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Is the Razer Blade Stealth right for me? Or would New Razer Blade be a better choice?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Styna, Jul 8, 2016.


Which computer fits my needs best?

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  1. Razer Blade Stealth

  2. New Razer Blade

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  1. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    Hi! I'm starting a web development boot camp soon; I don't think my current laptop can survive the course. I am looking to purchase either Razer Blade Stealth or New Razer Blade based on which one would better handle the following tasks. I will be working with HTML, CSS, javaScript, jQuery, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Handlebars, Cookies, Local Storage, React.js, Jeroku, Git, Laravel, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, MongoDB, Node.js, as well as compiling.

    I love games, but I am mainly looking for a computer that would be able to handle class and work life. Please give me your feedback on whether you think the Razer Blade Stealth is sufficient or if you think New Razer Blade would be better suited to my needs.

    I will be in class for 250 hours over the next 6 months and this will be the only monitor I am using. I would purchase QHD version, not 4K, since I will be using lower resolution anyway in order to not squint during class. Do you know if QHD version is compatible with 1080p monitors that I want to connect at home?

    I really, really appreciate and value your input from the community. This is a big purchase for me and I want to make the right purchase for me. Let me know if there's any information I can clarify to assist your feedback.

    Tagging @Raijin @VikasG @kajira
    On a side note: I'm curious how Diablo III Reaper of Souls plays on the Stealth.
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  2. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Honestly I think either would suit your purposes because you didn't mention a budget constraint. Sounds like you're just doing a lot of webdev. I have worked with most of the tools you listed on a much weaker laptop compared to the Blade or its Stealth variant back in college. I did most of my work in the Eclipse IDE. No hiccups, not even with database stuff. I think it's a common misconception for people getting into programming - that they need powerful computers. In most cases, this isn't true, especially if it's education-based work. Programmers simply don't need much hardware.

    However, I think you want a good screen for webdev. Depending on how much you'll be dealing with graphics and stuff, a 4K 100% Adobe RGB screen might be nice. It would also give you more real estate because you will undoubtedly have multiple windows open at the same time, but I guess you can always use your other monitors to fill that need. Seems like you've made up your mine on the QHD version anyway.

    IIRC Vik is currently in the thick of this stuff and currently owns a Blade, so perhaps he can offer better insight here than I.

    I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by compatible - do you simply mean will the monitors work? If so, it just depends on is the connector. What connections do your monitors have? Out of the box, the Razer Blade Stealth has Thunderbolt 3 and HDMI 1.4b. If you have older monitors with DVI and do not plan on getting the Core, you will need an adapter.

    Hope that helps Styna! I'm sure others will chime in with more info.
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  3. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @Styna -- I know a good bit about the systems that Razer sells in regards to gaming, but I'm a bit handicapped when it comes to speaking in regards to how well they'll perform during coding and programming, since I haven't done anything like that in over 20yrs.

    However, that being said, I think either system would work well for you, but the 2016 new Razer Blade does have a slightly bigger screen the Steath. (12.5" vs 14") When it comes to gaming, the new Razer Blade will also be more powerful on it's own without making use of the Razer Core in regards to gaming, so that could be a potential factor when/if you have time for gaming.

    Going down another path, while the new Razer Blade is light and portable and the best machine for it's weight and size, the Stealth is still going to be a slightly smaller profile and feel just a bit more portable. Though, with a decent backpack where you have no issues carrying your extra accessories (mouse, mouse mat, etc) then you wouldn't notice the difference during travel either way.

    Really, it's all about what you put the most value on when you're using your new machine. Do you want it smaller and with a bit less "oomph" with the option to purchase the Core for gaming down the road? Or would you rather have the all-in-one of the full laptop and still be able to play most games on decent settings without the Core -- mind you, buy a Core, add a great monitor and pair them with the new Blade laptop, and you'd probably be set for many, many years to come. Even more so since you could update graphics cards within the core without ever having to change stuff inside your machine. The possibilities are endless.

    I dunno, really it's all up to you ... but if I were buying for myself (because I put so much value on my gaming) I'd go for the new 2016 Razer Blade and then down the road purchase the Razer Core and just keep my graphics up to date for the next 5-8yrs and consider my machine "future proof" for quite some time. Granted, I don't care if I have 60+ fps on every single game on ultra settings all the time in every single game. I'm perfectly happy running anywhere from about 40+ fps with Med/High settings and Ultra in certain games. (The Witcher 3, The Division) As long as my stuff runs smoothly, doesn't lag, isn't choppy, has no graphics tearing or other issues... then I'm happy. So, that's how I'd go about it. However, at this time, I greatly envy anyone who could afford it. hehehe :)
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  4. I personally have the Stealth; and like the others, I agree that both would work well. I don't think you could go wrong.
    Between the two though, I'd probably lean slightly more towards the Blade for the larger screen, just for the extra screen size and be easier on the eyes, and I believe it has a bit more battery life and power.

    If however you are used to a ~12" screen and need the extra portability, then by all means, the Stealth would be a great alternative. And still have the Core around for any more intense graphical needs.
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  5. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    I read that there were a lot of issues when the monitor and computer resolution are different (i.e. using a computer with a TV as the monitor; using 1080p monitor with QHD laptop). I just wanted to make sure that I could use my existing monitors for daily viewing and games. I'm completely new to the coding field so I don't really know what I need.

    It seems like the consensus is that you don't need a super powerful computer for web development. I wrote my post on the "what if" I move into software dev, etc. I don't plan on getting into graphics right now.

    I didn't mention any monetary constraints because a family member is supporting me for school. I didn't want to tell them "I need the NRB instead of the RBS because I can play games." However, that member agreed that I should go with the more powerful specs to last longer (and be able to do more now).

    @kajira thanks for your feedback. I agree. Since I have the Tactical Pro, I won't be traveling light anyway. I think I'd rather go with a full powered laptop, than an ultrabook now, and build a gaming desktop for the same price later on. Plus, I am interested in the Core + graphic card later down the road. Really far down, but it's nice to have the option.

    @Lost Dreamer Totally agree. While small, light, and portable is nice, I hate squinting at small text. I have a huge phone and the size isn't a constraint on my lifestyle (desk to couch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Since I'll be spending long hours staring at the screen sans monitor, it makes sense for me to have a bit of extra space and it'll give me the freedom to play without the core.


    Thanks for all the feedback! I'm going with the New Razer Blade!
  6. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    All the developpers I know would say to go with the quad core since it compiles faster
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  7. The razer blade has better hardware and would work quicker and compile faster but the Stealth is more mobile and light but slightly weaker than the blade. Also Diablo probably won't run to well on the stealth unless you have the core hooked up to it.
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  8. ColeOrtega6

    ColeOrtega6 Member

    I have the Razer Blade Stealth and I love it. I connect it to my acer 1080p monitor all the time when I am at home. I also use it for school. The Razer Blade Stealth has a great size for school and the battery life is great for it. I would say the Razer Blade Stealth would be great for you.
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