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Is it too late to start WoW now?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Elfreid, Nov 25, 2014.

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  1. WinnieThePimp

    WinnieThePimp New Member

    I have been playing for like 7 months and am doing pretty well
  2. bytecarAshGrey099

    bytecarAshGrey099 New Member

    The only slight minor setback, I think, for WoD is that the professions aren't quite like it used to. Felt less excitement working on my professions.
  3. akahata

    akahata New Member

    I, too, find myself contemplating a return to Azeroth. I must stay strong and leave this thread.
  4. you can start anytime
  5. Dagtheviking

    Dagtheviking New Member

    No it isn't. If you go and get all the expansions now you actually get a boost to 90
  6. thebred

    thebred New Member

    I gave up on WoW such a long time ago, but some friends are telling me I should come back. I have mixed emotions about learning the new mechanics. :/
  7. JDSmash

    JDSmash New Member

    Too late for me.
  8. bicycleheadVolt592

    bicycleheadVolt592 New Member

    I restarted after about a year or more of not playing; jumping back in wasn't bad at all.

    For a new player I imagine it may be weird.... the newest expansion allows one to level nearly all professions to max without having to hunt down old world materials and is real simple when coupled with the garrison profession buildings. The only tricky caveat I can think of is the "Boost-To-90" feature, which is very tempting for a new player and most probably could cause them to become lost (I haven't done it yet so not sure how they handle it).
  9. floodover

    floodover New Member

    The latest expansion has brought me back to wow... and I am loving it. Give it a spin.
  10. Dagtheviking

    Dagtheviking New Member

    PPl just need to come back!
    game is great
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  11. trustkill

    trustkill New Member

    It's never to late to start anything. Try it out and see if it's something you enjoy. Besides i think they throw in a level 90 toon for free.
  12. akahata

    akahata New Member

  13. Definitely not too late to start. WoW can be a nightmare if you're a completionist type of gamer, but quite honestly - WoW is one of those kinds of games where you'll get out of it whatever you put in. If questing is what you want, WoD questlines are very fun and do follow a pretty cool storyline. Plenty of lore to see and take advantage of in leveling a character from 1-100 as well.

    So, resounding no from this WoW nerd... heh ;)
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  14. Jinnchuuriki

    Jinnchuuriki New Member

    nope, when you first get it you get most of the expansions and with warlords of dreanor your able to boost your character to 90 to join in right away
  15. Undrtheoath

    Undrtheoath New Member

    It is never too late to start anything. I started playing WoW in 2012 and quit in 2013 because the game was just not for me. I recently picked it back up and am having a blast! There are people who are not tolerant of new people, but you can not let them get you down. Shrug them off and enjoy your experience! They made the game super new player friendly so that helps you get adjusted to everything.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
  16. zamora101

    zamora101 New Member

    Give a try for a couple of months, its not for everyone, but it could work
  17. shareawesomeNavy625

    shareawesomeNavy625 New Member

    With the Warlords boost, you could get started right now and be doing current endgame content within a week. Of course, that involves a bit more of an initial investment.
  18. osman99

    osman99 New Member

    never too late to start the addiction
  19. No. You get an insta level 90 when you buy the new expansion, and you can get competatively geared within a month.
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