Lenovo X1E vs. 15" Razer Blade

Discussion in 'Systems' started by DarthVader0, Jan 14, 2019.

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  1. DarthVader0

    DarthVader0 Member

    Don't flame me, but these two laptops are on my short list.

    Has any of the members here been tempted by the Lenovo? If so what made you decide to get the Razer?

    I could list the specs where the Razer is better then the Lenovo and vice versa, but I thought if others were tempted by the Lenovo, I'd like to hear, or just opinions on why the Razer may be a better option.

    For hard core gamers and maybe that's like 99% of the members here, the Razer does make more sense given the superior GPU, but there may be a handful of others like myself :)
  2. DarthVader0

    DarthVader0 Member

    Given my budget and the more I think about it. Its really 4k/60Hz vs FHD/144Hz. Do I want a 4k laptop that handles work nicely, and may be somewhat decent in gaming
    OR a FHD laptop that may will be pretty good work wise but much better at gaming.

    I'm not entirely sold on how windows handles scaling, and I've had issues with various remote apps that don't really scale too well when accessing desktops and servers, i.e., the cursor is wicked tiny.

    I really do like the Razer and I think I'm leaning towards that.

    I guess another way to put it, sexy vs. boring. Both will get the job done but the Razer does it with style, LOL, I sound lame.
  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Interesting comparison, usually poeple compared X1 Extreme to xps 15 or MacBook Pro 15, for its battery life and performance. I just took a look at notebookcheck review and compared cpu temperature (the hottest part) to my advanced v doing stress test prime 15 minutes same as notebookcheck review, no undervolting, no core limitation just like out of box condition, only synapse at gaming mode for max cpu performance and hot as possible cpu temp:wink_:.
    Notebookcheck review unit.
    Conclusion out of the box condition cpu temperature better on Blade 15 with more powerful and well known hot cpu. Hmm but one of my core starts becoming badass, maybe time to adjust the die, but with undervolting and limiting tdp above result should be lower.
    Round 1, Blade 15 vs X1E 1 : 0 :)
  4. DarthVader0

    DarthVader0 Member

    In doing some research, there seems to be a lot of complaints about the fans on the Lenovo being like jet engines, so I do wonder if its thermally managing itself.. Given what you just linked, that supports that thesis

    I know, I'm weird like that :). I think a gaming laptop offers advantages that can be missed in other laptops. The XPS and MBP have very poor thermals as well.
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