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  1. fupihiqi

    fupihiqi New Member

    Carissa turned to head upstairs. She couldn't wait to take a shower. After all, her body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat from her exertions. She had made it maybe three steps when a hand caught her from behind. She began to scream as an arm lassoed her by the waist, pulling her back against a hard male body. Then a big hand was covering her mouth, stifling her cry.
    "SSSHHH. It's me, beautiful girl. No need to fear." Anders spun her around. She was shocked to see him. It must have been written on her face. He was fully clothed from work, his tie only slightly askew.

    "You horny little slut. I started watching your show and I had to leave work early. Snuck in while you were reaching *rgasm. I hope you're ready for round 2, darling."

    "Round 2?" Carissa gaped. This hadn't been part of her plan. He wasn't supposed to be home this early.

    Before she knew it, Anders was pointing at the d*ldo. "Get back on that d*ldo and keep f*cking. I have a special surprise for you, a little 'reward' for that tantalizing display."

    Too intrigued to disobey, Carissa decided to go along with it. The sexy girl mounted the d*ldo again. Still lubricated with her own juices, it slid easily inside her as she began f*cking it with fresh enthusiasm. Her muscles ached, but other than that she didn't mind impaling her pussy on it again and again. The sensations it awakened inside her were already more than worth the physical fatigue.

    "Uuuhhh!" Carissa sighed as she f*cked herself. "What kind of 'surprise' do you mean?"
    Anders was whistling. He never did that, not unless he was in a particularly good mood. He'd left the room. Now he came back. The tall, handsome man strode back in with a breath-taking necklace in his hand. It was lined with black pearls, a large star-shaped emerald in the center. It was…beyond beautiful. It looked perfect. Priceless.

    Carissa gasped. "For me?"

    Anders knelt down, unlatching the clasp and then re-hooking it as he put the necklace around Carissa's neck. The 22-year-old couldn't help but feel the irony. This would have been romantic if not for 2 minor things. One, he had her naked and furiously f*cking a d*ldo in the middle of the living room like a helpless sex slave, and two, he was holding her captive. Other than that? She actually liked the romantic gesture.

    "Do you like it?" He said. There was an uncharacteristically hesitant note to his voice.

    "Like it? I love it," she gushed. Anders knelt in front of her and leaned forward. They kissed. It began as a chaste kiss, but became progressively naughtier. As Anders reached between his captive's legs to stroke her quim, Carissa moaned with her tongue in Anders' mouth.

    "I decided, you've been so good lately, you deserved a reward," he murmured as their lips drew apart. He continued giving her pleasure. His fingers knew exactly how to do their devastating magic. He caressed her labia, her joy nub, gently rubbing as he intently watched her pussy encase every inch of the d*ldo on its next plunge downward.
    She bit her lip. Now was the time. She sensed it in his loving stare. She'd begun to truly earn his trust.
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  2. augustuw_2000

    augustuw_2000 New Member

    Hi, my name is Blazej, I'm from Australia.
    Recently purchased the Razer Viper Ultimate with the charging dock and have fallen in love with it. So much so that i had to follow up with the Razer goliathus extended chroma.
    The only thing that I'm not proud of at the moment is purchasing the Steelseries Apex 3, don't get me wrong, it looks and feels amazing but i just want the family to be complete with the Razer huntsman v2 analogue. But it all comes down to $$.

    Anyway, when i get a bit of time to be on the PC, i play CS:GO and some Heroes of Might and Magic 3
  3. Don_CorleoneGr

    Don_CorleoneGr New Member

    Hi my name is Christos im originaly from Europe -Greece. Im 31 and im new into gaming community and one thing i know for shure - i love Razer
  4. sounds familliar
  5. intruduce, say hi ... :D
    hi here i am

    btw I'm a gamer not sure what im searching here
  6. androidvixen

    androidvixen New Member

    Hello. I go by Elliot. I'm from Portland, Maine. I play Apex, Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, Battlefield 5, Fallout 4, and Skyrim, among others. I use a PC (MSI GE72VR Apache Pro). I also play chess on my phone a bit.
  7. thizizemperor

    thizizemperor New Member

    awasome rewards are available only in razer gold
  8. thizizemperor

    thizizemperor New Member

    razer silver is the best
  9. Arkangyl

    Arkangyl New Member

    Hi there! I'm Sthan (Shee-Ahn) and I primarily record videos in Fallout 76, Dead by Daylight and ESO.
  10. johnnyblu84

    johnnyblu84 Member

    Hi guess its about time I say Hello, I am JohnnyBlu, I am a fairly new Razer fan, so far I have been happy with all my Razer choices. Thank you for welcoming me here
  11. TekoTeko37

    TekoTeko37 New Member

    Hi everyone! I posted in General and created a new thread there but wanted to post here as well. New to the insider program, my name is Teko (TekoTeko on Twitch and Youtube). I work in the Esport Industry and love all things gaming! Always open to try new games and make some new friends and I'm excited to be a part of this awesome community.
  12. olobys

    olobys New Member

    Serwus, cieszę się że mogę gościć wśród tak zacnych osobowości. Stosunkowo od niedawna używam produktów marki Razer i to się raczej nie zmieni o_O
  13. Aelysse

    Aelysse New Member

    Hi guys I am Aelysse and I recently joined the #RazerStreamer and #RazerAffiliate family! I am from Spain and I am a Twitch streamer (Aelysse_) is my channel. I've been using Razer products for a long time and have known this brand for many years. I am happy to have joined you :)
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  14. kingkoroush

    kingkoroush New Member

    Just Happy to be Here!

    AlphaSync RTX 3060Ti
    Intel Core i5-10400F 2.9GHz
    32GB DDR4, 1TB SSD M.2
    Samsung C32H711 31.5" WQHD Curved Monitor
    Wireless Trackball M570
    Qisan Geek Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    Razer Kraken Ultimate
    Razer Firefly V2
    Razer Chroma Addressable RGB Controller
    Razer Base Station V2 Chroma
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  15. Augustineph

    Augustineph New Member

    Count me in!!!
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  16. Realmer0507

    Realmer0507 New Member

    Hello, my name is Matthew, from America I'm new to Razer Insider. I hope you all have a nice day every day. ;);)
  17. bookish.elf

    bookish.elf New Member

    Hello! I am new here. I've been saving up for a Razer device :muscle: Looking forward to buying a lot of Razer products. Have a great day everyone! :smile_:
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  18. InuToshi

    InuToshi New Member

    I always love Razer products. So happy to finally joined this amazing community. :smile_::heartbeat::dragon:
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  19. Wickedfairy29

    Wickedfairy29 New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm also new here! Looking forward to enjoy this amazing community. Been planning to add more Razer product. If you can give me some or best suggestion I'm open for that.
  20. Savage_Scream911

    Savage_Scream911 New Member

    Hello, I'm new to Razer community. So I just bought a Razer Blade 15 and it arrived yesterday and I'm so excited to use it. Have a great day everyone! :wink_:
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