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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by PryoManiac69, Mar 27, 2022.

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  1. PryoManiac69

    PryoManiac69 New Member

    does anyone know why the new kraken headset performs so badly? the connectivity is terrible, i had a nari ultimate before and wanted something lighter but the kraken seems to require synapse to be open to even connect. does anyone have a fix or do i just have a faulty device?
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  2. Dino89

    Dino89 New Member

    Hi, for the connectivity there is only temporary fix. Just do a clean reinstall with help of razer removal tool, but in a few days/weeks issue reappears again. Sadly headset has many other issues, starting like newly introduced in latest updates crashing synapse when v3 pro is used, then issues since launch - never ending charging while battery is never fully charged, volume imbalance when volume control wheel is in a range 50-75%, power saving not working at all, losing audio when THX output device is used(workaround is to set up THX within synapse and then disable it), haptics causing buzzing for some etc. Sadly Razer still does not seem to fix any of the issue, if they are even working on it at all which based on my renewed tickets does not seem so. I went back to my Nari Ultimate as still after 2 years it is working fine. What is weird that i saw battery and charging issue reported within newly purchased Nari Ultimate which was not cause for older headsets, could it be that something happened with the electronics widespread and any newly assembled wireless headset does have this issue?
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