KRAKEN V3 X | Ultra-Light Comfort For Gaming Immersion

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Dekades, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    Meet the newest member of the legendary Razer Kraken line – the Kraken V3 X. Armed with our patented TriForce Drivers, Razer Chroma RGB, and plush memory foam earcups, this headset has evolved to go even bigger on immersion while maintaining a featherlight weight. Available now at & flagship RazerStores near you:
  2. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Wait longer and the next Gen will make you jump off the chair~~~
    Been holding my wallet for Kraken ULT, looks like I waited for something better~~~

    Go! Go!! RAZER!!!
  3. ShibaPlayz

    ShibaPlayz Well-Known Member

    i only have one question: when will it be redeemable?
  4. bSteakkk

    bSteakkk Well-Known Member

    Sounds promising! keep it up razer!
  5. aiyionman

    aiyionman Well-Known Member

    And I just bought my Kraken X USB last month....
  6. RacianVD

    RacianVD Well-Known Member

    Kraken quality with improved headband.About time.
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  7. ShibaPlayz

    ShibaPlayz Well-Known Member

    peepo cry
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  8. FaezzulFarhan

    FaezzulFarhan Well-Known Member

    Looking good ! Just got my Kraken 2019
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  9. kashiana

    kashiana Active Member

    Oh wow.. I'm looking for a new headset so might have to check this one out. Although I do want the pink kitty ears.
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  10. R4phael20

    R4phael20 Active Member

    Looking good!
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  11. Lenox.J.Low

    Lenox.J.Low Well-Known Member

    Looks cool
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  12. JETventureBurntUmber522

    JETventureBurntUmber522 Well-Known Member

    Looks great! Great for console gaming
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  13. bizWeldonBluetools832

    bizWeldonBluetools832 Well-Known Member

    great design and as always love the promo vids
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  14. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'll jump from V1 to V3.
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  15. Natachat90

    Natachat90 Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hello friends,

    The new version of Razer Kraken V3 headset has a reduced price, very good to start.
    But I prefer my Kraken Kitty Edition headset, it flashes so much and THX sound is really awesome. :blush:
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  16. S1ndrome

    S1ndrome Well-Known Member

    Nice, bucket list item! But need a bigger bucket as I want wireless.
  17. OasisAdair

    OasisAdair New Member

    Nice one Razer! You've really rocked the Kraken series!
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  18. RebelBeauty

    RebelBeauty New Member

    I love the Kraken series and this will up the game!!!
  19. SylvanasMage

    SylvanasMage Well-Known Member

    Another Kraken has been realeased, the world is surely doomed.
  20. pancholr

    pancholr Active Member

    Nice, i need a new headset.
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