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    Hot off their win at the Mid-Season Invitational 2017, the strongest team in League of Legends took some time off to answer questions submitted by YOU on Team Razer. Read on and find out more about the 3-time League of Legends World Champions and don’t forget to congratulate them on their stunning performance at the Mid-Season Invitational 2017.

    1. To All: Other than Huni, who speaks English best on the team?

    Head Coach Choi: Aside from Huni, Faker and Bang can converse in English. On the other hand, Peanut’s the one who constantly asks Huni about English words or phrases.

    2. To All: Does having pets around the house changed the way you live with each other? (Context: Bang and Wolf both have puppies in the house)

    Head Coach Choi: It has made the team more responsible, not only towards the puppies; but also to each other as well.

    3. To All: How does the team continue to perform consistently despite the shift in meta and roster changes? [From: Franchzko A.]

    Head Coach Choi: The key is motivation. We, the coaches and staff, constantly try to motivate them in hopes of maintaining a positive atmosphere within the team. Our biggest challenge, is to help players leave their old habits and start afresh as a member of SK Telecom T1. We have a saying here “The past is behind us, we’ll carve out a new path as a team together.”

    4. To All: If you could change your position, what position would you play? [From: Yui Y.]
    • Peanut: TOP
    • Blank: TOP
    • Bang: TOP
    • Wolf: Jungle
    • Huni: AD Carry
    • Faker: Support
    SKT T1 C.jpg

    5. If you were an in-game item in League of Legends, what would you be and why? [From Andrei B.]

    Huni: My item would prevent the enemy from controlling his champion or it’ll just prevent him from hearing any sound for a few seconds.

    Faker: When activated, my item will cause the enemy to lose vision (like Nocturne’s Ultimate) and they’ll be forced to hear my joke in game.

    Wolf: My item will cause my champion to bounce around like Zac Ultimate ability

    6. To Huni and Peanut: Do you like the jokes that Faker makes?

    Both: We never ever laugh at Faker’s Jokes, they only work on Blank.

    7. To Huni: What do you miss most about life in Europe and America?

    Huni: I miss eating Salmon in Europe, and Steak in America but what I miss most are my ex-teammates and the fans.

    8. To Huni: What has been Coach kkOma’s number 1 advice in helping you improve in the top lane?

    Huni: He teaches me how to be calm and consistent in the face of any opponent. My mission in the top lane is to pressure the enemy as much as I can and he helps me with my decision making skills as well.

    9. To Peanut: Do you think you’re the best Lee Sin player in the world? What about other Lee Sin mains?

    Peanut: I don’t think I’m the best at playing Lee Sin, but I do think I’m one of the players that can utilize Lee Sin well. I think Karsa, Trick, Svenskeren, Levi and Condi all play him well.

    10. To Peanut: Since joining the SKT squad, when did you see the most personal growth as a professional player?

    Peanut: I think I saw true growth during the week of the LCK 2017 Spring Split Grand Finals, I was voted MVP there.

    SKT T1 A.jpg

    11. To Blank: With the mid-season changes, utility junglers are set to make a comeback into the meta. Do you see yourself getting more playtime over peanut in LCK Summer 2017, as the champion rotation leans in your favor?

    Blank: I’m training hard to stay relevant in the meta this will increase my chances of being able to start on the team.

    12. To Blank: You seem more resilient this year and you’ve been performing well despite the pressure. What’s your secret?

    Blank: The answer is simple, it’s experience. I’ve grown confident in my own skills and this allows me to perform my best.

    13. To Faker: You used the SKT Ryze skin for the first time last Worlds 2016. Will you use an SKT skin again if there is opportunity to?

    Faker: Yes, I will definitely use the Ryze skin again if there’s a chance to.

    14. To Faker: Have you ever considered joining a North American or European team?

    Faker: No. I haven’t considered joining any specific team overseas.

    15. To Sky: What is your relationship with Faker like? Does he give you tips on how to improve your game?

    Sky: We like to exchange jokes a lot and we both share in-game tips with each other.

    16. To Sky: Where do you see yourself as a pro-player in the SKT-T1 roster?

    Sky: I’m training hard with the goal of being able to play on stage this year.

    SKT T1 B.jpg

    17. To Bang: How has your streaming experience changes after moving from Azubu to Twitch? Do you feel closer to your fans?

    Bang: Nothing much has changed for me since I’ve always enjoyed interacting with my fans. The platform doesn’t change that fact.

    18. To Wolf: What made you decide to get a pet dog?

    Wolf: When I was a child I had a pet dog of my own and he provided me with laughter and companionship. I missed that, so I decided to get a pet dog again! Winter’s really adorable don’t you think? ^^

    19. To kkOma: You’ve mentioned that you’re greatful for SKT’s bot lane duo. Can you tell us what makes Bang and Wolf so special?

    kkOma: I think that our bot lane duo are something special and I’ve pushed them to even greater heights. Check out their play in the bot lane and you’ll understand how beautiful their coordination is.

    20. To kkOma: What are your requirements when looking for the perfect partner in marriage?

    KkOma: the most important requirement is Trust.

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    I really like SKT (favorite non-NA team) but they win too much :joy:
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    i m from brazil :D Sou de são paulo u.u
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    Best team! SKT!
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    Major SKT T1 fan, but what do you think are the reasons for SKT's current losing streak?
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    SKT T1 best team :hearts:
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    SKT is too good
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    SKT Team are going to be great grandparents in the future :cool_:
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    nice skt win
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