Kaira Pro Problems

Discussion in 'Audio' started by EinShtein, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. EinShtein

    EinShtein New Member

    Hello everyone! Some problems of Kaira Pro that still have not been fixed. The latest firmware update has been installed.

    1. Cracked sound. I don't know how to describe it most accurately, but sometimes the headphones start to produce a cracking sound like "pzzz". It happens in waves and becomes more and more annoying. Only restart helps.

    2. If you turn off the microphone after turning on the headset, the microphone will not turn off despite the off switch position. Sometimes the microphone does not turn off during a game.

    Please tell me if there is a way to fix these problems? I like the Kaira Pro, but these problems are very annoying.
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