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Kraken Tournament Edition - THX Spatial Audio not working.

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Davidier, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. fawazXX7

    fawazXX7 New Member

    go to search and search for Sound Mixer Options then for master volume Output select the (THX Satial - Synapse)
    and for the Apps Output select (Razer Audio Controller - Game),
    this method fix the issue for me after a long time of massing around in the settings and i hop it will work for you guys.

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  2. TheHattedemon

    TheHattedemon New Member

    blyat i solve issue, go into synapse->go to sound, scroll to "open windows sound properties", scroll to "Internal AUX jack" if u have, enable, u have boom boom in ear.
  3. Herr_Helmut

    Herr_Helmut New Member

    This happened to me some time ago. My headphones worked fine on another computer I have. I ended up doing a clean install of Windows after doing everything Razer support had me try over a month and a half time period. I don't know how many times I've uninstalled Synapse and disabled and uninstalled drivers and deleted registry settings and messed with all the other sound options. I did a system restore and that didn't work, either. After two months I figured I might as well do a clean install of Windows and it worked and has been since.
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  4. ZeddBread

    ZeddBread New Member

    Thank you. Can't believe I didn't try that.
    This fixed the problem for me. I had it initially in a USB 2.0 port, worked fine.
    Then I switched it over to a USB 3.1 port hoping to somehow be able to up the sample rate and bit depth to something higher than 16bit 48KHz (audiophile). Instead, I receive no output through THX Spatial driver.
    It started working again with a USB 2.0 port.

    If you want to use the headset at a higher bit depth & sample rate, plug it into an auxiliary port with the 3.5mm jack that is included with the headset. Sadly there is no THX spatial sound you can use with the auxiliary, only through USB.
    See attached...

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  5. The Synapse software doesn't recognize any USB controller connected. The THX spatial audio button on the controller doesn't turn on. The LED light doesn't turn on either. Not sure if it's a software issue or a hardware one. I've tried all sorts of troubleshooting and nothing has worked so far.

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  6. Tiago_SniperKing

    Tiago_SniperKing New Member

    It fking worked tnx
  7. Black_boyD

    Black_boyD New Member

    My fix:
    Open synapse and then check out the audio profile. It auto picked a duplicate desktop profile which did not play any audio. Pick the other duplicate and try if it works. Hope that works.
  8. D-Go300

    D-Go300 New Member

    Windows spatial audio is not the same. I don't recommend turning this on as the sound quality sucks
  9. jenniefurrrr

    jenniefurrrr New Member

    Same, and Razer Support takes soooo long to reply. They were replying on Messenger at first, but now, nothing. Siiiigh
  10. maxvat022

    maxvat022 New Member

    If you are on windows 10 and dont know how to repair the thx button and sound not working even in the software for me the solution of fixing it was right clicking windows button going to shutdown down or sign out and put the computer to sleep and that repaired it and then pressing the power button on the case to start the windows :)
    i attached two photo's of showing it working again and if it doesnt and hope it works here is my razer kraken tournament edition synapse 3 profile just in case: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i8qvydfvz4ph4h4/razer_kraken_tournament_edition.synapse3/file

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  11. maxvat022

    maxvat022 New Member

    oh and by the way at me everytime i start the computer i have to go in sleep mode one or two times then turn on pc from sleep again for the THX to work on the headset

    hope this will help someone not only me
  12. dspBuckle

    dspBuckle New Member

    ^THIS for me
  13. urbanIVORYSunray071

    urbanIVORYSunray071 New Member

    Just for those who haven't checked... I was having issues with my THX spatial audio not working and apparently overnight the chat/game volume dial got turned all the way down. If you are not paying attention and this dial is all the way down YOU WILL NOT GET ANY SOUND.... I was only able to get sound when my sound settings were set to the chat version of the headset, not the game, and especially not the THX audio. great way to waste like 3 hours uninstalling and reinstalling drivers...
  14. KokiGamer8

    KokiGamer8 New Member

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