Is Anyone Using Nabu + Google Fit Successfully?

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Xeperu, Aug 20, 2017.

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  1. spotrushJet466

    spotrushJet466 New Member

    I'm not asking for support, I'm asking the community for their feedback regarding the Nabu app, and their opinions whether Razer is supporting Nabu devices still, which is a common topic online right now. Incidentally, a Razer rep has given someone else their feedback on this matter, which is still incomplete but has thus far been the most helpful info I could find on this matter. I'm not even expecting that with this post, but I would like to see what other users have to say. Hopefully I'm understanding correctly that this is the forum for Razer product users to discuss their experience with Razer products.

    Backstory: I have a Nabu X, but it seems all of the Nabu things use the same Nabu app. I have seen rumors around of a specific Nabu X Utility app, but I can't find it for the life of me on the play store. I do enjoy the Home for Razer Nabu widget app.

    Reference: This thread brings up the same issue I'm having trying to sync to the Google Fit app - - and Trigo already posted a screenshot of the error I'm getting here -

    Unfortunately, that thread is closed. I'm very curious if anything come of Trigo's situation (it would be helpful if he could reply his experience with support on his thread)? Has anyone recently (last 6 months, I guess) successfully connected the Nabu app to Google Fit? Has anyone found a way to do this via a web browser (that seems to be Google's current qualm with Nabu)?

    Does anyone know if Razer still supporting the Nabu hardware? It's kind of hard to find Nabu products in general on the website now, and there is much speculation on various forums that the products might be dead, never to receive an update again. What should we expect with these things? I have submitted these and more technical questions to support, but I'd appreciate the opportunity to talk with other users about the ways they use their Nabu devices, especially if they've had better luck setting theirs up than I have.

    FWIW, if Razer is still supporting & updating Nabu, it would be awesome to see a couple of simple trackers added. Does anyone else have any wishes for their Nabu? I'd specifically like to be able to track minutes spent walking, weight (even if it's manual and doesn't support Bluetooth scales at first), and a way to record manually taken heart rate measurements with notes (like when you last had caffeine, smoked, etc. - doesn't need to be specific, tho, could be totally custom notes). I realize more specific trackers like food, calorie intake, exercise, caffeine, etc. are probably much harder to implement, and frankly as cool as I think they are I never end up following through with them, so whatever there lol...
  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    My husband asked the same general question a while back because he wants his Razer Nabu Watch Forged Edition to work with Google Fit. One of the Razer staff members responded and said that theirs worked fine and confirmed that they're definitely supposed to be compatible, however, my husband has not been able to get it to work for him yet.

    So, the answer to your question is "technically, yes" -- however, in practice you may need to contact support and get some help to have it work properly.
  3. Hi,
    I bought the Nabu X a few weeks ago (end of July 2017), and I am still not able to link it to Google Fit. I have been in contact with Razer support, and I did have a good dialogue with them for a few day, where I informed them about the error message details (403. That’s an error. Error: disallowed_useragent, etc), helped troubleshoot the issue (tried various forms of installing/reinstalling, other phones, etc) as a courtesy to them. They finally informed me that they would work on a fix, and that I should get back to them after a week if the error persisted. I did so, and have continuously done so for a few weeks now, but I'm getting 'the silent treatment', with zero response to my emails.
    - To be honest, I'm about to give up on this product, and I will have to revise my online reviews for this product, as it is not working as advertised, and the customer support is poorly lacking any commitment to their users.

    Would be good to know if anyone still has this issue.
  4. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    My husband has a Nabu Watch: Forged Edition that he really does love, but had the same issue with. Other folks have said that they've had no problem making it work just fine, but he was never able to, it's the *only* reason that he doesn't use his watch every single day now.
  5. Hi, a short update on my issue with customer support, and the lack (not working / 403 error) of Google Fit integration. I received this this response from them today (after 7 weeks of the silent treatment);
    "In regards to your inquiry regarding the fix for your Nabu X, regrettably there are no fixes to date. I understand that it was advertised to be compatible or integrated with Google fit, but the actual fact is that there was no extensive research and development done for cross platform applications.
    With this, I recommend you to revert to using the native app for Nbu and Nabu X"

    So I guess that's the end of that. NO Google Fit integration, falsely advertised feature, poor customer support. My first and last purchase of any Razer product or sure!
  6. DesLuna

    DesLuna New Member

    Wow I only found out about this issue now since i wanted to use my Nabu x again. After getting the same error with google fit i thought well shit then use health with my iPhone instead. But this is buggy also. Health gets my Nabu x data double to triple times copied resulting in way too many steps and a ton of editing on my end.

    After searching the forum I found this forum post and now I know that this product is not really supported or giving any development anymore. At least it feels that way.

    So my conclusion: Nabu X to the bin and looking for a suitable replacement.
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