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Laptop for home and classes (Blade 15 / Blade Stealth)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Marold684, Jul 8, 2018.

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  1. Marold684

    Marold684 New Member

    Hey All !

    Next year I'm going to university, but as it is far from me, I can't bring my setup there, so here I am looking for the best laptop for me, as I want to play video games and most important, take notes in class.

    I have two candidates : the Razer Blade 15, with the GTX 1060 (Max Q...) and 512gb, but the thing is that it doesn't have a great battery life, and 15.6" seems big for amphitheater.

    So I thought about the latest Razer Blade Stealth (8550U, 512Gb) because it is small and have a better battery than the 15", but, I will need to buy a Razer Core X in wich I'll have to put my GTX 1050 Ti.

    A lot of people prefer to take some Mac, but as I still want to play big games, I need to have a powerful machine.

    So here is my problem, what is the best solution ? I don't have any experience about university so I don't know if 15" is too big, but I'm afraid that 13.3" would be a bit small for comfort.

    Thanks for your help !
    Have a nivce day [​IMG]
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  2. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I'd go for the Stealth.

    Being able to go back to your dorm and have a Core, keyboard, mouse, charger, monitor, etc., all plugged in via one USB cable is amazing.

    You're also going to be lugging a laptop all across campus, so the lighter the better. Chances are, you won't be gaming at a friend's place or in a common area. You'll most likely be using discord or something and playing from the comfort of your dorm.

    Plus, you can always go for something like the Power Bank to give your laptop extra juice when you need it.
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  3. Marold684

    Marold684 New Member

    Thanks for your reply !

    To be honest it's been a week since I think about the 15" but today the Stealth + Core X seems like the best option.
    There are still some things bothering me : First I only got GTX 1050 Ti, wich is not a really great GPU, it's been 6 months since I'm using it and honestly I miss my GTX 780.
    And the second thing : This laptop came out in November 2017, so will it last as long as the newest 15" ?

    I live in France and here we do not have this Power Bank, maybe she'll come out one day..
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  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    For 780 performance you can get 1060, with TB3 bandwidth it’ll be around same performance if you’re using external monitor on core setting.
    I would wait a bit since recently I think I heard new ultrabook cpu rumors, correct me if I’m wrong, though 8550u is still fast cpu almost same as last gen quad core 7700HQ.
    That Razer powerbank isn’t available for long time, and maybe won’t be any more since a collector asked me if I want to sell mine, but there’s a lot alternative for that with bigger capacity but a bit bulkier.
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  5. Marold684

    Marold684 New Member

    I can't buy a new GPU because it will burn my budget (wich is 2600€) but I have to take some external HDD, the office suite and some other periphicals.

    To be honest I didn't follow the news on the CPU market since a long time (my last CPU is the I7-4790k) and I need the laptop before september begins.
  6. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    With 1050ti you can get a decent performance bump on core setting, maybe 1080p medium setting. Laptop CPU especially ultrabook one still bottlenecks the gpu performance and you’ll face TB3 bandwidth in eGPU setting that brings the performance below 1050ti on desktop. Honestly if I were you I would go with Blade 15, get some student discount discount in EU I think it’s around 5%, and you can get around €2K for 144Hz 1060 model. About battery, in Uni there’s a lot wall charger in every corner right? The rest 600 you can save for peripheral etc. Stealth is nice but cpu power on Blade 15 is almost double, and I think your old cpu is still faster than 8550U on stealth, if you need cpu performance. 15,6 screen size it n Blade 15 is actually almost similar with old Blade 14 screen size since they reduce a lot the side and top bezels size.
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