Discussion in 'Audio' started by JudoChopNA, Dec 1, 2020.

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  1. JudoChopNA

    JudoChopNA New Member

    I'm an audio engineer and have to say after using pro studo heradphones with a flat EQ you guys nailed it with Kracken, sounds beautiful.
  2. jakw0lf

    jakw0lf Well-Known Member

    Which Kraken are you referring to ?
  3. JudoChopNA

    JudoChopNA New Member

    Just the regular Kraken? I would Have put a X, or Hyper or whatever if that was the case. They are green.
  4. Pavantp

    Pavantp New Member

    I purchased 740 rupees gold in your razer gold account and transaction was successful but I didn't receive any gold please help me
  5. jakw0lf

    jakw0lf Well-Known Member

    This should be a different thread as its not related to the post above. I would suggest you create a new post so that this gets more visibility in the correct form/thread.

    in the meanwhile can you recheck your Razer notification email junk/trash and also check the transaction status in the bank statement which you used to make the purchase.
  6. JudoChopNA

    JudoChopNA New Member

    nice catch Jakw0lf

    but yeah compared to Headphones used in recording studios, I prefer Kraken for gaming.
  7. River_ssz

    River_ssz Active Member

    I think Pavantp commented on this thread because he doesn't know how to create one. Just saying, it's on the top right Pavantp
  8. charlton44

    charlton44 New Member

    they sound absolute wank to me. sounds is equivalent to that of headphones given on an airplane. everything sounds distant.

    and clashes with realtek. i have to uninstall realtek almost everytime i turn pc on
  9. JudoChopNA

    JudoChopNA New Member

    I'm talking about the headphones not the software. Realtek should work no matter what speakers you have plugged in. Headphones are just small speakers and don't need software to function. Sounds like you have some unrelated software issue which causes the sound you are describing. Also everyone hears different because hearing loss is permanent. (Like one of the people that go to the front row at concerts) if you ever heard ringing in your ear, you wont ever hear that frequency again.

    Again I've had been using headphones with a flat response (Sennheiser HD280PRO), which is the industry standard in recording studios. I've used a variety of cheap gaming headphones and was unimpressed. When i got the Kracken I was blown away. They are most importantly comfortable for long gaming sessions with no hard plastic digging into your head
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