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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by lucid_enigma, Oct 29, 2020.

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  1. lucid_enigma

    lucid_enigma New Member

    An up to now fully working Kishi (std Android) has suddenly stopped working completely on the entire left side of the controller.
    Right side has no issues, left has nothing!
    Submitted a ticket but I've used razer 'support' too much in the past year or two and know what they're like.
    I'd like to get the controller working sometime this year.
    Anyone know of any manual fixes for this I could try without voiding warranty?

    (used with latest firmware on razer phone 2 in case it matters though I'm sure it's a hardware problem with the Kishi itself)
  2. Bibingka

    Bibingka New Member

    I'm having this same issue just now, have you figured anything out?
  3. lucid_enigma

    lucid_enigma New Member

    Nope. Razer support are being as useless as expected.
    Out of curiosity, does yours behave as though some left buttons and/or thumbstick movements keep happening rapidly if you plug a charger into the Kishi while attached to the phone?
    Also, did you have a week or two before the left side died where it sometimes seemed to stop responding for a short while (up to a few seconds)?
    I had moments where left thumbstick movements were briefly ignored in a game and would get stuck in whatever position it was at that time.
    I just thought it was game lag or Octopus bugging out at first until the Kishi died.
  4. Bibingka

    Bibingka New Member

    It worked perfectly for months up until tonight while I was playing Stardew Valley and the screen started switching rapidly back and forth between 2 options and then the left side stopped responding to my button inputs. The right side works normally. I contacted customer support as it's still covered by Razer's limited warranty and I was told that someone from the tech team would contact me by email within the day..
  5. tdsmithj

    tdsmithj New Member

    it is a fault that happened with me. Chat to them directly or raise a support ticket.
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