Kitty Kraken Connects/Disconnects When Synapse is Active

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by FoxenBoxen, Jul 19, 2021.

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  1. FoxenBoxen

    FoxenBoxen New Member

    I've been dealing with this issue for a couple of months now, and I finally have a solid way of replicating it so I figured I could throw my question out there for some help. I've also seen several other posts about this issue, so hopefully it gets some kind of traction soon.

    Basically, my Kitty Kraken headset (bought new in December 2020) will disconnect/reconnect about once per second when the following is happening:
    • I'm in a voice call in Discord.
    • I have Razer Synapse running.
    • I am playing Dead by Daylight.
    This is not the only time that the disconnecting/reconnecting happens, but it is the most repeatable way of showing the issue.
    When the headset disconnects/reconnects it disappears from Synapse and causes my other Razer devices (Black Widow keyboard and Naga Chroma mouse) to reset in their lighting cycle.
    If I close out of Synapse, the issue no longer occurs.

    I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Synapse, unplugging and replugging my headset, and going through and adjusting the power settings outlined in this post. Nothing has solved the issue.

    It was working fine until a couple of months ago, and it seems that's about the time some others started experiencing issues as well.
  2. Razer.GuitarScar

    Razer.GuitarScar Active Member

    Are you connecting the device directly to your computer's USB ports, or it's connected to a USB hub? Have you tried reinstalling your device drivers? Isolate the behavior first by performing the following steps provided from this link. Then send me a PM right away should the issue persists.
  3. I've been having the exact same issue with the Kitty Kraken edition for years and even had Razer replace the headset with a new one and the issue persists. Either it is a design flaw with the headset itself or there is a bug with how the operating system interacts with the headset. I've tried dozens of fixes, from replacing usb ports, to updating drivers, to changing settings, and it always comes back eventually. Razer has never offered an explanation as to why this has happened or what they plan to do about it, but as cute as the headset is I recommend finding a new headset. Because razer doesn't seem to care.
  4. Razer.GuitarScar

    Razer.GuitarScar Active Member

    I'd like to take a closer look at the behavior. Please send me the serial number of your headset via PM. I'll be needing it to verify the model of your device and look into possible solutions. Let's go from there.

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