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keyboard and mouse or controller to pc?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Arbid1243, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. swoosh

    swoosh New Member

    When I game on my pc i usually use an xbox 360 controller to the games that support it. Of course I use keyboard and mouse for like league of ledgends and dota 2. but for like south park the stick of trouth and need for speed most wanted It can be really fun!

    I was just woundering what do you use? do you use a controller or mainly keyboard and mouse for controller supported games?
  2. I think you've nailed it with the games you are playing.

    For example I play my FPS games or games like Just Cause 2 and Star Citizen with mouse and keyboard because you can't get the accuracy with a controller when aiming and firing weapons, but playing something like Assassin's Creed Unity then it's too complicated for key combinations and a controller is needed - games like this are made for controllers and not keyboards!
  3. You know for me you need to got twice because for me playing games like The Crew need a Wheel but games like Call of Duty is more cool with keyboard/mouse combinaison!
  4. parkBlondfast621

    parkBlondfast621 New Member

    I realy depends on the game.
    I'm mostly using Keyboard and Mouse but since a few days I'm able to use my XBOX360 Controller too.
    I definitely would not lie to miss this when playing racing games.
    But on the other hand every FPS is something you can't play with a controller.
  5. -Rosko

    -Rosko New Member

    I much prefer keyboard and mouse for all games except racing/driving aspects (looking at you GTA and Saints Row), just feels more natural and makes aiming in FPS games much easier in my opinion.
  6. crowdome

    crowdome New Member

    I use a 360 controller for 90% of games I play on PC. As said already I use a KB+M for FPS games and stuff that's unholy to use with a controller, but for anything third person or mindless I'll use a controller. X-Padder is great if you wanna play a game/control your PC with a controller, you can use it for games that aren't supported too which is great (I'm looking at you Bad Company 2)
  7. alien.42

    alien.42 New Member

    I'm all for mouse and keyboard - always. I never got used to controllers.
  8. Hasuuka

    Hasuuka New Member

    Well you Could use Both. Keyboard and mouse for Games where You need to be precise and Controller for games like Minecraft or something
  9. sweenster669

    sweenster669 New Member

    Honestly it depends on the game. Ive been a console gamer all my life, so shooters i tend to prefer to play with the controller. I generally use the keyboard/mouse on any other pc game.
  10. Temuss

    Temuss New Member

    I tend to use a controller the odd time I play an NHL game or some form of Street Fighter. I find it pretty much impossible to do combos on the keyboard. I tend to play FPS games though and I find I just can get the accuracy and speed from a controller -- the mouse is the best for me. I suppose if I practice I could get better -- and then I'd have a chance against my girlfriends son in Xbox HALO :)
  11. crowdome

    crowdome New Member

    I think it's because I grew up on console games, but I always go to the controller when I can, though as of late I've gotten half decent at using a KB+M for FPS games so I can't go back to controller for them now.
  12. i love the 360 hybrid
  13. autigers2011

    autigers2011 New Member

    I am currently running into this issue with my flight simulator. My PS4 controller does half the job, but i still need my keyboard to perform task. I might have to buy a joysticK :/
  14. Razer Deathstalker and Razer Deathadder 2013 FTW. I cannot stand to use a controller unless its a sports game or driving game. For first person shooters there really is no comparison, keyboard and mouse every time.
  15. Floftw

    Floftw Member

    Keyboard an Mouse for better traction
  16. Kaiserwolf

    Kaiserwolf New Member

    mouse and keyboard give me more accuracy but it really depends on wich kind of game you are palying :D
  17. Mrfox82

    Mrfox82 New Member

    Everything with mouse and keyboard, from flying helos and planes in bf4 to shooting, sliding and using powers in warframe
  18. MrDisco

    MrDisco Member

    has to be a keyboard and mouse for me
  19. Puhnkss

    Puhnkss New Member

    Both depending on the game. Rogue Legacy for example was killing my wrists to play on keyboard but then I got my PS4 and used the controller from it. Especially since it works well with my mac mini!

    Just got my Naga Classic and looking forward to using to replay the STALKER games. (1. Quick bandage 2. Quick medkit lol)
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
  20. rednasragoe

    rednasragoe New Member

    i hate to switch from controller to keyboard
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