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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by 91xoL, Dec 9, 2017.

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  1. 91xoL

    91xoL Active Member

    Hello guys,
    I'm still looking for a new keyboard and I'm pretty sure to buy a BlackWidow Chroma v2.
    I don't want to make too much noise so my option is to buy one with orange or yellow switches, but here is the real issue.
    There isn't the layout that I use (I'm italian) neither for orange nor yellow switches.
    So I'm wondering if anyone knows if the other layouts will be produced and when.

    P.S: This is a repost, I ask more information and open a ticket on Razer Support, but they can't help me.
    They don't know if there will be the italian layout for BlackWidow Chroma v2 with orange switches (they don't have no official information for that).
    So I hope that some Gods of Razer can read this thread and answer my question.
Thread Status:
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