Lancehead Wireless - Which mousemat should I go with for this mouse?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Hawkeye85, Aug 23, 2017.


Which Mousemat?

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  1. Manticor

  2. Destructor 2

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  3. Goliathus Control

  4. Goliathus Speed

  5. Gigantus

  6. Megasoma 2

  7. Invicta

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  1. Hawkeye85

    Hawkeye85 Member

    Hello, I have been wondering which mousemat I should pair with this mouse! I was looking at the Manticor, but I am also considering the Goliathus Control Large(Although I am worried about using a laser sensor with it)! Any other suggestions? The only mousemat I will not consider is the vespula, as it seems to be made for wrist-players rather than for arm movements, with that wrist rest.

    Here is some information that may help!
    Current mouse:Naga Epic Chroma
    Current mat:$15 13.5"/16.5" Cheap cloth mousemat with rubber base from Target
    Games played:Various, but main is Overwatch, followed by various other games, such as Van Helsing Final Cut, Heroes of the Storm, and World of Warcraft.
    Playstyle: Relatively low sensitivity in most games to improve aim, my mouse works best at 1800dpi, so I have a combination of 1800 dpi and 2 in-game sensitivity in Overwatch, where I main Hanzo, with some Genji and Widowmaker(Sniper main).
    Preferred mouse:Wireless, which is the reason for going for the Lancehead, must have Chroma(spoiled by Naga Epic Chroma) and extra buttons.

    Thanks in advance!

    Extra note: I am waiting until mid-winter, maybe around Christmas time, or if before, Black Friday, to settle on a mouse and buy it. If Razer releases an optical wireless mouse similar in design to the Lancehead wireless then I will decide on that one most likely. With this in mind I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me which mousemats work better with their laser or optical razer mouse!

    Thanks again!
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  2. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    consider firefly mate???
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  3. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    There are no problem with laser mouse on a cloth pad. I used Ouroboros on Goliathus (speed ver), and other material pad (similar to goliathus speed) - and it worked well.
  4. Hawkeye85

    Hawkeye85 Member

    I thought about it, but I feel like the power supply thing at the top of the mousemat would get in the way of my movements, which I feel could get me killed in a game like Overwatch. I've heard good things about it other than that getting in the way but it was a deal breaker. :frown_:

    I read something about laser not working very well on rough mousepads though, such as the Goliathus Control... did I misinterpret or just a false claim I read? Anyone use a razer laser mouse with the Gigantus? Curious as to how that combo works, especially for precise movements, such as those required by FPS games like Overwatch. Thanks for the fast replies!
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  5. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    well it's a shame then... the firefly chroma willl look great with your lancehead chroma.....
  6. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I couldn't vote, edit the polls, include the two firefly's!
  7. Hawkeye85

    Hawkeye85 Member

    Like I mentioned, the power supply on the top could get me killed in Overwatch, otherwise I would include it on the poll :frown_: Have any of the others that you can recommend/comment on? :smile_:
  8. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Unfortunatelly I didn't used Gianthus mousepad, but it reminds me my old pad - Everglide Titan - and it was rough. No problems at all, even on the 1st Razer Laser mouse (Copperhead).
    For FPS games I'd not recommend laser mouse, but at the moment only optical wireless mouse is Razer Atheris.
  9. Hawkeye85

    Hawkeye85 Member

    I'm very surprised by the amount of people that have said that about laser mice and FPS games! I went to the Overwatch forums and everyone basically screamed 'stay away from laser mice for fps games!' I guess I'll have to take that advice and wait for a Chroma Optical Wireless mouse(Preferably a Lancehead wireless with an optical sensor!)
    Hope what I am waiting for gets here before Christmas! :big_grin_:
    With that in mind... I am split between the Gigantus and the Goliathus Large!
    I snipe a lot so I am thinking the Control edition.... mostly because it is what Kephrii(famous Overwatch widowmaker for those who do not play the game or watch any videos of it) used for awhile... may still be using, not sure(his setup looked to be a Deathadder Chroma and a Goliathus Extended Control).
    The Gigantus would be slightly too large for my desk, but only tiny bits of it would be off of the desk, and it is approx. 1.5x my current mouse size, where the Goliathus would be approx. 2" larger both length and width.
    What do you guys think for an optical mouse? :smile_:
    Note: will be checking this tomorrow afternoon, but I gotta try to sleep now! Thanks again for all the replies!

    Now that I have narrowed down my mouse list to optical wireless, going to remove the hard mats. If anyone can give information on how the soft mats compare when using a Razer mouse for fps games I would greatly appreciate it!
    Note: well can't figure out how to remove poll choices so I'm left with just asking that you guys stop voting for the hard mats.. whoops! :confused_:
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  10. Hawkeye85

    Hawkeye85 Member

  11. Aellidon

    Aellidon Member

    Im using a Newskill Raijin with the Mamba. Sometimes you may have track issues, but it goes good.
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