Issues with the Razer Blade 14

Discussion in 'Systems' started by jonathon_J, Nov 25, 2021.

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    Ever since I ordered and received my Blade 14, I have had nonstop issues. My first Blade 14 had a massive dead pixel right center of the screen. It may have been a minor issue but when you pay so much you want perfection. It also had issues with the Windows installation and drivers. Not only did it come with Windows not activated, whenever I tried to update Windows and get all my drivers, it would get stuck on the install or not allow me to update at all. And the kick to this story is, after returning my first Blade 14 because of the dead pixel, the second Blade 14 also had those issues. I have no clue how it is acceptable that both of these laptops came with Windows not activated and had almost identical issues. Both times, I had to manually activate Windows by getting the key through Command Prompt, I also had to clear the Windows Update download cache both times just to get my damn drivers and updates. And here is the next issue I had, for some reason, the Windows provided drivers for AMD and the AMD provided drivers provided through their Radeon Software conflict completely. Every time I update Windows they give me drivers that override my Radeon drivers. Look, this may be my fault ok. I downloaded Radeon Software because, just like Nvidia Experience, I thought it was needed to keep my drivers updated. And I am still unsure which might be the best method to get my drivers. This issue is also possibly the cause of my last issue, my USB-C port on the right side of the laptop does not function. If I try to run my display through the right USB-C port instead of the left, it does not cooperate. It disconnects constantly.
    Oh and also whenever I try to use Steam shortcuts they take ages to load. This problem was also prevalent on both laptops. I still have no clue why this problem happens. Even reinstalling Steam does not fix the problem. (I have also updated to Windows 11 and Steam shortcuts are still broken so)
    Anyways rant done. I am just tired of having to troubleshoot nearly every god damn part of this laptop. The performance is fantastic. But these moderate issues really fuck up the experience.
    And please, if you have any information that would help me with these problems, please let me know azar.
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