Kickstart the Razer Naga Trinity Left-Handed Edition

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Razer.WolfPack, Aug 2, 2018.

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  1. At this point, barring a miracle the kickstarter's already failed. Success would be ~$33k/day, after 4 days it's still at about $27k total; and the normal trend for kickstarters is a big burst of pledges at the start and a steady ramp down afterwards.

    My frustrated cynicism suspects that the Kickstarter was setup to fail as a way to blame us for not making a new Left Handed Naga vs just honestly saying that sales were much lower than expected and net losses on the 2014 project were unacceptably high. The reason I'm thinking that is that Razer stated they sold "thousands" of the previous model over several years, but set the minimum threshold for this one to about 10k sales in a months time.

    Kicktraq's currently predicting ~$166k for a final via trending - a model that typically overstates the final tally by a large amount early on, as can be seen by the steady drop in the predicted amount - and doesn't have enough data yet to initialize the projected model which early on tends to be lower and closer to the final result.

    For the moment I've ordered a right handed naga 2014 as a source of spare electronics and am debating if I want to order more than one to tide me over until 3d printing/etc advances enough to make creating a mirrored enclosure much simpler than it currently appears to be.
  2. H00dy

    H00dy Well-Known Member

    I'm lefty, but not quite sure about that Kickstarter - 990k goal?!?
    Dunno, maybe... if it would be a TOASTER... ;) :)
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  3. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    I'm a lefty but I've used a standard keyboard/mouse set my whole life. If we could add an inverted keyboard to go along with the mouse, that would be fantastic!
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  4. LKGamingYT

    LKGamingYT New Member

    Will you make an eSports controller for the Nintendo Switch?
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  5. HEGGA

    HEGGA Active Member

    Unfortunately it does not look good for our lefty friends... :slightly_sad:
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  6. Favelada

    Favelada New Member

    good........very nice I am left - hand
  7. Stanull

    Stanull Well-Known Member

    Good stuff
  8. Make it wireless with a MORE THAN 24 HOURS BATTERY and ill buy 2.
  9. CaraCuteHS

    CaraCuteHS Active Member

    left handed here.
  10. Reeon

    Reeon New Member

  11. Eliterulz3

    Eliterulz3 New Member

    How does one use a mouse on their offhand? Curious
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  12. DrawNquarteR

    DrawNquarteR New Member

    nice to see stuff for the leftys, im not one but good on ya
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  13. sNzz_

    sNzz_ New Member

    i need this mice so much
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  14. redboyke

    redboyke New Member

    as a lefthanded persone im dissapointed in razer for making the duration of the campagne so short. for asking alot of money and for not advertising this ANYWHERE. and i realy want this mouse and i kickstarted it too but i see this failing so hard because razer didnt put the effort into notifying anyone about this. im a lefty and i didnt know until i accidently typed in the razer forum adress and saw this. this thing is nowhere on the web.
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  15. Nice news for lefties!
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  16. Tell me i'm wrong, but it feels like Razer did this to "make lefties feel included" but actually hoped for it to fail. I mean objectively there's no way it succeeds. A simple mailing would have done alot, advertising 1 or 2 months prior to the kickstarter would have helped and i'm sure many things a big company can come up with, would have helped.

    I've been wanting left-handed versions being produced for almost a year now, my razer naga won't hold forever and only just noticed this kickstarter yesterday since i check for forums every few weeks..
    Correct me if i'm wrong, but the only way of knowing about his kickstarter is if you go to these forums.. If that's the case you'll have to try very hard to convince me that Razer cares for the Southpaw community.
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  17. For what it's worth, the Kickstarter campaign was contingent on 10,000 people expressing interest in it on FaceBook. If each of those 10,000 people joined the KickStarter for just one mouse it would already be fully funded. Unfortunately, of those 10,000 people who were already aware that the KickStarter was a possibility, less than 4% of them have actually followed through so far. I agree that the KickStarter really needs better advertisement, but if all 10,000 people who clicked "Like" actually put their money where their mouth is, getting this campaign funded wouldn't be a problem, especially if people sign up for more than one device.
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  18. you seem to be assuming that the only reason someone would like the post was that they wanted to buy one. It would be absolutely insane for anyone to like it because they were razer fans and wanted to promote a new project, or just cared about accessibility and were promoting it to help people who didn't compute the same way they did. That would be crazy talk. /s

    The 2014 Naga went to production following a similar "give us 10k likes on farsebook" campaign, so no one at razer has any justifiable excuse for thinking that 10k likes would equal 10k sales. I can only attribute the designed to fail Kickstarter implementation to this company being taken over by wretched gormless beancounters. Honest bean counters ones would simply have said something like "the 2014 left handed Naga's sales were only a third (pure guess on the size of the shortfall on my part) of what we expected, and while we were willing to accept a small loss on the model itself for the positive PR it generated actual losses were much larger and we can't justify making a new model." People who actually cared would have said the same, and also made a final run of a few thousand more 2014 left handed models before shutting down the production lines for all its internal parts so that while they couldn't justify the setup costs for a new model would still be able to support left handed gamers for several years to come.
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  19. Amazingboy

    Amazingboy New Member

    Good idea.I think it will work
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  20. Why?!?!?! The kickstarter is almost half over and at less than 5% funded. At this point even if a whale were to pledge $900k I'd be skeptical of it succeeding because about half of the current total is from the first 2 days and additional pledges since then have been glacial.
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