Is Virtual Reality the future?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oceanblue, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. lightline21

    lightline21 Member

    Hope fully yes... If you've watched SAO, you're maybe hoping for something like it. I'm hoping to get a scholarship to Japan, I want to create games and hope to be success and continue to be a brain doctor.
  2. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Yeah I absolutely do not want the level of immersion that .hack and SAO have. Cause, you know, being connected neurally totally worked out well for those involved.
  3. Ghostlyhollow

    Ghostlyhollow New Member

    When they can :
    -create new and immerse games with a good control scheme
    -create new content such as live sporting events/movies
    -reduce the motion sickness aspect
    -make it affordable and have builders

    Then I think it has a chance
  4. Dj_Rob

    Dj_Rob New Member

    I believe it will be. I would love to go into a game and experience it 1st person. That would be great and I can see it happening in my lifestyle.
  5. The future is closer to the systems seen in anime like Sword Art Online... Once we make more headway controlling systems via thought and receiving feedback, then we will be on the real path towards total immersion. Its something thats been slowly developing over the last few years.
  6. Hazens

    Hazens New Member

    Wanna guess how much does it cost ?
  7. iMatty

    iMatty New Member

    VR has huge potential. Just needs the support behind it. It's not going anywhere. Seems like it has more of realistic chance than Google Glass does.
  8. Deverator

    Deverator New Member

    It could be the next computing platform used by everybody. The potential is there which is why Zuckerberg paid $2 billion for Oculus, but it could be a fad if the mainstream gets tired of it.
  9. ttechr

    ttechr New Member

    I work in education and we are looking heavily into VR for teaching and learning for our students and teachers. I have been looking into gaming in the classroom and since VR has come out bigger we are testing all viable variants.
  10. dailyMilksource212

    dailyMilksource212 New Member

    Im really not a huge fan yet, i can see how its fun but i think there has to be a lot of use cases outside of gaming that i dont see possible yet. I can see it being like the Kinect and where its meant for gaming but it can do way more things.
  11. roknrox

    roknrox New Member

    I think VR has huge potential, not only in the gaming arena, but also in television.

    Have we all forgotten the nightmare that 3D TV standards were? There's no wonder that no-one bought one, because you could never guarantee that anything you purchased later would work.

    With an open-sourced VR kit, you can create your own 3D TV experience, and then anyone can build a headset that meets those same standards.

    This is the only open-sourced VR headset out there, and hopefully it'll kickstart a revolution in how we not only play games, but also watch other media also.
  12. bicyclebyteWhite031

    bicyclebyteWhite031 New Member

  13. rhbourbonnais

    rhbourbonnais New Member

    Not necessary, but the future.
    Too many people have seen it in Science Fiction for it not to happen.
    Look at the tablets (Just a dream a couple of years ago and now everywhere.)
  14. thebred

    thebred New Member

    Ready Player One is so close... haha
  15. sure it is, ar and vr game are the next big thing
  16. MegaDan-EXE

    MegaDan-EXE New Member

    I believe the future has room for virtual reality. It will help society learn hands on activities like fixing a car or even repairing something.
  17. Telos

    Telos New Member

    I think it's a good idea to pursue the technology, even if there's not really any super compelling application right now. Gotta push the envelope, right?
  18. osman99

    osman99 New Member

    when it gets to full body experiance it will be awesome
  19. JongdR85

    JongdR85 Active Member

    I'm hoping that Virtual Reality will become the future
    s way of gaming. Not perse ending with headsets like the Oculus rift(which btw, I am pre ordering as soon as the consumer edition becomes available) but ends up going further, say.. ala Sword art online with totally emerging headsets.(without the death in sword art online :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
  20. arcxatos

    arcxatos New Member

    VR has been around for awhile, but it's always been one of those cool things that no one knows anything about. With large companies supporting open source VR, it should give VR the kick it needs to become more than just a novelty. I have Google Cardboard and it only has small time novelty and beta apps, but even so, there is a plethora of uses for it. I think OSVR will get it in the hands of the developers that will take it beyond novelty and create polished and useful products.
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