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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by eggautoVanilla490, Feb 8, 2022.

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  1. eggautoVanilla490

    eggautoVanilla490 New Member

    A crackling noise is heard in the headphones when haptic technology is turned on, and you no longer hear it after resetting the headphones.are the headphones broken?
  2. Dino89

    Dino89 New Member

    Headset has plenty of issues tbh. HW/FW and some just SW issues, me personally i returned them due to charging and volume wheel problems, as after RMA new headset was behaving the very same way as the original one. Louder right side when wheel at some range and never ending charging which never actually reached 100%, which is dangerous for this Li-ion battery.

    I will gladly purchase them again, but first razer needs to fix these issues asap.
  3. Flesh_Hunger

    Flesh_Hunger New Member

    I am having the same issue. I uploaded a test I was performing to my google Drive for all to hear. I need help!!
    i don't know if links are allowed. I apologies for my ignorance but here is my attempt:

    First Set of v3 pros - I sent this video to the customer service team

    Second set - made this video for the team here. tested with a tone generator and a music video

    additional information for record:
    > have done the clean install of razer synapse 2 and 3
    > clean install of only 3 at the moment
    > tried all eight usb ports on my system
    > set every setting to default
    > if this does not solve them going back to my V2 tried and true

    thanks team
  4. EmileSkyZ

    EmileSkyZ New Member

    It has been 2 months since i have used the headphones and it is probably the worst razer product i have use, while using the xbox game bar, the thing just lowers the volume by itself and i can barely hear anything (thats while using THX Audio). The thing doesnt charge, and after it turns off with the power saving feature, my pc doesnt recognize it anymore, and the crackling noise is unbearable.
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