ISO Blade 165W power adapter [RC30-0165]

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by gomerkyle, Sep 17, 2019.

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  1. gomerkyle

    gomerkyle New Member

    As the title suggests, I'm on the hunt for a power adapter for a Blade 14 (2017), with model number: RC30-0165. ​
    I've included the specifications in case anyone can point me in the right direction to find a replacement from a third party if Razer doesn't offer an outlet themselves. I'm possibly also looking for a replacement battery, but that's for another thread all together as I just want the adapter fixed so I can at least keep the machine turned on to be to follow up here xD.
    Additionally, I'll add that it isn't the adapter itself that's at fault, but the termination at the plug which has ​
    frayed and I'm charging it in the same way any Android owner knows how to do all too well with a micro-USB cable. I may attempt the repair myself, but I'd like to have that option open to make a new replacement purchase should I botch the attempt and left with a big paperweight and salty taste in my mouth.
    Anyway, there aren't any replacement parts available in the Razer store for laptops from what I saw, which ​
    one would think the power adapters being the one thing offered if anything at all. This post is addressing any Razer staff or liaisons just as much as the community here. Any and all help is appreciated before the inevitable happens.

    AC in:
    100V-240V~2.5A 50/60Hz
    DC out:
    19.8V ⎓ 8.33A (total 165W)
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  2. gomerkyle

    gomerkyle New Member

    So the idiot in me who made the original post didn't look in the Razer retail store, but instead was browsing the Store that is linked in these forums. To be honest, that should probably be revised in some way in order to inform new visitors of the ambiguity, or just consolidate them. Saved for another discussion though. It turns out there is a retail inventory item for this power adapter, found on the www.razer domain. There's just one caveat; it's one of a few items out of stock and no way to place it on backorder in small print somewhere. That being said, my problem hasn't been solved, but you can see exactly what I'm referring to, and I can append the following additional question.
    Does anyone know how I can place an order for an 'out of stock' item, or get some information on when or whether it is planned to return to the shelves? As these machines this power brick is made for are at roughly 2-3 years in age, now is about the time I'd say when customers are going to be purchasing these items because warranty has been long gone and they've gotten some use from them ;)
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