Kaira Pro Problems

Discussion in 'Audio' started by EinShtein, Sep 26, 2021.

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  1. EinShtein

    EinShtein New Member

    Hello everyone! Some problems of Kaira Pro that still have not been fixed. The latest firmware update has been installed.

    1. Cracked sound. I don't know how to describe it most accurately, but sometimes the headphones start to produce a cracking sound like "pzzz". It happens in waves and becomes more and more annoying. Only restart helps.

    2. If you turn off the microphone after turning on the headset, the microphone will not turn off despite the off switch position. Sometimes the microphone does not turn off during a game.

    Please tell me if there is a way to fix these problems? I like the Kaira Pro, but these problems are very annoying.
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  2. SweaNisseGaming

    SweaNisseGaming New Member

    this is a bug related to Razer Synapse 3 and how drivers and local services are loaded into operating systems

    in order to be able to solve the problem, this is most likely required

    acces to the /device drivers/device ID/device HEX/
    acces to the /stop/restart local services/
    access to /Razer Synapse 3/

    but this will also need an new update from Razer
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  3. CHP792

    CHP792 New Member

    Hey EinShtein,

    I'm having the same problem on a Xbox One X and a Xbox Series X, but I'm not able to solve this. As you described the strange sound comes in waves, which is a pretty good comparison.
    With my headset it stops after a few minutes, but it's pretty annoying...

    I've seen other threads describing the same issue, but I haven't found an official answer from Razer yet.
    Every topic is closed with "Please DM me (a Razer technician I guess) to analyze this".

    It would be very good if Razer would share an official statement about this.

  4. Ditto man, recently snagged mine Black Friday they were great for probably 2 days and then it started to be a consistent problem. I've tried reestablishing the connection, muting the mic, unplugging the mic, adjusting the volume or audio/chat bias as well as shifting through the different EQ's. It's frustrating when after 5 minutes of use it starts up. Hoping they come up with something after the holidays.
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  5. CHP792

    CHP792 New Member

    In the meantime I contacted the Razer support. I've talked to them about this for two week now (took some time because of the different time zones, I guess).
    I've talked to at least 5 different people, where most of them asked the same questions again and again.

    In conclusion: I'll get the headset replaced and I hope this will solve this.

    Unfortunately my question if this is hardware or software related hasn't been answered, so I hope it's the hardware causing this, but I don't think so...

    Nevermind, I'll keep you guys updated, if the new headset will have this issues, too.
  6. CHP792

    CHP792 New Member

    Received the new Headset - Firmware 1.00.11 - same issue as before.
    I'll update to the latest, which should be 1.00.12, but I don't think that this will solve it
  7. CHP792

    CHP792 New Member

    Same issue.
    Razer won’t take care of this, the support is disorganized as hell.
    They want informations I‘ve already provided three times and they don’t read previous emails.
    I‘ve given up at some point…

    I‘ve asked them to take this to their Dev or QA stage to test it, it they simply wont. All they want to do is to replace the headset. Since the issue happens on the replaced headset as well this doesn’t make sense, but they don’t see it.

    For me this is a clear software problem.

    That was the last Razer product for me.
  8. Cheetahkid

    Cheetahkid New Member

    Ok so I've owned a Kaira Pro for about 5 months now and just recently about a few days ago it stopped turning on, it initially turns on but after about a second the light in the logo goes out and has a loud cut out sound because of a static noise, now I know that this could be an issue with a cause of no regard for the product such as throwing it, but I've never mistreated the product to the point it would stop working. I've tried installing firmware updates and it is up to date. I have the warranty but I want to see if I can try and revive it before sending it back and getting a new one. Any ideas what I could do?
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