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Is everything sold out?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rcfant89, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. rcfant89

    rcfant89 New Member

    Every product I've clicked on, mouses, keyboards, headsets, etc, it says "Notify Me". Click to go to the product page and top left corner says "Buy Now" which simply takes you back to the "Notify Me" button. Can I buy something or not?
  2. grinOn2wheels

    grinOn2wheels New Member

    Same here.
  3. 42566811000

    42566811000 Active Member

  4. footballrocksh

    footballrocksh New Member

    Most things are out of stock as this was a huge sale and it is getting towards the end of it. There will be a make up sale towards the end of the month tho
  5. Teuffel10

    Teuffel10 New Member

    All the most wanted gear was out of stock after 5 min, then everything ran out after an hour. You are really late lol.
  6. PhoisGoood

    PhoisGoood New Member

    I was so close to not even being able to the some of the Razer hammer head headphones, but it was frustrating how slow the page refreshed. But Min, mentioned they would be having another sale at a later point in time.
  7. atlasXT

    atlasXT Member

    Well, at least we have a chance of getting the new Nabu... Just to try.
  8. Kychiii

    Kychiii New Member

    I was having the same problem but yea.
  9. Foggy45

    Foggy45 New Member

    Noticed this too after repeated F5 mashing. Didn't help that the codes were reversed. Hopefully they will restock enough before the redo sale later this month.
  10. justinkim0101

    justinkim0101 New Member

    aww man... i should have pounced on this deal earlier...
  11. rabidkitty4

    rabidkitty4 New Member

    I can't till the remedial. I really want those Tiamat 7.1s.
  12. thatonegirlt

    thatonegirlt New Member

    Yeah I just realized the sell was going on. Didn't get an email or anything and am now like. ... aw man.
  13. 42566811000

    42566811000 Active Member

    hahahah don't worry, there's another sale taking part at the end of the month
  14. thatonegirlt

    thatonegirlt New Member

    True... I just hope I don't miss that one either or have everything sold out. They still sold out the supply they wanted to, so I don't imagine they would restock THAT much more for the same ridiculous price savings.
  15. TravisAntonio

    TravisAntonio Member

    Yesterday I tried to get a Kraken and a Controller (Sabertooth) but just the Notify Me appeared, I guess I did arrive late even though I was watching the whole time.
  16. FuryDices

    FuryDices New Member

    pretty much everything good is sold out
  17. FuryDices

    FuryDices New Member

    i got the kraken pro this morning however
  18. RavenX8

    RavenX8 New Member

    thats very odd because I see a bunch of stuff in stock. Maybe my page isn't recent?
  19. 42566811000

    42566811000 Active Member

    just keep an eye on the forum ;)
  20. upAmazonsmart775

    upAmazonsmart775 New Member

    im keeping me eye out
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