Is there any way to tell the diference between Blackwidow chromas?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Mr Big Stuff, Nov 15, 2016.

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  1. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member first, I would guess Greetech too. But you're right Skrunch, those 'jigsaw puzzle' corners (missing on the Greetech switches) remind me of the Cherry MX switch case even more. Take a look:

    cherry mx green jigsaw corner UD.jpg
    What do you make of that? Makes me kinda curious. Wish I had one so I could take it apart.

    I'm surprised new users are able to find this thread with the forum locked down like this for the CES Appreciation Event. I guess they're finding these threads via Google?
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  2. Drenser

    Drenser New Member

    Yup, google. So just making my self clear, it may be greetech or Cherry mx but not kalih? am i right? And 1 question, im from Mexico so if the keyboard sooner or later breaks, is there any way to replace a single switch? It was pretty expensive.

    It looks like the greetech switches that you posted on page number 1, but not sure thats why i posted pictures so u can tell me cuz ure guys are the pros!

    So what u guys think?
  3. Skrunch

    Skrunch Active Member

    Yep, that's what was throwing me off about his switch and you're right, it does kinda look like Cherry's design, doesn't Gateron also use similar ridges on the corners? That would be crazy if Razer switched manufacturer again.
  4. Skrunch

    Skrunch Active Member

    Yeah, it's certainly not a Kailh switch. The sides of your switch are flat like Greetech, Cherry and Gateron switches. Kailh is the most distinct looking switch because of the two rectangular indentations it has on the sides like these:
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  5. DiabolikMind

    DiabolikMind Member

    I just bought a Blackwidow chroma on the Razer store with CES sales, arrived yesterday and it has the same identical switches in the pic.
    Uk layout and on the box says 60M.
    I hope they aren't Kalih!
    Can someone help me out please?
  6. DeepPinkloadfast608

    DeepPinkloadfast608 New Member

    I just got my Blackwidow Chroma (German Layout).
    Looks like Greetech, am I right?

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  7. DiabolikMind

    DiabolikMind Member

    Same as mine, not sure yet.
  8. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised with all the talk this has gotten on the forums, that we havnt had an official response from razer yet. At least so we know whats going on (whether they are using multiple manufacturers, or the kailh switches are just left over stock, etc). I'm kinda turned off buying razer keyboards atm not knowing what kind of switch im gonna get when i buy one.
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  9. DeepPinkloadfast608

    DeepPinkloadfast608 New Member

    Maybe it is a Europe special edition :D
  10. funhitTerraCotta260

    funhitTerraCotta260 New Member

    First of all sorry for my bad english, i was reading this thread for some weeks couse i need to buy a new keyboard, i came from my old blackwidow (Cherry MX Blue) and was scared about the khail switches, just registered here to say that today buy a blackwidow chroma (Spanish layout) from a local store that was sold out since christmas and it comes with greetech switches, looks like they finished the khail stock, anyway the box still say 60m key strokes

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  11. DiabolikMind

    DiabolikMind Member

    The thing is we aren't sure those are still Greetech, that's the issue.
  12. eugenews

    eugenews Active Member

    Hi everyone. I'm absolutely thrilled when my BWCS arrived. However it did not come with the standard BCWS boxing. Hence there is no description stating it comes with a 60mil keystroke lifespan or 80mil keystroke.

    I have pulled up the cap and snapped a picture of it. May i know if the switches are by Greetech or Kailh.

    Thanks guys!

    PS: Absolutely love the keyboard. It's amazing!:smile_:
    orange switch.jpg box.jpg
  13. DiabolikMind

    DiabolikMind Member

    Why that package? Those are kalih switches.
    I don't feel that bad that the stealth version was unavailable for me now.
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  14. eugenews

    eugenews Active Member

    I wondered as well why that package. Kailh....that's a bummer. I was hoping for Greetech.

    Oh well, this is still a great upgrade for me as this is my 1st mechanical keyboard. A little sad but boy mechanical switches really feels so good. I wonder if Greetech's feels even better.
  15. DiabolikMind

    DiabolikMind Member

    Haven't tried both so I can't say for sure.
    As I know, orange switch are all and only kalih.
  16. Skrunch

    Skrunch Active Member

    There is an orange switch by Greetech, @Raijin has one and I've seen YouTube videos where people have it as well.

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  17. DiabolikMind

    DiabolikMind Member

    Well then I'm still annoyed happy that I couldn't order the stealth one.
  18. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    The thing is, everyone here says Kalih switches are bad, but I've never had a complaint using my BWC Stealth for 2 years. That being said this is my first mechanical keyboard.
    So I don't really care.
    I do wonder how the greentech would feel though.
  19. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Yeah here's mine. Sorry for the photo quality, room is dark + crappy phone. Regardless, I should have posted this earlier.
    razer orange greetech.png
    Hmmm...well I can say for certain I like Cherry MX Blue way more than Kailh Green. There's a big difference that you notice most when you use one switch type for a while and then switch to the other.
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  20. Skrunch

    Skrunch Active Member

    While I can't speak for the Razer Orange switch as I've never used it, the Greetech Green is much more crisp and had a sharper click than the Kailh one. I wouldn't say the Kailh Green was bad, but there was a noticeable difference between the two. If I had to rate the MX Blues and the clones that I've used, it would be:

    Razer Greetech Green tied with MX Blue, Razer Kailh Green, standard Kailh Blue and last RGB MX Blues.
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