA. I'm 58 years old/young. Going to college online for my BS in Computer Science with a specialty in Software Engineering. I've been building my own computers since 1991. I ran my own BBS and Internet Service back in the 1990s. I've worked in computer/internet/software tech support for years.

    I just added two more 8G RAM chips and a new 1TB SSD to my system, and this keyboard. I like the feel of the keys and the way it lights up (Razer Chroma). I think it's a little smaller than my Logitech Wireless. But I'll get used to it. Now it's time to finish working on my system. Take care.

    Patricia Manroe
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  11. excalivurr

    excalivurr New Member

    Ayo, My name is Robert, just a normal dude. I love gaming. If youre reading this i hope you have an amazing life/
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  12. Crunchyclown

    Crunchyclown New Member

    yooo I sell drugs and play games, have a nice day
  13. polyOldMauveclub912

    polyOldMauveclub912 New Member

    Hello ! My name is Lok and I'm from Nepal.
    I'm new to Razer community
  14. CecilHarris

    CecilHarris New Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm a newbie here. I would like to introduce myself with all. I hope everyone here is doing well so far.

    Thank you so much!
  15. EURUS_11

    EURUS_11 New Member

    Hey , I am from India ,I have been gaming for few years now but I am still new to online communities, Hope to meet fun people here.
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  16. DrRazer_Blade

    DrRazer_Blade New Member

    hello im to the #RazerStreamer and just wanted to stop in and say Hi! Im a PC gamer and i rock the huntsmen mini and the ultimate viper wireless as well as the Emote Display i love Razer products they have never let me down Thank You Razer TEAM #RazerStream.......:cool_:
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  17. DW_RAZER

    DW_RAZER New Member

    Hello, my name is Danny
    I'm a computer science student and budding Youtuber from the UK

    I love VFX, cinematic games and new technology, and I've been a huge fan of Razer.
    I can't wait to explore!
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  18. tasmanianviking

    tasmanianviking New Member

    Hello World ;) I am known as Tasmanian Viking. I live in Tasmania and I do have some Viking heritage, almost like most Europeans. Life long gamer, and have used Razer products for many years.
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  19. CecilHarris

    CecilHarris New Member

    Thank you so much guys. I'm so much excited to be here. All the best!
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  20. Hey - Happy New Year all and looking forward to joining the community. Proud owner of the new Razer Mini-Itx case. Looking forward to building a great rig with support of community :)
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