Kaira Pro Sound Issues while YouTube on XBOX Series X

Discussion in 'Audio' started by coolfeverWineDregs310, Feb 1, 2021.

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  1. Hey,

    Just bught Kaira Pro, playing around with it and do some testing on XBOX Series X.
    Firmware is 1.00.12.
    Notice rattle sound while watching YouTube, it looks like the headset is choking and cannot cope with the volume of sound. I check it on UHD YouTube videos (eg "Godzilla vs Kong 4K Trailer") or SD videos, does not matter. This effect can occur on any video.

    I play with headset EQ, changing it from custom to default, change XBOX setting for audio output from Windows sonic to uncompressed. Still no change to rattle sound.

    Also try Kaira Pro on Laptop via Microsoft PC Dongle, and did not notice such effect.

    Still, in games on XBOX, did not notice such effect yet.

    Have anyone notice similar effect?
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  2. Changing video resolution in YouTube app makes sense.
    In original 4K 2160p format i see lot of sound disturbances, reducing resolution to 1080p and 720p also reduces disturbances to almost not noticeble in 720p.

    Opened support ticket: 210201-001774
  3. Sabian68

    Sabian68 New Member

    It's happening to me too. I actually sent back my first pair thinking there was something wrong with the headset. But the new one is doing the same thing. And it seems like it just does it on the Xbox YouTube app. Streaming on Amazon Prime or watching movies on the Movies & TV app is fine. Connecting to other devices is fine as well.
  4. Yep, I try it on Spotify app on XBOX Series X and did not notice such effect at all.
    Razer support ask me to contact MS Support and MS Support told me that was a known bug that should be fixed in upcoming updates.
    So we have to wait till MS find a fix.
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