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    In the last few years, gaming has been taken to the next level. These video games and simulation racing has gone beyond just sitting and passing time on your computers playing car race games. Simulation racing has become more like a passion in today’s generation. This sim racing requires not only the best games but also the best monitors for sim racing gaming experience.

    Unlike the last decade, when only the size of the monitor was the most important factor to be considered when buying a monitor, so many other aspects have taken an essential place to be considered when choosing a monitor such as a refresh rate, response rate, VA panels and technology used in the monitor.

    These monitors demand an ample amount of money to be spent on. And choosing the best monitor in a limited amount and resources is quite a difficult task. So we have researched in detail to provide you with the right information about different aspects and features of the top monitors to help you choose the best monitor and have sound investment for your sim racing and gaming passion.

    With all the amazing features, designed for sim racing and gaming, AOC C27G1 is one of the affordable monitors. This gaming monitor has1800R curved screen with a stylish three-sided borderless design. It has very thin bezels that make it seems borderless and it makes this monitor look highly attractive. With a black and red case, this monitor gives a competitive gamer look.

    It has an adjustable stand to adjust the height according to your choice. This gaming monitor has a quick response rate of 1ms, which means that you can enjoy your smooth game and defeat your enemies without interruption. This gaming monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate that enables this monitor to offer you amazing fast gaming experience.

    This AOC monitor has a VA panel with an incredible contrast ratio, which makes color accuracy almost perfect in sRGB, so it has an impressive color gamut. It has a high-quality image for a better gaming experience. But this monitor is not perfect for rooms with bright light as it is dim and it is perfect with proper gaming set up and dim light rooms.

    This monitor provides a mixed performance in terms of gaming. For high competitive gamers, it is supposed to be set in BOOST mode for smooth play but that might have some implications. This monitor being super dim is not the best choice for everyone. This monitor is not having built-in speakers as well so it might not the best option for multipurpose. Overall, this monitor is highly affordable and has suitable gaming performance in a given price range than its alternatives.
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    Still have no budget for this, hahaha!
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    Now we're talking.

    Can't stand anymore those leatherlike seats that starts peeling after some monthes.
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  5. ShibaPlayz

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    am quite worried about dust thou. In my experience, dust builds up pretty bad on fabric chairs and is v annoying to get out
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    Hi everyone :)
  7. RacianVD

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    Nice colour.It looks too warm though
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    This is perfect for tropical countries!!
  9. KroniKtheHemphoG

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    Awesome! I'm saving up for this.
  10. fabric gaming chair? thats fire B)
  11. I.Nix

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    totaly awsome, i prefer fabric
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