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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Cyfl0w, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. Cyfl0w

    Cyfl0w New Member

    I am currently working on a little project that I had in mind since the razer blackwidow chroma came out. A little app that gives you a overview over your cooldowns, health and mana in League of Legends.

    • Health indicator on numpad
    • Mana indicator on numpad
    • Keyboard flashing red if health is under 10% (currently not working)
    • Simple Lol keyboard layout
    • Cooldown indicator (spells)
    • Shield indicator // thx to Yunox
    • Stun / Slow indicator (validation) // thx to dukeofhentai
    Please let me know if you got any additional ideas for me that I should implement. :)

    A little showcase of my current progress:

    I'm developing this using the Colore libary from @BrandonJCScott and @Sharparam.

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  2. Yunox

    Yunox Active Member

    It would be great if the keys of the active items, like Hydra or BOTRK, would be in a different color as the other item keys. For example: Hydra on 2 = Key 2 in Red; Youmuus on 5 = Key 5 in Purple or smth like this.

    Sorry I cant explain it that good... english isnt my native language

    EDIT: Also it would be pretty awesome if each summoner spell got its own color (flash=yellow, ignite =red, teleport=purple, heal=green etc.) so that u never missclick and you are able to notice any changings from early on - like you always got flash on "d" and ignite on "f" and you accidentally changed it to flash "f" and ignite "d"
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  3. Cyfl0w

    Cyfl0w New Member

    Thats a pretty good idea! I will try, but its gonna be very hard because there is no actual interface or something to directly interact with the game, I need to read every value out of the memory wich is kinda hard because i need to find all the base pointers.
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  4. number12

    number12 Active Member

    Nice work. Might need to buy a chroma now since someone started working on this lol. But how about when your are stunned/snare/etc... Idk what color you would want for that but it might be something to add just like the 10% low health indicator
  5. Yunox

    Yunox Active Member

    Awesome ! Is it possible to visualize the Shield as well ?
    Would love to see more of your progress :D
    Are you EUW ?
  6. Cyfl0w

    Cyfl0w New Member

    I thought of that too, but the problem there is what should it show if we have full health and get a shield? If theres a good idea on how to do that I would implement it :)

    Yes I am :D
  7. Cyfl0w

    Cyfl0w New Member

    Also a cool idea! But I need to check how hard it is to read that out of the memory first :)
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  8. Yunox

    Yunox Active Member

    Is it possible to just change the color of the top ones in white and it gets more darker as the shield is damaged -> no shield anymore = anything red (just normal hp visualization)
  9. Cyfl0w

    Cyfl0w New Member

    Nice idea! I'm gonna do that!
  10. Yunox

    Yunox Active Member

    If you need any help or smth I can add you ingame and we can chat or try some stuff etc.

    I also got a new Idea for Dominion and 3v3...A Progressbar for capturing a base or an altar using the "f1, f2, f3, f4 etc." keys

    Using different colors for neutralizing and capturing
  11. Basker

    Basker Member

    Dam well job dude!
  12. Cyfl0w

    Cyfl0w New Member

    Thank you! Glad you like it :)

    BOURRGER Member

    you can do it withe the shield like there is the red bar and you begin of the bottam with an other volor you know ?
    so if you have low life you have a orange helth bar so you know that there is the helth doubled
  14. mTrax-

    mTrax- New Member

    Good job !
  15. KyosukeRyuichi

    KyosukeRyuichi New Member

    make it for dota 2 please!

    BOURRGER Member

    Why is dota better then lol ? in your opinion ?
  17. KyosukeRyuichi

    KyosukeRyuichi New Member

    I never played LoL before. Besides, I can't play dota anyway. I just partying with my friends and do some crazy things lol.
    But please, don't seperate dota players and LoL players. I think those 2 games was fun either. Keep it together, we are all the same :)
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  18. evrdrandosity

    evrdrandosity New Member

    For cooldowns you could have the key flash slowly, and as the cooldown becomes shorter and shorter the key will flash faster and faster so you know it's about ready to be casted again. Once the cooldown is up, the key returns to it's solid color. Just an idea. I love how you managed health and mana.
  19. ChUkI-StRiKe

    ChUkI-StRiKe New Member

    Please, can you give the download link? We want test it!!
  20. roadSmokeaero087

    roadSmokeaero087 New Member

    Hello !

    Your work is gorgeous ! (especially the health indicator !)

    Is your work still in progress ?
    How do you find in-game arguments for your app ?
    (I would be very interested to understand how you deal with the LOL software)

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